Sheldan Nidle ~ Update from the Galactic Federation and Spiritual Hierarchy

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PAOweb - January 7, 2014

6 Ik, 5 Chen, 9 Caban

Dratzo! We return with much to say to you. The many action items that are required for the global currency reset have been completed. The next items involve manifesting the beginning of a new worldwide currency system. Along with these alterations are the ones dealing with a new banking system. The present changes are only the barest of beginnings of a new reality for humanity. These series of changes will lead to new governance that will put an end to the UFO cover-up. This cover-up started in earnest during World War II and continued with the infamous incident at Roswell in the summer of 1947. Once this cover-up is lifted, we can at last communicate with you directly. At this time, we can explain those things that you need to know before our first contact happens. Each of you needs to understand a number of things about the preparations being made by our mentors to help you become fully conscious. This will be followed by a training that readies you to be a full participant in your new galactic society.

   This movement away from the present distress of your debt-ridden societies is part of a greater movement to set the energies for your new reality. Before you can become fully conscious, you require instruction and, above all, a working experience of what prosperity truly implies. In this new set of possibilities, you can explore what this realm is really about and what is expected of you. This goes beyond your present daily experience. It is time to read, interact and learn about Spirit and what this world is about. The mindless business that surrounds you is to be transformed into a daily time of learning, reading, and understanding the numerous changes now happening everywhere. To aid you, the Ascended Masters are to come and start a special teaching program to uncover and explain the so-called "secrets of life." These teachings are to be enriched by knowledge that we will impart to you. By the time of the landings, you will be exposed to a great deal of information.

   Once the mass landings are complete, you will meet your mentor and learn about what is to happen next. Consciousness is Life. It has the ability to express the great unity of all life and to simultaneously explain the wondrous uniqueness that is you. This complex set of knowledge needs to be reduced to stories that you can understand and use in your daily existence. Each day will bring you closer to a realization of how you are changing and integrating all the knowledge you are being exposed to. Your mentor will help you, and will have been given a complete dossier on you. Each mentor has been trained to use this data to bring out your finer points and to clear your negative perceptions. This process is preliminary to your migration at the proper time to Inner Earth. There, while inside your Light Chamber, you will actually transform into a fully conscious Being of Light.

   This coming year is therefore a special time. You will finally see the fruit of all that our earthly associates have accomplished. It is also when we can have the opportunity to address you directly. This coming grand reunion is meant to be the time when Heaven can fulfill prophecy, return you to a state where you fully remember your past, and where you begin to understand the responsibilities that lie in your near future. Our duties are to provide technology and a consciousness that is preparatory to you being able to accept the wonders of full consciousness. The remaining scenario is founded on each of you understanding the immensity of what lies ahead of you. Hence, this is to be a step-by-step process. Each point in time is one you can use to improve your wisdom and expand your growing abilities. A moment will come when all of this makes sense and this realm can easily change the very nature of its level of consciousness.

   Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Your world and its blessed surface humanity are in transition! Your divine transformation is underway. You daily feel the aches and pains of this change. Gaia is busy as well with her numerous alterations. The seabed is rising. The globe's climate is fluctuating. The continents are shifting and rumbling. A new Earth is readying to be born. You sit at this seat of never-ending change and wonder what fate the Divine has in store for you. This transformation is ultimately positive and its outcome is to reunite you with your brethren throughout the Cosmos and Inner Earth. This welcoming will give you back full consciousness, and with it, end millennia of an imposed amnesia. The first fruit of this process is the swift march to prosperity. You will initially witness a massive currency reset and then accept a largess originally set in place by us centuries ago.

   This operation in consciousness will prepare you to accept a whole host of new responsibilities. The time for this is now. This is why a number of events are being handled in a most special way. Those things that are now happening will bring many of you a grand prosperity. Use these gifts to better humanity and yourselves. Watch in awe as the reality that has long seemed invincible quickly fades and then disappears. As the new governance rises, we can appear and start a whole series of lessons on who you truly are, and of history that was denied to you by the dark. Use these truths and your new prosperity to husband a new reality. Welcome your brethren and let the good news from Heaven carry you to the fullness of your blessed potential. In this, we intend to guide, teach and bring wisdom to you. A magnificent future awaits you!

   Our joint responsibilities are to Gaia and this wondrous solar system. We come from Spirit and use those sacred gifts given us to unfold Creation in physicality. Be always aware of who you are and why you are here. In this lies the divine truth that governs our lives and permits us to assist Heaven in bringing Light to this and all other realities. Most of you lost sight of these things for a while, and began to doubt. We come to allow you to drop these opinions now and turn in great joy to the Light and those responsibilities so graciously given us by the Creator. We are to go together and unfold the divine plan. We are to bring Light where only darkness shone and to permit great truths to be told throughout this galaxy, and indeed, all of physicality. Hence, many are visiting you now. Soon a great formal coming is to unleash your mighty magnificence!

   Today, we carried on with our message. As noted, a great change is descending upon this surface realm. Our joint responsibility is to be ever aware of this and to note that the Divine is unfolding its magic even as we speak! The time arrives for us to drop our skepticism and let this wondrous Light in! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!) 





Another carrot and stick?? 

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Another carrot and stick??  It sounds fabulous.  It sounds like it's just around the corner.  Always just around the corner.  I've been reading Nidle since 2008 and even back in the 90s when he wrote a book about the Photon Belt.  That turned out to be bs and an obvious grab for money.  Well let's see you have until January 31st to make this message real.  It sure sounds like from the wording that it will be before that.  Of course not too long ago Sheldon was going on about a Thanksgiving surprise that never manifested.  Sorry just ever more skeptical here.

In fact if you go to the

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In fact if you go to the Paoweb website or just check archives for Galactic Federation messages you will see years of the same rhetoric about it being just around the corner.  Jan 31st, there is change or there is one less carbon avatar wasting away on this dirtball.

I don't know how much longer

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I don't know how much longer I can give any of these messages any special attention. Sheldan has been saying the same thing in essentially every message. I applaud the consistency, but every month that comes and goes with no outward changes, the more skeptical and untrusting we are. The discernment antennae are up. We definitely feel change in the air, but there have been no currency resets, no Nesara, no new governances, no announcements on TV, no landings, no nothing. I saw a UFO on NYE, but I think we are tired of getting mocked for sharing those experiences with ignorant, skeptical sheep. We need proof, we need outward action if we're to continue believing and sharing that belief in a new society with others. We are tired of hearing "soon"!


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Love This Message..

Cannot Wait..

For The Landings To Happen

So excited...

Tara Grace..

"How combated will be the

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"How combated will be the first ones to manifest the awakening of the gifts of their spirit! But I will give them strength and patience to resist the criticism, the judgments and the mockery".


Here I am, let Your Will be done.



We are Prometheus ready to delivery the Fire of the Holy Spirit to Humanity.

Moving Heaven and Earth can't be a snap of the fingers.


at 81 years of age my perspective of the physics of  time and relativity have perhaps matured.the EVENT will occur. it will occur in its on its own schedule. moving heaven and earth may seem the click of a of a computer wand.the moving of heaven and earth is no small potatoes. it definately is not a buck rogers comic script event. please do not shoot the messenger. love em


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Like the others, it sounds so wonderful and I look forward to the changes.  But like the others I am also bothered by others mocking us for what we believe.  We also need the financial reset to occur.  There are so many of us living in poverty and physically ill to the point we can't work for a living anymore.  Now the ObamaCare has kicked in and there are many of us whom had previous insurance who are in dire need of such, that are now without insurance.  I don't know how much more suffering we can take before it takes place.  I hope changes come fast and I sense by the message above that we are almost at the Eve of the changes. I hope it comes sooner than later before some of starve or die because of lack of medical care due to extreme illness.  Personally, I can't take much more pain and suffering while waiting for the manifestation of the above promises.  I hope this all takes place before I die..We all hear that there have been landings or ships being seen in the skies in other states or countries, but I have not seen any in Georgia to back any of it up.  I watch the skies and wait curiously and in anticipation of seeing and talking to our galactic brothers and sisters.  Sometimes I get so frustrated and start believing it is a bunch of science fiction bologna that may never take place.  I signed the petitions for disclosure and landing like many have.  We all wait in anticipation.  Please speed up the process so we will stop being mocked for our beliefs in you and our Galactic Brothers and Sisters.   I know the angels, Arch Angels and Ascended Masters are real.  We are just all anxious to meet and rejoice with them. Namaste from the State of Georgia, USA


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Your words are always so upbeat and positive, filled with anticipation and wonder and promises of all sorts. However after many years now to date every single one of them is a lie.

I will be debunking the most unauthentic of the alleged messengers and channels this year, all of this year. You have more false data from your years of history of false claims, predictions and forecast than many others all put together.

What is your purpose?

Who do you work for?

If you work for self, what is your agenda that my people are included in?

Dear GFP, why do you continue to post Sheldan Nidle? He has been lying, miss leading, miss representing to the people for more years now than any other in his category. Up to date for over 20 years now, he is 100% wrong in all he has brought to our tables.

People, now matter how much the cabals of this planet make you feel good about what's up ahead for you, don't be fooled by those bearing false gifts and promises that never deliver.

"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES."."~Crop Circle 2002 Alien Face Formation. You have been warned.

Sheldan, I don't forget, I do forgive, I am here for my people, I'll be back.


David Porter

Author of the series


Spiritual Heirarchy? Try Spiritual Liar-archy.

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There is a reason these messages are not sitting well with you. Carrot and stick is a good analogy. GFP may have the best intentions and wishes at heart, but they too have been distorted and misinformed by false teachings. 

Sheldan, whether he is aware of it or not, is a false prophet. In order to discredit the true light and legitimate channelers, agents of the dark have infiltrated and co-opted the 'New Age' movement. This is how they discredit the whole by distorting a tiny piece.  

For further reading and clarification, please see the following:

Channelings such as this are outright deceptions intended to discourage you from your entire journey by feeding you 'feel good' messages and prediction that will never come by locking you in the concerns of 3D consciousness. They are leeching your energy every time you grant them an audience.

Do not lose heart, you were merely mistaken. Trust your own discernment, not outside sources.


Sheldon, why do you do that to us?

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You are so right with the stick and carrot.

In his case it's obvious that his messages are disinformation. But he's not the only one who's obsessed by 'fake-informants. Since I don't think that he is checking on GFP I send him this email:

(By the way months ago I asked the GFP stuff to forget about 'news' from Sheldon and they agreed!)

Dear Sheldon!
I've been watching your Inner Earth DVD. I liked it so much! I've been focusing on that holographic theater a lot. I found your explanation very inspiring, but now.....?
Below I send comments about you and your work from GFP. I agree with them and I ask you kindly: Check -if you can and be willing to do it- about your info-sources. Many good people are used to distribute disinformation without them even knowing it. That's a sad story!
The time we are living in is sad anyways: Everyone is brainwashed more or less. You know who is behind that. They -my guess- have also the technology to influence single people. People they think are influenceal like you are their targets too. (Many NewAgers like to believe in anything mystically)
Many are obsessed by ghosts sitting in their energy field. They know their host better than the host him/herself. They are smart. They can create exactly the voice the host will think that those are valuable entities from great civilizations ... but they are mean spirits.
I know your good intent and that this is the source of your living but please note that no shit is better than BS. Please have the courage to go beyond your voices and be honest to yourself.
Be the change