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 Dearly beloved children of the universe,
We come to you today to introduce a new reality based programming into your consciousness. The new reality based programming is the programming that you have indeed been receiving from the encodings of the DNA structural vortexes that have been entering your GAIA for years of your earthly cognition.
The DNA restructuring has now been completed, in all of you who have indeed awakened to the understanding of such a decree. Those that have indeed fully awakened to their true selves have walked into the powers unbeknownst to mankind for eons. For more and more of you understand the divinity within your own selves. And more and more of you are finally walking into the pure state of the heart and mind connection therein.
Many of you are achieving a state of NIRVANA through the meditative and tracing techniques brought down to you from times immemorial. Many of you are feeling and knowing and hearing and seeing and understanding that you are indeed not only  capable of communicating directly with us, but also with your divine selves, and each and every single being dwelling on earth therein.
The DNA based programming of your souls is now complete, and the time is now to take action, and take all the lessons that you have learnt and apply them in order to manifest that which you wish to bring forth to humanity as a whole and to your own selves individually.
What we are trying to bestow to your earthly selves is that what you see around you is not what it seems to be. The world that you are now living in is the world that has been built eons prior by your own higher selves, and has indeed been predisposed to changes which have occurred.
Nevertheless the time has now come for a new state of evolution if you will for the human psyche and the human beings. For eons prior to arrival on this planet, many of you have had a link to an interconnection sphere where all of you have decided to create a world wherein you would completely and fully immerse and be in amnesic state and the real link to your divine selves would be lost, in order to experience the veil of forgetfulness. In order to prove to yourselves that indeed you can find your way to divinity through the labyrinth of amnesia.
And so the earthlings that dwell therein at the very moment in time, have volunteered to take part in this experiment, and to see and experience the divinity and beauty of not knowing that which they are in order to fully immerse and fully experience the physicality of the 3D environment.
And so, many of you light workers were the volunteers who have first stepped foot onto GAIA, many of you who are now remembering yourselves, and seeing your selves stand upon the Great Pyramids and the Atlentian Temples. The pioneers who have come to planet GAIA and have built a beautiful habitat for other souls to dwell in, have left this planet to allow the souls that have chosen to incarnate into fully formed human vehicles to participate in an experiment of a cosmic significance, vowing to return in the future in order to illuminate that which was lost to the beings who have decided to dwell on GAIA.
Unbeknownst to you, those who have dwelled in another dimension have taken house of the earth, and have understood earthlings to be a weak species, unable to understand that which is their birth given right and that is their divinity and their power.  And so the new visitors to GAIA have, without understanding fully and comprehending that it is so, broken the law of the universals conduct in regards to your GAIA, they have entered the territory and made house therein  without any regard for the instituted laws that have been preordained prior to the creation of Terra.
Neverhtless, as the time has progressed, you have watched your beloved creation and you have experienced pain never before understood by your own souls. You have experienced pain of not being able to descend into a human body in order to illuminate the way for humanity as whole in brining your children and your own selves back home., home to their divine selves, home to the powers that dwell therein, home to the understanding of their own powers, to the understanding of the universal laws, of the laws put forth by one and all.
And so, what we are trying to say to you dearly beloved ones, dearly beloveds who have been brave enough to descend into human bodies, brave enough to conceal your wisdom and understanding of life, and the cosmic gateways of truth, is that the time has now come, the time has now come for you to fully utilize that which you are, to fully manifest that which you wish to experience on planet GAIA.
In assistance of such manifestations you have been receiving a variety of messages from us and your own higher selves about various events that are to occur in your near future. To that we wish to say that indeed it is true, the events will occur and that is something that has indeed been preordained by all of you.  Nevertheless we wish to remind each and every single one of you that you are not to wait for anything, but go deep within and find the truth of the cosmic laws of attraction, cosmic laws of manifestations and cosmic laws of love, peace, harmony, health, joy and abundance.
And so, on the date of your full moon, you are to find your balance, you are to go into a meditative state, and you are to announce to yourself that you are ready indeed, ready to build that which you wish to see, intensifying your energies, by doing so in groups, intensifying this energy by focusing on that which you wish to occur and manifest in your daily lives, as well as the global lives of all.
Understand that you are not here to make anyone follow your decree, you are here to simply show that IT IS POSSIBLE to be a powerful being in a human body, that the body that you are incarnated into is not a limiting force, but on the contrary a force that is to assist you in creating that which you wish to see, it is a magnificent vehicle that is designed in accordance to the universal truth. A vehicle which will assist you in truly experiencing the divinity within your own selves, while being in the physical body.
Never before has any soul had the opportunity to transcend duality in an amnesic state of being. And so find your own forth within; find the way back home to your true selves. Understand that there is nothing and no one that you are to wait for, understand that although we are here assisting you in this quest for knowledge, in this quest to end the duality of your being, in the quest to know who you are, you YOU ARE THE ONES THAT ARE HERE TO CHANGE AND INFLUENCE THIS WORLD INTO THE DIRECITON THAT YOU ALL WISH IT TO GO.
You carry the light and power within your own selves.  That is something that we cannot do for you, for until you find your own being , for until you find your own truth and fully and truly comprehend that which you are.. all we can do is wait, listen to your heart beats, as it sends out the codes into the universe announcing to us the moment that you truly will be ready to find the portal within, and finally see this world for what it truly is, a magnificent experience, a magical journey from the mysterious to full understanding of THE SOURCE.
Every single one of you has direct access to the energies that are being sent down to you from Alcyone in the Pleiades through your sun. And so, two days prior to your full moon, two days prior you shall experience the uplifting of energies, and know deep within your being, that you are ready to walk into your true powers.
Watch your thoughts, watch as that which you think being to manifest fast around you. Watch your surroundings and see how the energies are activating the layers of consciousness in those around you, watch and see how the stars align in the sky.  Understand that you are now changing completely, understand that you are the ones in control of your reality, understand that you are all powerful beings.
Understand, know, and incorporate  this knowledge into your own selves, understand that you have direct access to the truth, to the libraries of Akasha and every single one of you can tap into this abundant source of information, akin to what this particular channeler is doing at this very moment in time.
Understand that you are not imagining anything, for you truly are all seeing that which you did not see prior, for now, at this moment in time we can inform you that indeed the veil has been lifted for you!
Nevertheless, it has still not fully lifted for others, and that is why it is so important for you to spread your light, it is the light force and the light energy that you infuse into your surroundings that changes others understanding of life. The understanding that each moment is a magnificent one to behold, the understanding that you create that which you see, feel and experience. The understanding that no longer need you to suffer for that which you wish to behold.  For there is no suffering in the world that you are all here to recreate. Understand, know and practice, practice beloveds for the time has now come to put everything that you have learnt thus far into a new paradigm, into a new creation of your own journey, of the new Terra, to restore the peace, restore the harmony, restore the link to your divinity and the understanding of ONENESS.
That is all that we have for you now. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.
Andromeda Council – Channeled by Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL –




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Thank you for you support. 

It is a difficult task to sift through all the deceit that is coming to us in this time of change over. The best I can suggest so that the Archons and all their minions do not intervene into our work is to ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS surround ones self in the Pure Divine Light of Christ in each and every channeling we do.

This will ensure you and us that the pure truth is being brought forth.

I understand that we are not here to suffer and the only volunteering of same is agreements we made prior to our incarnating on Earth with the Archons or other duality-seperational-polarity based selfish-dark forces.

This above message is blessed with much powerful truth, but nonetheless, the cabals and all of their techniques are hidden in their words and in our face that we cannot see.

I will be debunking all of them this year, no exceptions so my people can "see" what is false so they can know what is truth whether or not the words make them feel all kinds of good inside.

This you printed Sept, 22nd last year.

Anna Merkaba, Pleiades High Council "FOR THE DURATION OF 3 DAYS (Sept, 22-24) - YOU SHALL BECOME PURE PILLARS OF LIGHT. Your senses will heighten. Your vision will sharpen. Your hearing will significantly improve. Each word you utter will carry tremendous power within. Your thoughts will quickly manifest into your reality and so we ask all of you to be increasingly aware of these processes and to carefully monitor each and every thought, word and action, for you must think love, breathe love, BE LOVE. You must completely transform yourselves into pure VIOLET FLAME."

I meditate 4 hours a day and yet somehow I missed the "promised" effects of this???

And: Anna Merkaba 7/13/13 "NEXT 56 HOURS CRUCIAL! ~ VIOLET/BLUE FLAME UPGRADE! FROM THE SOURCE Personal Note: In order to get the new energies, you do not need to do anything, simply think that you wish for this upgrade to take place, and ask whomever you feel most comfortable with. IT doesn't have to be AA Raphael, But you must have the intention of receiving this upgrade, you need to just put this into the universe that you are ready to receive this healing energy. THAT IS ALL!"

And: The Pleidian High Counsil says today-the 13th is the ascention alignment that ends 01/13/13 but will make noticable shifers through our bodies!!!

My list goes on for the past 3 years, but "the list" of false promises goes on for many more years than that. This is due to the Archons, Anunnaki, cabals and all their evil divisions wanting to keep us asleep and in place to use us as seven billion batteries for their energy needs.

Mostly accurate post will no longer do it for us as The Light is turning up now, this, my assignment is in part that increase of Light shinning down.

People,,,get and remain fixed in The Light. Increase skepticism and fine-tune your discernment. Take control of your own destiny now and stop waiting for something to happen, make it happen in your silent space of "Reality."

I AM with you to the end and all of it's new beginnings~



David Porter

Author of the series


Andromedda Council Message

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The following message is saying us something very different from what you think you are understanding:

(~~You have experienced pain of not being able to descend into a human body in order to illuminate the way for humanity as whole in brining your children and your own selves back home., home to their divine selves, home to the powers that dwell therein, home to the understanding of their own powers, to the understanding of the universal laws, of the laws put forth by one and all.
 And so, what we are trying to say to you dearly beloved ones, dearly beloveds who have been brave enough to descend into human bodies, brave enough to conceal your wisdom and understanding of life, and the cosmic gateways of truth, is that the time has now come, the time has now come for you to fully utilize that which you are to fully manifest that which you wish to experience on planet GAIA)

The truth is that these people planned to yank the Soul out of your body and replace it with a negative 5th dimentional soul!  There has been an ongoing battle between the forces of positive and negative beings  for aeons of time.  They are very irritated at the Gelactic Federation for coming in and placing a positive barrier around the planet to keep the negative forces from replacing your body with a different soul.  They want complete control of this planet and have been prevented from carrying out their nefarious purpose! One ship containing billions of negative souls has already crashed upon the said barrier.  They tried to hide it by dumping the soul cargo into space before getting caught by the Federation.  They promply began a smear campaign to make it seem that the Federation was at fault.   

We owe the Federation a debt of gratitude for what they have accomplished, and I hope everyone who reads this will put it out there and make it viral!   

Many Blessings!



5D is Spirit, there's no

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5D is Spirit, there's no duality there, which means no negativity. The Soul, which is your connection to 5D, likewise cannot be negative. The whole "positive vs negative" thing is the illusion and I do not recommend projecting it onto the Higher Realms. That's what religion did, and it created the enormous lie about a "war in heaven".

Will....what's going on has

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Will....what's going on has nothing to do with're going in the wrong direction.

Even in the higher planes, there must be a positive and negative spark in order to create at the neutral point.  Each soul spends it's time at either end of the pole, one then the either positive or negative's part of soul growth. 

Duality here was a created event to give soul more experience.

Thanks for responding.

The separation into positive

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The separation into positive and negative is duality. Not even 3d is limited by only two different options, much less 5D.