Communing with Nature

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If you're feeling overwhelmed in your life, there's one thing I highly recommend, breathing. Deep, full, conscious and thankful breaths can do wonders to calm you down and get you grounded. If you're feeling anxious at all, pay attention to how you're breathing. Chances are it's short, shallow breaths, and breathing that way actually helps to feed into feelings of anxiousness. Slower, deeper breaths are highly recommended.

My next recommendation if you're feeling overwhelmed and you need to decompress is to go out into Nature. When you're surrounded by people who are constantly worried about things like money, jobs and other people, it's difficult to not take on some of the energy yourself. It's good to disconnect from all of that at least sometimes, and it certainly helps with finding your authentic self. You can then approach the human world from a much more balanced state, instead of being caught up in the middle of all the chaos.

Trees don't worry about paying taxes, though governments would probably tax them if they could. The whole human world, all the businesses, currencies, governments, and nations, they don't really exist out in Nature. The only way those belief systems can get out there is if you bring them in your own mind. If you can leave all that stuff behind, you will find that Nature is an incredibly peaceful and wondrous place. Something worth much more than what money can buy.

Those out of touch with Nature see it as being cruel, fickle and savage. I suspect this is partially to get rid of guilt for exploiting the Planet so much. For the ignorant people though, the ones who have no respect for Nature, it can be a dangerous place. Foolish people can get themselves killed without too much trouble. However, this does need to be put into context, as the human world is a far more dangerous place. You're much more likely to get killed by another person than a wild animal, and you're more likely to get killed in a car accident than an accident out in Nature. Like all fears, the fear of Nature is largely exaggerated.

For the grounded and respectful person, Nature is a very welcoming place. It's like being in the arms of a lover. There's many who over-exert themselves, who struggle and fight with Nature. If you find yourself doing this, relax, go easy on yourself, breathe deep, and be aware. If you wander around unconscious in Nature, you will get a wake up call sooner or later. The human world encourages unconsciousness, while Nature encourages Consciousness. Because of this, it can be incredibly helpful in rediscovering your own connection to the Divine.


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