I'm A Newbie !!!!

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angel eyes
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I'm A Newbie !!!!

Hi I'm Angel Eyes and just joined today. I am a mother to 3 adult children and a grandma to 8. I am on a spiritual journey which is somewhat new...I'm an Empath and can do readings but have not done any lately. I believe living my life in the NOW...and have healed my inner child due to receiving abuse as a child and abuse later on in life. I'm here to learn as much as i can since i just started on my journey. hope to meet good friends... huggies, Angel eyes..

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Welcome Angel Eyes! Glad you

Welcome Angel Eyes! Glad you're here with us!

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Welcome, spirit sister!

Hi, Angel Eyes!  Glad you're here!  I, too, am a mother/grandmother with a similar journey to your own...one of overcoming and being an empathic being, with some very unusual experiences. Would enjoy getting better acquainted!  My desire is to raise my spiritual vibrations enough to move on and up into a more enlightened dimension, and working to keep my focus there rather than on all the distractions of this one.  Would love to hear back from you! 

Namaste ~ SeekerOfTheLight  <3


What you believe is your reality.  Change your perspective, change your reality.

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welcome !! =)

welcome !! =)


We don't need to die to find paradise. We must create it here !!

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Big hello.

Hi Angel eyes, I'm new here too. I have two grown up children, but no grandchildren. 

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