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HI EVeryone. I had a bad mishap having a stent put in my leg. I have been bed ridden and off line for almost a year. My question is do you still host the room on tinychat?

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I know a few members started

I know a few members started their own rooms, but the Galactic Free Press isn't doing TinyChat anymore. We may start up another chat room sooner or later though.

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Thank you will

Thank you for your response. I know it was a lot of work

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Hi there

Hello Spiritwind, I haven't been on here for a good while; life has a funny way of taking up much of ones free time. Hello to all the newbies too. I am from England and would very much welcome an opportunity to chat with like minded folk. I wish you and all a 2017 full of all good things to come & blessings!

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What is tiny chat?

I am A-san the lord and master of Japanese Fluency and of course the main guy being worshiped at the Church of Asan.

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