The Creation of Soothing You With Celestial Healing

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Can you walk with me through this story while we hold space with Christ/Sananda in our hearts? As I started the illustration for the Christ Heart activation, I yearned to bring Christ/Sananda alive on physical paper. I captured the sensations of his energies and transformed though each stroke of my color pencils. I wanted to feel God as I created him through the omnipresence of love and art. For the first time I fell in love with my first drawing of Sananda. As I completed his eyes, I felt his sadness, strength and infinite love levitate from the art, through my heart and translated from the color pencils onto paper. Christ/Sananda was the first part of the illustration I completed. Then I thought "how can I show everyone the way in which I connect with him"? And this vision came to my third eye; Sanada penetrating his cosmic Christ heart energies through my heart and bridging the love into someones else's heart. I confidently walked over to my digital camera for the preparation of 10 second timer shots. As I knelt down on my knees to capture the organic energies, I completely surrendered my heart to Christ/Sananda and felt love poor into my entire heart as I knelt on the floor. After all the pictures were taken, I stood up one foot at a time and gracefully thanked Sananda for that very moment that existed. I took hold of the camera and uploaded the SD card to the laptop. What appeared on the screen placed even more assurance in my heart. Sanandas glow of light was exactly in the same position as illustrated on physical paper.


I've uploaded 2 pictures of the Sananada Heart Activation photo shoot for the naked eyes to see the captivities of Divine frequencies. In one picture you can see a  glow with a shadow and three orbs behind or above me. In another picture I have on a green shirt with illumination emitting from my back. Lastly, the completed illustration.  


Creating soothing You With Celestial Healing is Divinely magical and I'm grounded in excitement to share my journey with you. Please add on to questions, comments or share pictures of your obs! I'm sure there are sooo many people out here who want to know your experiences of love, light, orbs and our beloved Christ/Sananada


-Crystal Violet

 Below is a picture without any illumination in the background.



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I would love to hear your stories about your 4/D 5/D experiences whether there outdoors, indoors, between realities, underwater  or love and light messages. 

Crstal Violet