~Finding your way to the Inner Earth Message from Adama of Telos~

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~Finding your way to the Inner Earth
Message from Adama of Telos~

People above the Earth, it I Adama of Telos. It pleases me so to be able to communicate with you. There are more and more positive messages emerging talking about various 'other' people like myself. There will be more. The messages are emerging from different channelers and vessels such as this one because we are aware some messages spoken in a way resonates different than others even if the message is the same, just different style. The style or way that comes across through a telepathic message has a lot to do with both receiver and deliverer of the message. One of the most important aspects is that the person receiving the message is capable in the way they were gifted to receive.

Over the past few years there has been much talk about the power and energy found at Mt. Shasta, one of the entries to the Inner Earth. There is a lot of power there, and it is not the only entry my dear ones of Earth's surface. Currently, Mt. Shasta is the one that is most talked of now because of its size and level of energy that is derived from this location.

I understand and so do the Masters, that not all people can physically get to Mt. Shasta to feel this energy, to feel this closeness to Agartha, the Inner Earth, Telos, many names that end up going to the same place, within the Earth.

There are other portals and gateways throughout the world that are accessable and have incredible energy readings and can be physically felt by one seeking a resonance of such pure energy and power.

It is also understood that many people above on the Earth's surface cannot make their way to any of the portals and/or gateways. There is another way and some of you may have already had some vivid dreams that were within the Earth. This is another way of accessing the energy and what is coming from us that will indeed effect you and the people of Earth in a most positive and remarkable way.

Sometimes, dear ones it is hard to understand the dreams you may be having or have been experiencing. You can learn much from researching on your own and from asking others that have some knowledge of seeing the Inner Earth through visions and dreams.

When you are in the Inner Earth, you will see wide corridors, crystals in the walls of various colours, if you find tunnels such as these, these crystals are to light your way. Or you may find yourself gaining access through a doorway of a cave from a cliff or another means. You will all have different experiences. And you may wonder what it was that you saw or did. Dear ones, the feeling from the experiences will feel incredible, the energy will tingle almost like it does when someone gives you goosebumps, but this time not with the little bumps.

Some humans from above the Earth are eager to know their Lemurian and Atlantean pasts. This information is usually given in the forms of dreams and visions. Asking questions that come from the heart, not the mind and finding answers that resonate with you and your all knowing intuition. One way to begin learning, is at night ask your guides to help show you before you go to sleep. Ask to see your past that included Lemuria and if you also had a place in Atlantis. Some have had lives in both eras. Yes, dear ones, this is possible.

If you like the idea of asking your guides to help you learn your past or part of it, ask with your heart. Sometimes the dream or vision will not come that night or if it does, you don't remember it. The more you try this, each time you will see more of who you were, and quite possible the role you played or what you were. Not everyone that is human now, may have been human then. Believe it or not, dear ones, in another life, you may have been someone's beloved pet.

Your brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, etc., of the Inner Earth are eager to meet the ones above the Earth. Our time to re-emerge is soon upon us. From the many messages surfaces, some of you are able to get a 'feel' that our meeting will be soon. And you are right. We will meet. Our land will rise again, and we will join our family and friends that are above earth. Dear ones, like all things of this magnitude, all things are to be in due time. Patience is key.

I am thrilled dear ones that time is getting closer to this happening. It fills my heart with so much joy. Before I depart, I would like to share this joy with you. Allowing the overflowing abundance of joy that is stemmed from love fill your heart and soul dear ones.

I am Adama and I love you dearly





Thanks Adama of Telos. May God bless you in a mighty way. May we meet very very very very soon. If possible NOW. Love . Harris.