Earth Allie Message to All Law Enforcement and Military Ones~ It’s Go Time ~ It’s Be Time

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Earth Allie Message to All Law Enforcement and Military Ones~  It’s Go Time ~ It’s Be Time




Dear Ones, it’s Go Time.

It’s time to accomplish your Divine task... it’s time you do what you promised to do: Serve and protect the People. Serve and protect Freedom.

And Freedom is Love.

So far, you’ve not been able to do it, as the term Justice and Freedom have largely been deceived for the purpose of a few, turning your missions into peoples slavery.

No more. The Planet has to be given back to the People.

And to Mother Earth=Heart itself.

And the Time is Now.



And I Am not speaking to those serving under the stars and stipes flag only, I AM speaking to All who have choosen to Serve wearing uniforms, from no matter what country or what part of the Planet. You are in Service to Freedom not to slavery. Nor to fight against one another. Your Mission is to Serve the People. Your Mission is to Serve Life. No Country matters as boundaries are nothing once you burn the paper on which they’re drawn.

~ One Planet, One Freedom ~ One Love ~



That’s the only Truth.

Air does not bother where it’s been breathen, if on one side or the other of imaginary lines that divide countries and people one from another. Birds do not need passports or permissions to fly under the Sun. Why should the People that walk and live on it be limited in this?

You’ve been trained to save and protect Life, thus you are send to kill and destroy... no more.

Put down your weapons and raise together as One Nation, The Nation of a Free Planet Earth=Heart. Praise Life in all it’s expressions and stand up in front of those that tell you to listen to those that wear more stripes than you.



There’s only One you have to listen to, and that is the Voice of Creation.

If it helps Life, it’s True, if it’s against Life, it’s not True.

You have been used and abused in the name of something that was a lie. Many already know, many are scared, and many are confused, as they thought they believed in something and found themselves in doing the opposite.

You are The ones, you have the power to restore Freedom on Earth=Heart. You have the complete power to stop all lies and to stand up in front of your True Mission.

Taking lifes and destroying countries and the Planet is not a Mission of Freedom, and All of you know, for you all know what you do.



Police, stop going out looking after those that after a bailout had to steal a meal for their children and go and get those that issued the bailout, as they are the ones that took Peoples Freedom away from Earth.

Stop persecuting those that come from another country thinking they might be dangerous for you and go and get those that ARE in your country and ARE dangerous for All.



Military, stop believing you go abroad to help your country or others to gain or keep freedom. When you kill... where’s the freedom gone? And where’s the Freedom in having no house, or food, or children without parents. And I know you see and saw all this. This is a game for the illusionary power of a bunch of beings that completaly lost their Path.



Stop feeling guilty! Start Being Free! You’re the only Ones that can BE this Change! We Sustain You ~

Go out and Show the Planet that you do Care for Freedom, Go out and show the Planet that you really Courageus. Not in killing those that cannot defend themselves, and that did not do anything to you or anyone exept having something they want, but by standing up in front of them and saying  "NO, I WON’T DO IT ANYMORE. PLEASE, NOW COME WITH ME AS WE, THE PEOPLE OF THE PLANET, HAD ENOUGH OF ALL OF THIS".


And then BREATHE... breathe the new air of The True Freedom you just helped to restore. Go out with your child and your friends and laugh to the sunshine untill all your so long kept tears wash the past away. Until the only thing left is True Freedom, your Real Mission. And then Smile, Smile at your New Life and at your New Freedom. Smile at how Brave you have been. In Truth. In Life. In Freedom.



Can you feel it? It’s the People of the Planet looking at you, with their Heart waiting to Beat again as they wait to see what you’ll decide. It’s billions of Hearts, from California to Chicago, from Dakar to Lima, from Bahia to Madrid, from Moskov to Ankara, fomr Merlbourne to Tokyo, from Soweto to London, from Hawaii to Berlin, from Oxaca to Bejin, from Beirut to Madagascar, from Mumbay to Toronto... and on and on and on... for there are NO People not involved in your decision.  For The Planet, every leaf and every tree, every animal and every air atom, every child and every grandpa, every cloud and evry flower are involved in your decision.

Every time you pull the trigger, you do not kill a being, you kill the very freedom you promised to protect. And thereby, you also kill a part of yourself.

The most Beautiful one... your True Self.

Are you not tired? Yes you are, I know. I can hear you. I can see the nightmare you have when you get some sleep. I can see the tears that come out of you when you think noone can see you.

And I see how committed you have been to your mission, believing in it, believing you’d help freedom.



One thing more... when you decide to go and get them, for I already Know what your decision is as I can see your Heart, do not raise your gun. Do not treat them as they treated the Planet and the people. Show Compassion, as you’ll see that what they did, already killed the truth in them.

There’s no need to do it again, and remember, each soul you try to harm, you finally only harm yourself. They’ll be looked after. You, you have to look after Heaven on Earth Now. And that the Entire Planet Earth=Heart will BE Free once again after millennia.


Talk, speak out the Truth, and All will understand. Be the Light for All to See the Truht. No blame for what has been will come to you, only JOY for what IS NOW.~




Thank You Great Souls. Be Freedom and Love=Joy your Eternal Blessing.

God speed you to the Victory of the Golden Age and the fulfillment of the Will of Love



All our Love,

Your Earth Allies.




Follow your freedom `- Follow your light !

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To all - lay down your arms now and move into this great wave of love and light. Be brave and strong as you are! This is what you signed up for - to protect all of humanity and all of our animals and mother earth. Ahimsa!!!! No more violence: NO MORE !!!!! We love you ! Dawn

Amen sister

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As I live with two police officers, one of which, I find to be my Toughest task to break his ego or simply let him see what his ego is doing to him. The majority of expressions out of his mouth are All negative and I know deep down he is not a negative person. I can see his projected Ego self on a daily basis and it makes me sad as it is his way or No way type of attitude. I am constantly having to shield his lower frequency energy's so I don't take them on.

However, I look at this experience as a terrific learning opportunity and a great challenge that I will succeed in on some sort of level. Any comments or similar experiences?

Thank you from my heart to yours!


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I do understand. Humanity has been brainwashed, thus all that are in some kind of law enforcement or military have gone thorugh more than twice the same brain washing. And the more you're in it the more you get it.

And the more it's though to get back to one's own Truth.

It will be though for them, thus they'll all get a big help if they choose so. 

Let them walk their path as more as you can, your best help will be showing them how to simply BE. They will look at you sooner or later, wondering if you may not be right in the end.


Thank you for sharing LOVE.



It's Go Time...

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   For years I've been writing about coming from our hearts! We have been caught up in a contrived frenzy of massive negativity. Let us all join together to free ourselves from eons of Orwellian bondage. By freeing ourselves peacefully from global tyranny, we also free our belovèd Gaia, and all living things that she sustains. We have the capacity to come from our hearts and be the very best we can. Push the envelope! Let this global transition be one of peace. This is not just possible, but it continues our ability to transcend the chaos and go in the direction of peace and love. It is for the very highest good. WE ALL CAN DO THIS!


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Love you

Hello Paul, I think I have

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Hello Paul, I think I have understand what you heve write. My English is very bad, I'm a Dutch woman, so forgive me for that bad English.

It's difficult to break the ego not only from that policeman, from all people. I have experience with a man who I see him practical every day; my ex-brother in law. Our own ego is also difficult to breake. We cannot that with our ego, it's smarter dan we are. All ego's clash, that's the point. The only thing we have to do is come to selfknowledge and than you can see that we have to lost our ego. But that can only with the help of The Light in us. It give pain to see how we self and people are and handle. We people live not our own lives, we are slaves, we are brainwashed, all. So, when you are wake up, you can help with your life example (say I this right?). It's difficult, but possible. Every day we are falling down, but we have not to give up and on a day..... we stand up like de firebird. Greetings

I am a deputy sheriff and I

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I am a deputy sheriff and I do pray everyday that this awakening is not bs and is coming.  I am tired and weak from the constant negatives seen in our world.


Oh yesssss

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THANK YOU! Your answer already IS an enlightment.

Be Blessed for your being tired of seing injustice and do Know you have All Our Love and support. 

It is not a joke, nope. Thus, even if many are already on the Go, All have to play their particular role.

Those who step up, those who keep their focus, those who tell the Truth, those who share it... As it is, for the first time in known history, the Planet will see a Global Change.


And your focus and your own LOVE to all, is as important as the highest illuminati removed from it's place and put in no-harm state.


So please, Believe in it, imagine it, FEEL it and yes, See it and Live it.



Thank You for your message.


All our Staff

I can feel the momentum of

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I can feel the momentum of this wonderful energy building to a point where the truth will explode in the minds of all those in uniform and suddenly they will fall into and engage in their individual roles to initiate and complete the removal of the dark ones.  I see them moving forth with love and pride in what they are doing..... what a wonderful change that should be for them all.


Love and Blessings to you all!

Thank you

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Thank you for this powerful message of love and encouragement to all of our peace officers. I have goosebumps and tears because the words are powerful and come from the heart. Our Earth Allies are shining a beautiful light of truth for all across the globe - a light that can be seen all over the universe, according to Our Friends!