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In numerology, the language of numbers and their symbolic meaning, numbers and dates are added together to obtain the true meaning or essence. For example the year of 2012 is 2+1+2 = 5 showing the overall essence of 2012 is the five energy. May being the fifth month and 2012 being a five year, the triple portal date of 5-5-5 IS significant. Take just a moment to reflect upon the number 5, which in numerology represents major change at the most primal meaning and translation.


Of course 2012 would be a 5 year! It makes perfect sense as we move into the next grand cycle under the Galactic Mayan Calendar. This entire year is about grand transformation.


May 5, 2012 also is full moon, the Wesak moon to be exact, celebrating the birth and ‘enlightenment’ of the Buddha. Again a very powerful and significant date. The Buddha energy and teachings are all about compassion and balance as we navigate this duality existence within the 3D reality of life. It is the Buddha, the Cosmic Councils of Light and many other councils who are communicating from the higher realms the importance of this date. So why aren’t more talking about it?


The pure beauty of the symbology is magical. The first 5 within the triple portal date represents the COSMIC, the second the DIVINE HUMAN as the vehicle, the third MOTHER GAIA. You can begin to see the balance and symmetry in the perfection of this date. Five, which represents major change, reflects what is happening within the grand design of our evolution, as we move into higher states of conscious awareness. As we come into alignment with the galactic center, new Light frequencies, information and emanations from the core of our solar system will be available. We have not been in this alignment for approximately 26, 000 years. THIS TRIANGULATION, PLANETARY POSITION MAKES IT POSSIBLE TO RECEIVE NEW SPECRUM'S OF LIGHT WHICH HAVE NOT BEEN PREVIOUSLY AVAILABLE. This is what makes this time in cosmic history so special.


These new spectrum’s of Light are information, technology and communication from the galactic core, which are designed to EXPAND OUR UNDERSTANDING OF OURSELVES AND OUR PLACE WITHIN THE SOLAR SYSTEM, GALACTIC FAMILY AND COSMIC HEART AND MIND.


This portal of the 5-5-5 begins a new transmission of codes which more effectively communicate the concept of ‘As Above, So Below.’ The understanding that ALL emanates from Original Source energy. That we are all part of the whole. That each manifestation is a pure mirror reflection of our thoughts, thus creating our reality. The new codes will amplify the knowledge and ability to understand the Light frequency, which creates the structure and manifests it into a physical expression within our world. It will bring through the next level of understanding that WE create our reality.


The 5-5-5 portal is paramount. New spectrum’s of Light will become available on this auspicious date from the Cosmic Galactic Core. These Light Codes and information will usher in the next stage of DNA activation and energy blueprint configuration to enable this expansion in human consciousness. We as the physical way showers, code carriers and Star seeds will be the “Portal” in which these codes anchor into our reality. As we stand upon Gaia, we will be the portal which grounds this Light into physical manifestation.


At the purest form, Light is Source Energy. Light codes are a pure form of communication from Source. They are a configuration of mathematical and frequency sequencing, the universal language of our universe, making distinct and precise ‘information packets,’ which are recognized and translatable by the human energetic/physical structure. These packets work directly with the physical and multi-dimensional DNA to activate and trigger memory and conscious understanding.


Light codes work on many levels, a small sample of what they are designed to do is… They trigger physical memory for the body to hold, integrate and interpret Light to transform your cellular structure into a crystalline configuration. They activate your multi-dimensional memory to connect with your Higher Self /Soul Essence and remember who you are. They release and restore ancient wisdom from other star systems and Gaia herself. They also bring future technologies and knowledge into our conscious awareness on an individual and collective level. But ultimately they are designed to help humanity (all sentient beings) remember we are all part of Source energy and Divine.


The energy, Light codes will pulse from the Galactic core, through our physical bodies and into Gaia. Then Gaia, as our celestial host, will transmit through our physical portals, back to the Galactic Core/Source intelligence our level of Light quotient and our readiness to hold the next level of DNA Light codes. This pulsing between the Cosmic Core, the Physical Body/Blueprint and Gaia will continue throughout the day and across the globe as the light information downloads into the energy matrix of those able to anchor it into their systems. Are you ready?


As the codes anchor into the Light matrix of those holding sufficient Light quotient, the cellular structure and DNA will once again take a Quantum up shift.


These codes will begin to activation within the DNA/RNA of the Star Seeds, Code Carriers and Light workers who signed up to be the forerunners to anchor this for humanity. Between the dates of May 5 and Dec 12, 2012, those anchoring these codes will prepare the human blueprint/matrix to reconfigure and hold this level of awareness. The Light matrix has many components such as the Merkaba, Ka Body, the Light body, etc., but in it’s purest and most encompassing state, it is the structure which interprets the information from ‘Source Light’ and makes it comprehensible to the human mind. Our promise and role is to prepare our Light Matrix to hold this light and information at a sufficient level, and in enough numbers, so the blueprint can be expanded into the planetary grids. Thus making it accessible to all of humanity. This level of Light within the Human Matrix will be necessary to prepare the masses for the influx of Light coming when the 144 Crystalline Grid structure fully comes on line 12-12-12.


This is a major preparatory assignment that many signed up for. ARE YOU ONE OF THEM? Our physical systems are reconfiguring at the cellular level to reconnect to the Cosmic Heart and Mind. To shift into a level of perception that allows for a clear understanding of ourselves as Divine Beings of Light and our existence within the Cosmic whole.


We ARE the portals of Light!

Gather together with other Light workers and anchor this Light as the Divine Human vehicle that you are. All places upon Gaia are sacred! However, if you can gather on the Power Places, on the Vortex’s, on the significant ley lines of Gaia your ability to more fully anchor this energy will be enhanced. (


The call is being sounded. We have all been working towards this assignment for years. We have continued to follow the promptings of Spirit to be in service to humanity. Gather with your soul family, celebrate the full moon energies of Wesak and the Buddha, dance, sing and honor your role as a multidimensional Master of Light.

When you add the numbers of 5-5-5 you get 15. 1+5= 6. The essence energy of a six is HOME and FAMILY. We are part of the Cosmic Family of Light!


Our place within it will be more fully realized as the new Light codes activate within our DNA and our memory of who we truly are comes into our awareness. 2012 is a transformational year! Live Your Light!

Posted by Ram Arjuna 4-30-12
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Cinco de Mayo.... Maybe

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Cinco de Mayo....

Maybe that's why the Mexicans chose it as their victory day over the french battle of puebla in 1862 .. the frequency of it... maybe they took the significance from the Mayan


i don't think they should mind sharing

yes, The no 5 is a mysterious

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yes, The no 5 is a mysterious represents a cosmic code of assumptions...and assuptions put together with logic would come out with some thing that is interesting to combat a -ve change... for that matter the numericals are based on assumtions only... so far these assumtions are correct is a matter of experience of the change... only thing that counts is change should be always +ve..and should be taken as +ve

And they don't seem to like

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And they don't seem to like seeing white people at their Cinco de Mayo events.  I guess afterall, they defeated the Europeans.


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i see five as the dance, the human dance, the soul dancing the divine. the color is blue, like the earth is blue and round and true...five  adapts, six adjusts, six is also harmony, music, diplomacy, cooperation


but really, these universal days are not quite as important as your own vibration, your personal day is not six (only a one out of nine chance of that)


so, you take your birth day and month


and add that to this year


and you have your personal year


so, if you were born on the fifth of may (regardless of the year you were born) this is a mumber six year for  you


5  5 + 2 + 1 + 2 = 15


1 + 5 = 6


Your personal month is dreived by adding your personal year to the number of the month


so 6 personal year + 5 the number of this month = 11


11 is not reduced as it is a master number so you are in a master number 11 month



your personal day is your personal month plus the number of the day


so 11 + 5 = 16


you do not reduce 16 as it is a testing or karmic number


derived from the tarot, 16 is theThe



or, the only safe dwelling place is the Temple of the spirit.