~We are Not seeing anything Changing ~

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~Letters to the Editors~



Sorry to email you but I do get so impatient of when the big change will happen.

For last 3 months, I have been reading GFP blogs and they all said it's coming soon. Lights are green, things change will happen just so quick. Things will shock me, get prepare.

And it will happen soon.

I have been hoping everyday that the big day will be tomorrow for 3 months. And seems like all the information are the same within 3 months.

Meanwhile I have to do my  daily stuffs and in the same time I know that these things are not important once the change happen. So my mind is hoping the change by that date, but it didn't happening. So I have to do all those things that I really don't want to do. And now, should I plan for what I normally do or should I plan for what happen after changes?! I am trying so hard to stay focus on 2 different worlds! This  feels like torture and getting headache to keep thinking about it.


Our Response:


We currently have huge amounts of people waiting for changes, but relatively few people actively creating those changes. The changes are waiting for Humanity's active participation, Humanity has to "Be the Change" first. It's not an outer change either, but an inner one. The "outer world" will change to reflect what's inside of people, but it's the inner subtle changes that happen first. We do observe these changes occurring within Humanity, and we see things like the "Occupy" and "Arab Spring" movements as reflecting these inner changes.


We Suggest Simply Being Present In the Moment of Now and Trusting Love. We are all In this Together. Doubts only hinder the energetic process.






 Hi, I read all the posts on GFP and associated websites. I originally became very excited and relieved by what I was reading as I felt all the wearying strife was worth it.


I don't feel any different and am not seeing anything different in the world, in fact I'm becoming more down and depressed than before.


My family think I 'm mad and my friends are sceptical to say the least. I have fibromyalgia, ceoliac disease and hypothyroidism, life can be difficult.


I'm trying to be positive and send love and light out to the world but I feel very alone.


I don't feel any different and yet all I'm reading about is people discovering inner powers and meeting star family.


Please tell me this is not a cruel joke that I'm desperately wanting to be true.


Kind regards


Our Response:

Here is a Quote from our Last Update:



"We are getting some reports of people not seeing or feeling the changes. Well, if you are sitting on the sideline's and not participating, then you will not experience anything. You will have to participate to have the Experience. This is How the Oneness Energy Works. Humanity's Destiny and is Yours, is to Live Free In Peace, Joy, and Love. By Divine Decree this is Manifesting."


Also, You will have to release the programs that you have before you have these experience's. Right now since 5-5 Huge Amounts of Light are coming in. This is breaking down the programs, so many are probably going into doubt right now, ego's do that. Ego's are what is holding everyone at bay. Trust in Love, as Love is the Only real and keep your focus on that. The illusion is not real. All our Love.


More Response's From Guests:


There are many signs around you.....Governments are beginning to change, bankers are beginning to resign.....but the most important question is how are you changing? For your outer world will not change until your inner world does....what are you doing to help the planet ascend? How are you changing your beliefs, living in your heart, and being of service to others? Try to connect with others and groups that are like-minded so you will find support through these challenging times.....things have to fall apart that are no longer working (in our lives, and on the planet) before they can be better....and things are falling apart all around us, but at the same time new solutions are being presented......have faith.....trust.........We are Many, We are One...you are never alone....call on your angels and know without a doubt you are loved and supported by a Universe that has only your highest good in mind.....Love will Prevail!



~We Trust Love and We Are The Change

Thank You for standing with us and Participating in the Changes~



~Love The Earth Allies~




If you are

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living into two different realities, one that you say does not exist and one you don't like, I'm not surprised you cannot feel or see anything change. You're living in a moment that does not exist and that you're not enjoing.


No better message can be given than what has been answered to you: LIVE IN THE MOMENT OF NOW, or you'll loose all by sticking to something that is not real.


I can tell you a cup is ready to change place fi you so want to, but if the cup is on your table you're the only One that can move it. Try it, you'll be quite surprised!


One thing is to know you're a Co-Creator of your own Reality, one thing is BE it.


Simply Be the change you want to see... this is the Bigegst secret.


With all our Love

be careful how one trys to wash one's hand from the events

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i find at times i can give the perfect answer of i told you so. if our higher families have given mankind the tools or important hints of what is the truth, and somehow the truth  got distorted with woo woo and outright lies, this does NOT wash the hands of our space families. for if the p.t.b. have taken this knowledge and twisted this to suit them or just hide this  from mankind's awareness, AND  our space families let this happen while looking the other way, i would say i.m.h.o. that it was not helpful at all nor was it  love manifestations for mankind to still let us human/ monkeys to be still suffering for we know not what we do, nor how our hard wiring of survival traits of the d.n.a. code have influenced  our behaviors and how it can be amplify thru brainwashing of roles we are to embrace.

blessings to us all for we are all one

It is CRITICAL  each person

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It is CRITICAL  each person who is not feeling any change get a good healthy check up by an alternative health practitioner!! The body is the vehicle, the memory, AND the DNA. It is STILL .... body, mind, emotions, spirit and etheric. 5 bodies that must work together. When one is worked on the others will step up to be healed. 

The state of the physical body GREATLY affects the etheric which is doing its best also to hold the light. 


I am also going to ask lightworkers when responding to messages like this to at least suggest it is the body. We have to get past this "hairy fairy" ascension carrot and do the work.  Can you see that by just focusing on the "spiritual" angle it makes people feel more guilty?? That is not love. 


With this increased energy, it is necessary to be MORE responsible to others. You are feeling more empowered... and it will take discipline to refrain from getting into the "I told you so" mold. 


When one feels the pain of another.... something shifts inside to compassion and gentleness.

I agree that it is very easy

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I agree that it is very easy to slip in and out of these dimensions. Sometimes I look at the world and wonder can it truly change but then I remember that I too was once deep in slumber and the awakening happened to me and I know it's because I started looking at ways to change myself and realized it is true that all things begin with each of us as individuals so we must understand that many are still asleep but with our love and blessings of understanding this they too will awaken in their own time but what's most important is not what they do but what I do. I love the quote, "How people treat me is their karma but how I react is my karma". So when I'm in that state of bliss--which becomes easier to hold through meditation practice, I can go out into the world and generate that kind of energy onto others of whom I come into contact with and I begin to see the changes that I am projecting for we attract what we send out and very seldom can anyone withold their goodness when we smile and speak to them for no reason, or hold the door for them to be polite and so many other things that we do just because. I love the Golden Rule of treating others as I would like to be treated so that is how I set examples everywhere I go for I want people to see how I act and feel the light of my presence and say, I want to be just like her and that is how we change the world--be the change we wish to see and let the rest go while blessing them on their journey for we are all on the same journey even though many do not realize that, however our paths are just as unique as we are individuals. Have faith, but not in the sense of "I told you so" have faith because that is what makes all dreams come true:)