~Cobra Report~ World Liberation Consciousness Stream ~

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World Liberation Consciousness Stream ~
Commentary from The Galactic Free Press: FYI: Yesterday, we announced the Meditation was Successful, and we have broken through the illusionary matrix. We are recieving reports which do validate this has been accomplished. Below, Cobra Mentions we did not reach the 144,000 required. We feel we actually did reach this and even over this. It matters not, the Divine Time Line has been activated. We will All together continue to Move Forward as a Family of Love. Let's Accomplish this and Get Er' Done. This is a Full Participation Month to move the Consciousness of the Entire Planet. Let us together as One Be the Change! You can Join us Saturday May 19th, 2012 at 1pm pacific for another Event. We will be Having For A Focused Love Event. Join US!
Cobra Report:
World Liberation Consciousness Stream 


Our mass visualization event has been very successful. Immediately after our global visualization, Japan shut down its last nuclear reactor:
Although we have not reached the needed critical mass of 144,000 people doing the visualization, we were quite close to that and we were strong enough to initialize a stream of consciousness that can not be stopped and will ultimately result in planetary liberation. 
Here you can listen to what Bill Wood has to say about World Liberation Day and this positive stream of consciousness. Watch the video from 13 to 15 minute mark:
It is recommended that you continue doing this visualization if you feel so guided. By doing this you strengthen the stream of consciousness for planetary liberation. You can do it whenever you like or join weekly group visualizations that will be taking place every Sunday at 7 p.m. local time in every time zone. You can also start Facebook groups for that purpose.
There will be further global visualization events strengthening the stream of consciousness. They will be announced on this website when the time is right.



Hey, ... you hit 2 million

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Hey, ... you hit 2 million today you know. ... I thought you hit 1 million not long ago.


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we're sharing lots of Love Energy All together!


Thank You ALL for Sharing Love!




We DID make it happen

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I think there were a lot of folks like me who participated in our own way without officially being part of the count. I felt that we DID make it happen and critical mass was reached! How wonderful it will be to greet each of you someday when we are living in a much better world that results from efforts like this!


World Liberation

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Many of us were joining you without counting in, since your site just reached 2M, I believe we were over 144,000 strong and still going. Light and Love Prevail.