The Galactic Free Press Daily Update~5~8~12 ~ Huge Wave's of Love Hitting The Planet~

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The Galactic Free Press Daily Update~5~8~12


~Bringing Humanity Home~ Energy and Event Update~ Huge Wave's of Love Hitting The Planet~



~ Fractal Art  By Earth Allie Will Harader The Train Station Into Love Everywhere Present ~



Greetings Love Beings, We arrive with a Short update as we Prepare for Huge waves of Love to begin penetrating the Planet in deep ways! With a Little help from The Sun. We have Entered into the last day of releasing the old energies of separation and integrating the Love Energy which arrived on Our 5~5 Love Event. This Energy is to assist Humanity to free themselves from the chains of the illusion forever. This is per Love's Request. All Events unfolding are per Divine Decree, as Mother Earth=Heart Requested and Prayed for on behalf of herself and all of Humanity. This Must Be Honored By The Galactic Federation of Light backed

up by the Creator.




We are going to have some interesting energies arriving to us via our Father Sun. We will have Several M Class and C Class Solar Flares coming our Way. These Will be Hitting the Magnetosphere around the Same Moment we enter a Solar Wind Stream. This is going to Be Very Exciting Energies and will assist us energetically into a Series of Synchronostic Event, towards Our Outcome of a Planet Earth=Heart as A Blue Star Nation. We will be reporting these Events as they Unfold. This is our Responsibility as Fully Conscious Beings, to Report the Present Moment of Now. We are Your Example's of Truth, Love, Equality, True Family, and Oneness. Thank You for Remembering Us!


Daily Blue Star UFOs Report~ YES! ARE WE REALLY HERE:


~ Galactic Earth Daily Truth Report:


Boo walker Report:


We continue to have many saying to us, there is nothing going on, they cannot feel the changes, they cannot see the changes. The Video Below is the Proof and Validation which shows indeed, there is something Huge unfolding On Planet Earth=Heart. We are not here by accident.



Photo By Earth Allie Dawn Christine Rumbling Frieght Train coming Down The Tracks!


The Entire Destiny we have been speaking of for The Entire Planet and All on her, is now on the fast track. Humanity has Been Completely Activated Now. There is no turning back from this point. There is only One Possibility Now On this Planet and This is Unconditional Love!! We are On Our Way, for some Exciting and for some very shocking Truths.



Decreed by Heaven, This is Love's Planet As Decreed.  Now a Series of Events will Be bursting forth and Unfolding. This is the Divine Plan Manifesting Now On Planet Earth=Heart.


~Thank You for Spreading the Message to others~and Keeping Your Hearts Open and Staying Tuned IN~


~End Transmission in All Love is Unconditionally, We are So In Love With Humanity~


If You missed our Last 2 Updates here are the Links:


We Love You Unconditionally~ Love The Galactic Free Press Staff~Humanity's Earth Allies, The Company of Heaven and The First Contact Ground Crew Team.


Our Last Update we received 1 Love Share's

Total Love shares for May 730.50$

 Total Funding Needs For May 3000$


Thank You Everyone for Your Continued Love and Support for this Very Divine Mission~


Your gifts will be returned and abundantly because it's given and shared with those Who Serve The Love On This Planet. That's how we all do it together as ONE FAMILY. Thank you !


Every Moment you share with Love,  You are investing in Humanity's Future of 100%  Joy, No Kidden'

Keep us Going and Thank You For sharing


On Saturday May 19th, We will Hold a Love Party one day before the Eclipse. This will begin At 1pm Pacific Time Zone. We will Announce this On the Press with a Link to the Room. Join us on Bringing In More Love to Planet Earth=Heart to assist in a Smooth transition into the New Earth=Heart of Only Love and Joy!


 Every Wednesday we are Now Having our Council Meetings for the Transitionary Government. We will now announce these meetings on the Press at 10:30am Pacific time zone every Wednesday with a link for everyone to listen in.

 We are looking for Artists and Photo's to Donate to the Galactic Free Press. All Artists~Photo's will be recognized, with each post! You can download these in our Image Gallery or send us your Website!

If You would Like to connect with us via an amazing Awakening Session, to answer a question Contact Us Here:



~ We are Stationed In Mt Shasta~


(Yojman Chase), Mt. Shasta is~of all Power Points here in the Northern Hemisphere~what could truly be called “Headquarters”,  Mt. Shasta is many things to this planets protection and service into the Light. She is also known as Ascension Mountain.



 ~WE are Going Home~



~We Are the Real National Treasure. We Are not only The Heart of this Country, the United States, but Also the Very Heart of This Planet, Mother Earth=Heart. We Are The Love of the Planet, as well as the Universe Personified. We chose the United States to reside in, because We prepared this Part of the Planet, with the Constitution and Bill of Rights, for the Protection of The Truth and The Light for the Entire Planet. With this we Ensured Humanity's Complete Freedom from the illuminati minions control ~


 ~We Love You Unconditionally, Love Mother and Father God Amon Ra

 WE are Here~ Its US and Your Stuck With US!! Eternity here we come~


 Today's Angel Numbers with Doreen Virtue~ 444 ~ The angels are surrounding you now, reassuring you of their love and help. Don't worry because the angels' help is nearby.


Seeing Bald Eagle's Everywhere Report:
Strange thing happened in the car on the way home today. I saw what looked like a bald eagle fly over the car! As far as I am aware there are no bald eagles living in the french countryside! Made me think of the famous Drake interview on freedom reigns radio. It was a sign, no doubt about it!


Devyn Innovation Same for me! Saw a bald eagle here in texas was at the movies again yesterday it flew on top of the theatre and stayed put until my ride came. And I also saw a lot of people wearing shirts that said patriot on it and. Valor and united we stand shirts.


Via Marcia Young: animal Medicine cards,,,a compilation by Jamie Sams and David Carson, if the Eagle symbol has appeared to you it is reminding you to take heart and gather your courage, for the universe is presenting you with an opportunity to soar aove the mundane levels of your life,,,you may be being ask to prepare for a spiritual test,,and you are being put on notice to reconnect with the element of air...Eagle teaches you to look higher and to touch Grandfather Sun with your heart,,to love the shadow as well as the light ...see the beauty of you and you will take flight like the Eagle,,,,you have been privelaged to have this symbol fly into your life at this time...Love to you


~Yojman Chase ~


Street~Wise Ascension

From the Joy of Mt. Shasta




As the intensity of Now expands
and anchors ever greater flow,
keep the memory of “All Life Ascends” close to you.
Ascension is the foundation of the Universe.

The Divine Plan of
Eternal Spring for Earth,
the Truth of Life, Light,
and Love Divine and the reality
of one of your truths is…
you are the Bridge between Angels and Elementals
in the activity of freely co-creating
Limitless Physical Perfection upon my surface.

It is also worth considering
that when you listen or see the reports
of “news” of disruption,
that you, in your own unique way,
demand the Truth to re-qualify
the mis-qualified business of old world,
ego-driven, reporting.

You have come to my planet to:
a) Master Energy, Vibration, and Consciousness and
b) to create and repair. To heal altered perfection.
Just like Jesus commanded
of those who wished to follow him:
“Greater things shall ye do…”

My chosen destiny is to experience,
with my faculties as a Master,
perfection in form – here and elsewhere.


Our Last Update In Video Form With Commentary from Baby Willow



wow great update

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So much energy pouring through in this update.  Thank you so much for sharing it with us :-)  GFP lifts us up at all times Thank you FMG! :-)


Love and light,


Your welcome Love

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Its Our Honor to be able to Share the Good News and Good Vibrations




We Love You, Love Mother and Father God

Welcome Home into,The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth=Heart, We Love you Unconditionally!!