Update By Sheldan Nidle~ The time for changes is upon us all

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13 Oc, 3 Kumku, 8 Manik


Dratzo! The time for changes is upon us all. Heaven has moved upon the Earth and decreed that a time for liberation and for freedom has arrived. Thus we are honor-bound to come forth upon the Earth and face in all diligence those who, in haste and sheer arrogance, have forgotten that they are merely temporary masters of this most magnificent realm. Our coming is to make these points absolutely clear to them and to pave the way for a new epoch for surface Earth's humanity. Nearly 13 millennia ago, you began to fall into the uneasy world of limited consciousness. This is a realm where it became relatively easy for your new masters and their trained minions to control and manipulate you. This time is now swiftly coming to a divine close. Actions have already begun which are to force those who have for so long ruled this land with impunity to let go of the reins. Our liaison teams and their many sacred companions are working hard to complete programs which will revitalize your world-a world where you are to be set free, and where, in sacred purpose, you can complete your journey to full consciousness.


   We come now to finish a process that will assist our Earth allies to evict several regimes currently controlled by the dark cabal. This will allow a new type of governance to be established which, along with a new financial system, is to deliver an era of abundance. In addition, this new governance will introduce and apply now-hidden, Earth-based technologies which we will eventually combine with our own to give you a time of peace, prosperity, and unprecedented international cooperation. We come to present you with a wealth of knowledge that is to set you free from the silly lies and misrepresentations of your soon-to-be castaway masters. This cabal is the last vestige of the groups which have ruled you so unkindly, and they are now to be revealed for what they truly are! This arrogant and ill-intentioned bunch was planning to strip you even further of God's divine gift of full consciousness and keep you in permanent servitude. These despicable plans are being short-circuited as we speak, and will never come to fruition!


   Our mission here is ultimately related to first contact. We have come from afar to carry out the divine edicts of Lord Surea and to bring sacred comfort to you from the highest spheres of Heaven.


The great Seraphim from AEON have blessed you and us with a divine grace that will bring forth a new era upon the Earth. This new epoch will usher in a 5-D reality and a time of full consciousness for Gaia and for her many peoples. Long ago, we of the Galactic Federation colonized this planet and brought forth what you mainly call Lemuria. In this magical land we flourished, both on and below the surface. This high culture watched over the sacred essence of Mother Earth and her most diverse ecosystems. Then a group of Atlanteans was swayed by dark elements to move some of you into a state of temporary servitude. Events then followed which placed this small contingent of humans into great peril. Heaven intervened and decreed that this small band was to pass through a period of limited consciousness.


   This odyssey was intended to be a key to delivering permanent peace to this galaxy. It seems that the dark Anchara continuum had created a multiplicity of galactic empires, populated with Beings who had been denied the necessary Light Body for returning in Will to the Light. Heaven's plan was to use, at a future time, Earth humans' infinite Love and their acquired wisdom of the dark to move these bereft civilizations back into the Light. That time is now. It is the moment for you to fulfill your divine mission, and it is our sacred task to prepare you for this immense service. To this end we are using our powers and abilities to secure a new world for you. Here, you are to meet your Lemurian ancestors and, in Agartha, to transform, bathed in Love and Light, into fully conscious Beings. In this, your original state, you can meet your new clients and, in Love, bring them a most precious gift: a fully functional Light Body! This divine service delights Heaven and brings the entire galaxy into the great Oneness that is the True Light of Heaven.


   Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come before you today with some information about what is going on around you. At present, a great many, who have been quietly observing the enormous greed and corruption of the dark ones, are preparing the vast amounts of evidence for their trials. This collection of data has also been used to trace and secure the masses of gold and related debentures that the cabalists either illegally seized or issued. These funds are now in our possession, and our various associate groups are adding many of these instruments to the ever-growing monies to be distributed shortly to those who are the initial recipients of the prosperity funds. This operation is taking longer for two reasons. First, we needed to collect, surreptitiously, the enormous amounts of money stolen by the dark. Second, we needed to compile and collate the evidence about how the dark, through arrogance, managed to destroy the very basis of its power!


   The layers of control with which the cabal dominated you are rapidly disintegrating, and as these layers lose their effectiveness, the unbelievable extent of the avarice and illegality of their institutions begins to be revealed. Heaven has graced us with an amazing tool which permits us to monitor these miscreants, and in this regard we note that those who deeply wish to enslave humanity are in fact a most incompetent bunch! Their many procedural errors and unwarranted overstepping of their authority plainly brought about their present predicaments, and the mountains of illegal debt are the direct result of this unbridled avarice. In this, Heaven provided a most effective means for us to subdue them, and the addition of our Inner Earth and Space cousins has sealed the deal for humanity! We are very grateful for this, and deeply bless all in Heaven for her wondrous gifts and for our deliverance from the dark.


   The procedures now underway are in their final stage and so we have given the 'green light.' Look at this like the launch of a manned space flight at Cape Canaveral where all is in the final countdown. Many sequences need to be completed, and on the way some delays may happen. However, all is geared for takeoff once these final complex sequences are checked off. This is where we are now. We require honesty and trust, and therefore ask you to use your immense positive energies to ensure that this 'launch' goes off as planned. Our collective intention is fully focused on this. Many groups of Galactic Federation and our associates' personnel are working diligently to complete this on time. We fully believe that divine events will take place shortly which is to create a reality of peace, prosperity, and above all, freedom!


   Today, we reviewed what is occurring on your world. Things are underway which will shortly ensure the termination of the dark cabal and its many partners. You are very close to witnessing a wonderful event: the return of the Light to planet Earth! With this, you are to quickly complete your short journey back to full consciousness. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)



bullshit. you federales have

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bullshit. you federales have been saying this for too long to believe it anymore. You all also believe obama to be a "lightworker". THIS is the biggest bone of contention for me. You're full of shit, Nidle.

Obama crap? I didn't see his name in the post...

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But I might have missed it. 


However, Obama is clearly an integral part of the enslavement agenda, and will receive the results of his actions and words from the judgement by Almighty God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth.



I am thankful for this

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I am thankful for this positive report and look forward to all the changes!
We are creating a beautiful future by believing in and focusing upon such uplifting news as this.

It is, or should be, well

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It is, or should be, well understood throughout the Lightworker community that all channelled information comes through a personality that can taint the original message with their own opinion in varying degrees.  If you are taking these writings word for word then you are setting yourself up for disappointment.  I read all, or at least most of, the posts so that I can see what information coincides among them and what feels right in my heart.  I personally don't care if these containments don't happen on the day that they say they will because I know in my heart that there is no way that this event will fail.  This is the Light we are talking about.... the God Head!!! 


My focus is on opening my heart to as full as it can be, and send forth my Love and support to all those on the front lines.


Be safe and Be LOVE!

Sheldan Nidle

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Sheldan Nidle is not a channeler. Just FYI.

Thank you Sheldon!

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Thank you Sheldon, you are trully a lightworker from heaven. I know that all will manifest as the divin wishes it to. I look forward to the future that heaven has promissed and we are full of hope and trust that we will return to our natural state.
Love and Light

Hallelujah! Praise Almighty God, Creator of the Universe!

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This is wonderful news! 


Granted, you have been saying this for a long time, but I view that as marketing the vision of victory and triumph.  When enough people hold the same or similar vision, through the laws of quantum physics, it becomes a reality in the spiritual realm, and held continually, becomes our reality in the physical realm.


Thank you for holding this vision for us to share and co-create!


God bless those who walk in righteousness for His name's sake.



As on Earth, Amen

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How many times is that prayed daily?  And those among us would doubt?  Ah well, Heaven on Earth Amen.  Why would anyone not believe that Something, Some How, Some Where, Some Time, the Great One of All would bestow it upon his Children in Some Form?

Just go look in a mirror.  Now look at your Hands.  Wiggle them.  Now tell me that All things are Possible--Probable.  Make the I Am giggle.

Wrong Maya Calendar date

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You would gain more credibility using the Traditional "True count" of the Maya tzolkin.  July 4 will be 3 Tzi - 3 Dog.  July 14 will be 13 Ahau.  


Arguelles' Dreamspell is NOT Maya - it is a cult of personality.  You guys should know that above all others.