“To Thee I Sing”

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God said:

Beloved, of thee I sing. To thee I sing. I sing a song of Myself to Myself.

I am the notes I sing. You are the notes I sing. As you see it, I sing a song of what you call your little self as separate from Me.

I do call you My Self. It may not always be easy for you to make this transition. It is as easy as pie to Me, for I see Truth, and I am Truth. You are My Truth, yet you do not always see.

What I offer is the most natural thing in the world, yet not to you as you see yourself as existing. You may see this naming business as vain. It is awkward. You call yourself a world-given name like Jack or Jill. You are so associated with the world and the thunder and gossip of the world, so you ask yourself, “How can I possibly be in the image of God?”

You can accept that you are a piece of the pie yet not the pie entire. You fear you can only be abashed, as if you are taking on airs and walking on stilts. You are eager to be someone and someone great, yet…

You do not want to overextend yourself and be fooled. Life is serious to your little self. You prefer to be out of sight. Out of sight, out of mind. If your Greater Self were to be included, you would be hard-pressed to ignore your Greater Self. You would rather gaze upon your Higher Self as if your Higher Self were far, far away at a distance from you.

You wouldn’t mind singing and humming to a God in the distance. The fact is, however, you don’t know how to sing. You may not dare to reach a high note or any note in My Presence.

You may conjure that you are not good enough to sing or even to speak up in a whisper in My Presence. You are too humble to even be heard.

You might mumble to yourself: “What God would want to hear me?”

You may have no idea of your worth and your worth to Me.

You would not debate with Me, and yet you step over what I say as if what I say could not be so. And so, you seemingly discount what I say as if you do know better when, in actuality, you don’t know quite how to read Me. I am saying that you are My Word made real. This veil that is bruited about, you put it here. Come right up to the availability and responsibility of Oneness.

For God’s sake, as you see it, your shoulders are not broad enough. This is short-sighted of you. Perhaps you think I ought to have tattooed on you “Child of God.” Maybe then your shoulders would have widened and your heights heightened.

I say: “Sit at My right hand. Choose to be with Me.”

You overlook yourself. You may say: “Dear God, not right now. Maybe later.”

I offer the Kingdom to you, and you postpone Our wedding. What? Do you require yourself to put on lipstick first? What impossible heights do you say you have to reach because of an imagined demeanor that I don’t even notice or care about in the first place?

When I say to you, “Come with Me,” I mean exactly that. When I say: “Jump!” well then, “Jump!”

When I say: “Will you dance with Me?" Then extend your arms and dance with Me. Make no further delay. Certainly, not from shyness.

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