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You Lose Nothing but Attachment

God said:

Everyone wants to leave a mark of himself in the world. When it's your time to come Home, you want to leave an imprint of yourself, something that says you were here on Earth. You want to leave something that says:

"I was here. I lived and breathed here. I was a human Being on Earth for a short span of physical life." You want some testament to yourself to remain. This, of course, is your attachment to Life in the World. Life on Earth holds great significance to you.

The fact is that later it will not have this kind of importance to you. This is not sad, dear ones. When you literally climb a ladder, you are not attached to the last rung your foot was on. You climbed a ladder, and now you are on another rung of the ladder. There is no attachment. No reason for it.

You may think of your childhood home with attachment. It was special. You remember every nick and cranny. There is something you long for that accompanied the home where you were born. This is attachment pure and simple. Your early home is adorned with part of your life that is no longer. You might like to visit this home once again. It is where you yourself took place. It was where you lived as a child with your family.

Even if you visit your former home, your family is no longer there. You associate your childhood with that home on a street, this home that you lived in and grew up in. You used to burst through the door. Seemingly, now it is like Narnia that you entered through.


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The God Sense

God said:

Music can so inspire, and lyrics can inspire. There is definitely something about music that inspires. You hum old tunes, tunes and words you didn't even know you knew. What would the world be without music? You can't even dare think of what it would be like in the world without music, even when music isn't especially your thing the way it seems to be with so many.

Certainly, music has to be about more than sound. Not all sound is music.

You long to fulfill all the senses. Fortunate are you when hearing, seeing, taste, smell and touch are there for you and all around you. You crave all of the senses. Babies of all kinds cannot live without being touched, let alone thrive.

The five senses nourish you. You realize that you are starved for the five senses. They are a need. You must have them. They provide you balance in a world that often seems unbalanced to you. The senses give you your bearings.

It is no small thing to inherit the world. The senses gather you together. The senses are like peepholes connecting you to the world you are in for purpose and not happenstance.

Of course, quite rightly, there are bigger senses than the common yet spectacular five. There is the sixth sense. There are more, including a God Sense. If all the other senses were gone from you, you would still have the God Sense.

The God Sense is reflected in this way: "All is right with the world." Even a sigh may express this. You have had Days of Glory.


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Money, Only in the World

God said:

Sometimes Life on Earth feels so foreign to you. It's not Earth that is so strange really. It is the world. Earth is rewarding. The world you have trepidation about.

The world seems to run on money. Business is money. And money seems also to be one of the silliest things you can imagine. There must be another way.

Advertising has taken over. Marketing has become like a God. It is as if love has been forgotten, and only gain is remembered, and gain at any cost.

How could this happen? What did happen? And, yet, you too are dependent upon money. Can money really be the basis of Life in the World?

Maybe it isn't really about money. Maybe it's really about the thrill of the chase. Maybe it's about competition with a capital C.

Why couldn't something else besides money be the medium of exchange? Yet you can't think what it could be. Smiles can't replace paper or coin. Flowers? Not likely, but what you don’t know even as money seems too callous and callow. Hmm, there seems to be something about the idea of the deal. The transaction seems to be the thing.

All you can really say is you want to live in a different kind of world where money isn't so overly-impersonal. Hand to hand, hand from hand, to and fro pockets and purses. What kind of florid energy is the stock exchange?

So real are exchanges, paid for with money, and so unreal to you. You don't have the answers. You can't figure it out. All you know is that it seems too cut and dried.


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Leap to the Sun

God said:

You started out today saying: "Beloved God, give me the guts to reflect You on Earth. I'm getting tired of myself. Help me get out of my mud-hole. I want to leap to the Sun. What holds me back? Why don't I just do it without further ado? The Sun reaches out its arms to me, and I can't seem to fully open my arms. It must be I hold myself back?"

Beloveds, I say: Who is responsible for you if not you?

Staying asleep in the world of matter takes away your energy. I refer to your sleeping as you race around in the physical world. Your physical eyes may be open, yet your consciousness stays asleep. You do know something isn't right.

Don't fear what the day might bring. Truth delivers Sunshine to you. And it delivers Me. There isn't anything else to deliver. Well, you will want to deliver yourself, and then you will begin to know Our Oneness once-and-for-all. Where are We? We are side-by-side as always. We are so blended, there is only One of Us. I say only. HA HA  -- imagine ONLY Oneness. It is enough. It is all that there is, and Oneness fills the entirety of Life. Oneness overflows. Dear Ones, you have tasted it, and so you yearn for it.


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Joy in All Seasons

God said:

In August, those of My Children who live in the Northern Hemisphere, may have said to themselves:

"I may be tired of hot summer, yet, alas, I am not ready for months of cold winter. Summer seems short, and winter seems long. When summer arrives, I am eager. When winter looms, I am reluctant. Of course, when I was young, my heart quickened at the thought of fresh snow. Must I let everything around me affect me so much as if summer is to be welcomed and winter is not?

"All You lay out on the Earth before us, God, all the cycles are beautiful and miraculous. You surround us with Beauty beyond Beauty. You tell us to take Life as it comes, and I agree with You wholeheartedly. Yet, before winter arrives, my heart dims. How do I reawaken joy in all seasons?"

Beloved, by letting go, of course. By letting go of gloom. Let go of the past. Look forward. Imagine if this were your very first winter coming up, how ignited your heart would be. Access the virtue in all seasons.

You have made associations, as if every season were not the bearer of glad tidings. Of course, each season bestows gifts upon you.

In the winter of your life – this is what the seasons are really about, you understand – you can still make a snowman. Winter is not all about shoveling snow and salting ice. Where is it written that you cannot enjoy winter as it is?

Think about the prior blessing of autumn, as the leaves swirl, and your heart quickens. Autumn is a beautiful gateway to winter, just as spring is to summer.


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The Morning Sun Is True

God said:

I do not say: "Woe, unto you." I do not.

I do say: "Peace unto you." I go so far as to say: "Blessings unto you. Joy unto you. Be light of heart."

Joy exists, and it exists within you. You already have it. It is yours. It belongs to you. You, dear ones, however, set standards for joy. This is tantamount to setting restrictions on your joy. When you set restrictions, you block out joy as if forbidden.

Joy is your nature. Solemnity is not your nature. Solemnity is something you impose upon yourself. You and the world cut yourself off. Somewhere along the line, you become convinced that joy must be overruled.

Death of a loved one, from your point of view, as if there were a law against it, precludes joy. Getting a low mark on a test in school wrests joy away from you. Losing your job, the identity you see, the paycheck and the security it seemed to offer, you may have accepted as ruling out joy. Still, you do begin to have a hint that joy is your birthright.

You don't have to be happy because of this or that. Just be happy. Absorb happiness regardless of what is going on. I do not make a rule that only under certain circumstances can you allow yourself happiness, and under other circumstances you must deny yourself.


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Life Is Not a Bad Guy

God said:

What if you simply welcome Life? What if you felt that you were Life's genial host? That you are to help Life feel welcome and comfortable on Earth?

It would seem that you have considered Life to be your host and that Life is to make you welcome and comfortable. Is this so? I think that's exactly what many or most of My children have been doing, expecting Life to massage their feet and soothe their feelings, as though Life is supposed to be your butler or servant of some kind.

Of course, Life does serve.

You and Life are reciprocal. You serve each other. Life on Earth is not a one-way activity. Life parents you, and sometimes you have to go along.

In one sense, I ask you to intercede for Life and make its job easier. Let Life sit on the couch. Let Life put its legs up on the ottoman. Plump the cushions up for Life at least once in a while. Serve Life some tea. Take at least some responsibility for Life.

No matter what happens in Life, Life is not a bad guy. As you do your best, so does Life. Life gives you its all. Life wants to make you happy. Life has other responsibilities as well. Besides that, it is not always easy for Life to make you happy.

Do your utmost to smile back at Life. Give Life a break. Don't be a hard taskmaster. Even when Life disappoints you, be cordial.

I won’t say that Life makes mistakes. If it did, you flub up every once in a while too.


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The Art of Disguise

God said:

If the Truth be known is a common expression.

Here's the joker! Truth is known. Deep down in every one of My Children, the Truth is known. This has to be so, for deep within each one of My children am I.

Logic often does not take you where you want to go. Beyond logic, you really do know that you are not this miserly person you may see yourself as on Earth.

All is known. This is inevitable. You know it on a deeper level than you may yet be on speaking terms with. Your mind may not as yet have devoured this knowledge that you, the True You, are conversant with. Knowledge deep in your heart may not have surfaced as yet. This knowledge is a Life Saver, of course, yet you are not an emergency. You are actually emerging from a cloak of darkness.

The Truth is not a stranger to you. You may dodge it. You may run away from it. You may be scared of it. You may disbelieve it. You may think the Truth is too good to be true, yet you know the Truth, and you cannot escape it forever.

The Truth I speak of is the Truth that you are a Divine Being. You are not this individual you bat around with in your mind. You’re not this individual in a body who experiences emotions and the illusion of disapproval and so on. You are more than this.

The Love I speak of is not the same as the emotion you call Love. The Love We talk about is deeper and higher than any emotion. Falling in love is emotion, and you feel you can't live without all the emotion you have pinned your hopes on.


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A View of Life in the World

God said:

You are getting right to the Point of Life. Heretofore, you may have been hit or miss, playing around in Life, even as you may have been taking Life very seriously. How important Life is to you, and, yet, it could be that you have been fiddling around on the outskirts. Life has been vital to you, and yet you may have kept it at a distance or at a standstill, not seeming to ever really begin, just making the motions.

Never mind, don't be hard on yourself. You don't have to put Life on your plate and fill up your plate to overflowing. Of course, it is a good idea to be companionable with Life, have an easygoing relationship with it. You don't want to have a contest with Life and outdo Life. It's okay for Life to just mosey along. You can take Life in your stride without a big to-do.

It's okay to go along with Life as it arrives. You don't have to be a hotshot at Life. You don't have to outrun Life.

You can also be okay with Life as it appears. You can also deepen your life. You can stretch it. You can gain mileage as your Life comes into view.


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Catch Yourself in Peace and Happiness

God said:

In every breath, you perpetuate yourself on Earth.

You are a willing partner in your Life. Your Life is your Life, and Your Life is yours to do with. Certainly, there are factors out of your present control, where you were born, to whom, and, yet, as farfetched as it may seem, you contributed to your placement in life.

Your life was not simply foisted on you, nor were your choices limited to you. You had preferences, the reasons for which you are unable to identify now. Nevertheless, you positioned yourself. You can’t figure this all out now, nor is there a reason to.

We can say that you speak in a different language now than in the language you spoke then. We can say you speak with words now and perhaps more in shapes and colors then. More with abstract then whereas you long to identify other factors now.

Consider that you gave yourself an assignment, and now you fulfill it. Accept your assignment with eagerness. Give yourself a good go at it. You might well not now choose the Life you chose – or you may – yet, in any case, you did not choose it randomly.

Certainly, some puzzles seem more complex than others, yet you have privilege in working the puzzle that is before you. Go at it with the idea that you will find your way, and have every advantage in the puzzle that is before you. This puzzle is called Life. This does not mean that you whip your puzzle into submission. You don't whip it into shape. You look at it in new ways.

How often have you said: "If only I had known then what I know now…"



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