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On Earth, Excuses May Star

God said:

Beloveds, on Earth, excuses exist.

An excuse may be true, yet it is not for you to make an excuse as if responsibility is not yours. There are no excuses for excuses. Refrain from excuses. You don’t need fall guys such as time, energy, ability etc. to fend for you.

Excuses make you helpless, as if you are a victim and are not responsible for your own actions and inactions. This is an area beholden to your will.

Dear Ones, of course, it may be so that you are too tired to wash the dishes. Perhaps the honest excuse is that you don’t feel like it. You may say you can’t make yourself do it.

You have this one Life to live right now. Make good use of it.

Most excuses are not worth their weight in tin. In any case, excuses are made of styrofoam.

Don’t malinger. Take action right away, and then you won’t have so much hanging over you. When you make an appointment, keep it.

Saying you’re sorry is a good step, yet it doesn’t mean it’s okay that you didn’t follow through. Don’t make excusing yourself a way of Life.

On the other hand, don’t beat yourself up. Move on. Just don’t let non-action take over.

I also realize that you often do not really know why you aren’t following through on something. You owed someone money, and the longer you haven’t paid it, the harder it is to get back your momentum. Something in you seems to prevent it. The longer you take to put something off, the harder it gets.


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You Are Living a New Life Now

God said:

There is no frittering away Life, even as you may be certain that all your Life on Earth may seem to identify itself as passing time.

You have to be doing something while you are here on Earth even as you sometimes may feel sure that you waste your Life in details. Beloveds, obviously, you don’t know what Wondrousness amounts to even as you stare Wondrousness right in the face.

Begin to salute Life no matter what Life may seem to look like. Give Life a run for its money. There’s more to Life than you credit Life to be. Credit your Life highly. This is a Great Journey you are on. There has never been another Life just like yours nor will there ever be. Take My Word for this.

You may think that your Life is old hat when Life is the Newest of the New. There is no other Life like yours. You are the only One leading your Life. You may think your Life is a dime a dozen. This is impossible, of course, for you venture forth.

Unless you are on a Great Journey, why would you desire a pillow to rest your head on and Room at the Inn?

Beloveds, perhaps the most amazing thing of all to you is that you are to twirl your Life around to serve Me. You may have thought that your Life is all about you, and that I am, above all, to serve you when it is for you to serve Me! It is for you to serve Me even when you may have no idea what this means.

Unless you rise High in Life, dear ones, well, you are mistaken, as mistaken as can be.


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Wild Adventure in Life

God said:

In terms of the world, everything is important to you. Dear Children of My Heart, at the same time, note that everything in the world is fleeting.

Your feet may seem to be on the ground, yet the Earth you walk on stands in mid-air.

Life on Earth is, more or less: Now you see it, now you don’t.

The world is wily. You can’t quite keep up with the world, even as you go far beyond the world.

It is possible to say that the world is a mile a minute. It is possible to say that the world is preposterous. There isn’t anything you can’t say. There almost isn’t anything you haven’t said.

You Sing a Song of Sixpence, and you hang your Life on a Star. Now you are getting closer to the Truth of It All.

Life is a passing fancy, yes, and yet Life is far more than that. Life may seem to you like a commodity. What seems is not what always is. You are greater than you conceive. I conceive you great.

Join Me in this Wild Adventure in Life. You come across Life. You stumble on Life. You cognize Life. Life is a dream you have. Ah, what a dream. What a dream you dream. Yet there is more to your Life than you ever dreamed of. There is more going on than you fathom. Even as nothing is really happening, there is more to Life than what you dissemble. Hang your Heart on a Tree.

Much of Life is an attempt to be more than you think you are, and, yet, the Reality is that you are far more than you think you are.


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Accept Yourself

God said:

When you are extremely sensitive and tender to nuances, dear ones, do not see yourselves as lifted high above the crowd. Your sensitivity is not a raised flag in salute to you. Your sensitivity may be nothing to make you proud. Consider your sensitivity more like a rash.

By all means, wear lace and ruffles – that’s lovely – wear what gives you Joy – yet in terms of your interaction with the world and your response to it, wear hardy denim and no longer sensitivity on your sleeve. In relation to yourself, your sensitivity isn’t a badge of honor.

No longer boo-hoo about how Life and people treat you. How people treat you has to do with themselves and is not all that much about you, even if both you and the other party habitually think so. You tend to be all about you. Truly, if someone doesn’t like you and is rude to you, it’s about them and not about you at all. Dear Ones, it doesn’t behoove you to take offense.

From this day forth, take nothing personally. In this way you will no longer perceive affronts. You will be smooth satin and ruffled not at all. You will not entrap yourself. At present, you may prefer to notice affront and be ruffled.


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Weaving Straw into Gold

God said:

Here’s one idea that will hasten the evolution of the world. When enabled, this one idea will move the world forward at the Speed of Light. This has to do with letting go of a habit of thinking that is prevalent in the world. It seems like a simple thing, yet it isn’t so simple for My Loved Ones to let go of this worldwide habit. It may well be difficult for you.

Within this world you live in, no matter how it may seem in dark moments, there is nothing that is impossible. The sky is the limit, which is to say that there are no limits at all.

So much will be taken care of with this one change in awareness. As you change, so changes the world. Your simple awareness of the value of the possibility of change alone will affect the world you live in. You will enter a Universe of Peace.

You will transform the world. Peace will be like a rocket taking off! Tumult in the world will fly away. No one will know frustration. No one will oppose, and no one will be opposed.

This new way of thinking will close Pandora’s Box.

This is not a quick and easy for you to accomplish, not even in theory. Yet, even so, there are these who live this way now. You may think that the ones who succeed in such flexibility are just lucky. And, yes, they are lucky to have acquired this skill. At present, you may be at a loss to implement this.


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Think High, Beloveds

God said:

Wake up to My Love and wake up to all the Love that fills your Heart. You have stored or hidden much Love away, yet all your Love is still in your Heart waiting for you to free it. You may fear that your Love might be unimportant whereas all Love, and all your Love, is of the utmost importance.

Your Love may have been kept handcuffed, blindfolded, gagged, Beloveds. Who is the culprit who has done this? Across the board, you are the culprit. Your Love is not responsible for this. Your Love is innocent. Even unbeknownst to you, you are the one who has chosen to repress your Love, hide it, make it small.

C’mon, let your Love out. Loose the Love in your Heart to go where it wills.

Perhaps, you used to be brave and daring to let your Love out, and one way or another, you felt your Love unappreciated or downright slapped. More or less, you decided to keep your Love hostage, to wait for your Love to receive an invitation, and try to see guarantees before you let even a little bit of your Love out, as if even a drop of Love might be wasted. You told yourself en garde.

If you are looking for a return to your Overtures of Love, not everyone is in the same place as you. They may not care the way you do. They may not have even noticed. Must others be just like you? Must you require this?

Make sure you are not mixing up your giving of Love with your personal need to receive Love.


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Today’s New Heavenletter As It Writes Itself

God said:

Beloveds, in the Heavenletter, The Grand Inquisition, which came out yesterday -- the day before this Heavenletter – today’s Heavenletter is just about to be born as I speak. Please note in the very last paragraph of yesterday’s, these contrary words:

We will sink/rise into Love.

In the world, the words sink and rise are opposites. The world says that no one can sink and rise simultaneously. If you sink, you sink. If you rise, you rise. There are no two ways about it, so says the world.

Now, in Heaven, there are no such distinctions. In Heaven, yes, it is very possible to rise and sink simultaneously. There is no difference whether you rise to happiness or sink to the very depths of happiness -- the wonderfulness is the same.

Yesterday, as you read sink/rise, you may well not have noticed any disparity between the two. You got it!

Yes, yes, in the world, there are disparities. The world is full of opposites, whereas I vehemently say that there are none. This is hard for My Children to see, for the world, all, is filled with contrast and contradiction. In Heaven, for instance, We can say that there may be different gradations of beautiful colors yet none is opposite. In Heaven, there is Love, and Love is for all sizes and shapes and the multitude of diversity in the world as well. No, no, no! No opposites. Not at all.

The world can do all the categorizing it wants, yet rain is rain, and snow is snow, and both fall from Heaven.


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The Grand Inquisition!

God said:

How do I, God, located as I am in Heaven, help you, My Children, to remove any and all obstacles to Love? And how in the world do I help you step over the act of judgment, for, of course, I have made it clear you are not to judge.

You might say: “Whoa, God, You find me wanting. Isn’t that judgment pure and simple?”

I understand how you feel.

You wonder: “Why would God try to have me see differently unless God finds fault with me?”

As you see it, from one side of My mouth, I say: “You are perfect.”

As you see it, from another side of My mouth, I say: “Yoohoo, get better. Smarten up.”

You have a point.

Yet I wonder, Dear Friends, in words, how can I want you to partake of greater happiness unless I see your turmoil from the way you see it, ahem, from a limited point of view?

Certainly, you feel: “If You, God, see me as perfect – You keep affirming and affirming I am – then what are You talking about, God, huh?”

I see your qualms and dilemmas and outright unhappiness, and, yes, I want you to be without them. I see you with energy and joy and making choices that benefit you and those around you, and those far from you as well. Beloveds, at the same time, excuse Me, I also see through you and all your shenanigans.

And, Yes, I see further than you do see.


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The Animal Kingdom

God said:

Animals on Earth are sentient creatures. Of course, it is said that humankind is the most advanced of all. This gives humankind responsibility. You already know that the most learned human Beings learn from the beautiful animals on Earth. Blessed animals are often good models for you. Many-layered are their abilities to guide you.

Beloved animals have their instincts as do you. Mother animals have great connection with their young. They clearly know how to raise their young. Their instincts are simple and strong. Instincts vary, of course, from one breed to another. Human Beings tend to have more individual inclinations.

Monkey babies cling to their mothers’ underbelly, and the monkey mothers take this as a matter of course, for this is their God-given way to take their one-at-a-time baby with them up and down trees and across roofs. Kangaroos carry their babies in an outside pouch. How exquisite is Nature!

Of course, the raising of animal babies is so much simpler than the raising of human children. Of course, this is no secret. Animal babies have no outfits to choose and put on and no concern about style; no schools, no homework; and blessed animal mothers know when to let go of their children. It is all mostly built-in for Our beloved animal friends.

Elephants are known for their memory, yet they do not hold grudges. They do, however, remember well all the goodness and mercy given to them and will return to show gratitude.

Animals don’t think again and again about injustices done to them.


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There Is a Preciousness in Life

God said:

As you keep climbing in Life, you wonder when you yourself will reach the peak you have been waiting for, or if you ever will.

Surrender, beloveds. Just climb. Keep going higher. You desire to reach the peak. You may well have reached it, and you find that beyond is another peak and another peak. Life features climbing. Peaks are incidental. The achievement is climbing. Life is made of climbing. Reaching peaks feels wonderful for a while. After awhile, reaching the peaks isn’t enough any longer.

Reaching peaks is a point of view. Reaching peaks is incidental.

Achievements are like mile markers on the road. You keep going. When you reach a peak, you keep going. No matter if you slide back, you keep going, one foot after the other.

The process of climbing matters. You are not setting out in Life to make a record. To be a high achiever is nice, yet this is not your purpose. Going forward is your purpose, not what the world may or may not make of you.

No matter what, look high. The Sun, Moon, Stars follow you. Let your eyes follow them and the Sky, the Blue Sky, Gorgeous Sky, Rainy Sky, Cloudy Sky, Thunderous Sky. While you are on Earth, be glad for all Earth’s Gifts. No matter the appearance of the Sky, the Sky is yours. You don’t have to ask for the Sky, nor are you ever without the Sky Above. Even in blindness, you know Sky exists. All this is already yours without fail. Notice all your free gifts that abound.



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