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Life Is for Greatness

God said:

What is all the fuss in the world about? What are you fussing about? What are you really on edge about? Probably you are on edge about being on edge. A tempest in a teapot, indeed.

Life is for Greatness. The purpose of Life certainly is not smallness. You are not here to discover how high a fervor you can whip up. Rather you are here to calm the Seas that rise within you, dear ones, within you.

Be big-boned. Lend sturdiness to Life. You can undo a hem that is crooked rather than being upset about it. Undramatize Life. Pick your fights. What is so important about fighting? Must you?

Once and for all, hurt feelings, embarrassment, resentment, regret, holding on are forms of ego. Whether words and actions are right or not right isn’t the issue. Ego is the issue.

You may say to yourself that they can’t do this to you. Beloveds, from the depth of My Heart, I tell you that they didn’t do anything to you. Free yourself from the idea that you somehow created another’s level of consciousness and you are the cause of it.

You may think the world is here to trip you up. You may mislead yourself that you have a role to straighten Life and the world out, that you are here to solve all difficulties, that you are to make the world orderly.

Consider now that you are to the manor born. This means that you are to feature Beauty before your very eyes. You are to be Beauty to behold. You are not a scullery-maid, nor do you make to-do lists for others to fulfill.


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God said:

Be calm. Becalm the fright within you. Undo fright. Bring out the coolness and casualness of your Soul. As it is, you take great pains at being tense. You tense up. You are on the ready for flight or fight, as if these are the only choices you have. No longer inhibit yourself from full expression. Your life is not an either/or. Credit your Life with Sunrise.

In your Life on Earth, We can say you have many rose petals to pluck. Your Life goes beyond: Love or not Love. Life goes beyond the old refrain: He loves me, or he loves me not. Anyway, the quality of your Life does not depend upon any so-called individual but you. Love is not an outside job.

You keep up the pace of Life you keep. You race as if you are out of breath. You run for dear life. Take a new lease on Life. Try ambling. Amble down the Path of Life. Pull up at a rest stop.

Look at the sky and the trees. Those are two good sights to look. Do not be in a rush to catch up to what you feel hangs over you. Catch on to how to release yourself from bondage. You claim yourself a prisoner. Ah, beloveds, you are in your own thrall.

You can take a cat-nap. There is no need for you to ever be on the alert for danger. Abandon danger. Drink deeply of Peace. If you must escalate anything, escalate Peace. Peace is at hand. If something must dominate your life, let it be Peace. Give Peace an open invitation. Peace is good at any time.


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Like It or Not, You Are Someone Who Keeps Growing

God said:

Don’t interfere in Life very much. If you’re on a bus and can’t get off until it stops, wait until the bus stops. Then get off. Don’t jump out the window. Know when to save your energy. Know when to get out of your own way.

There are changes that can be made. There are changes you can make. Not all changes can be made at the very minute you would like. In that case, wait. Wait a moment, or wait a year.

Be spontaneous in Life. When you can’t seem to get spontaneity off the ground -- when a big hand seems to keep you in place -- then sit and wait or take a roundabout tour.

Sometimes you have to bide your time. You can’t be both patient and impatient at the same time. You don’t have to be clever. You don’t have to fight windmills. In some cases, you wait for the wind to speed up or to slow down. Whether slow or fast, you can grow leaps and bounds. You can even outgrow your thoughts.

What is inevitable is that you grow. You will never not grow. You are destined to grow. Allow yourself to grow at the rate of speed you do grow. There are many ways to grow, in this way, and in that way, and many ways in between.


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Thank You for Inspiring the World

God said:

How about an assignment for you today? You will like it. It is this:

Be of good cheer. So simple. Whatever occurs, your assignment is to be of good cheer. No ifs ands or buts. Just be uplifting.

Be true to good cheer. Have the mind set of good cheer. Invite it.

If you stub your toe, be of good cheer. If someone looks at you cross-eyed, be of good cheer. There are no regulations that say you have to be without good cheer. There is no such agreement. Hold up good cheer like a voting placard. You are destined to be on an even keel.

I know you would like to be good-natured. What possible advantage is there in being crabby? Remember, dear ones, one reason you are on Earth is to inspire others. One way or another, you are inspiring others. Note what you are inspiring others to? Hard feelings?

Do not think that being honest requires that you give into bad moods. Be free from reacting. Someone snubs you? What is that to you? You don’t have to like it. You also do not have to be decimated by it. The measure of you is not to be decided by anyone but you. You decide your Life.

It is not for you to be proud of being sensitive. Sensitivity toward others may be a good thing. Sensitivity toward yourself may tend to be putting yourself down, perhaps a form of pouting. Dear Ones, you have had enough sensitive reactions to last you a lifetime. Be of good cheer.


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A Song of My Self

God said:

Begin to start thinking: What if?

What if you had more of everything, what would it be like?

What if you had less of everything, what would it be like?

What is really bountiful for you, and what is not?

Perhaps this is enough to think of for one day.

There is much you can simply accept. Sometimes people’s first tendency may be to say no.

Have more confidence in yourself, in Your Self.

I made you. I created you. I invited you to Earth to live with Me and all the seeming representations of yourself. I created you from the Clay of Love. I created you for harmony, beloveds. I created you in unison. I sang a Song of Myself, and it was you. I have never stopped singing. There is no interruption to what We have started. We never stopped beginning. We are ever new. We are creating still. The Water Wheel goes around. Life rebounds.

What have I not shared with you? Where cannot We go, and what can We not be? Where is Infinity not?

Do We select or do We include? Oneness is inclusive. Yes, let’s invite all to the Feast of Life. Let’s make everyone welcome. We do not make cliques. If We give one a shiny medal, We give a shiny medal to All. All warrant it.

In One is contained all. We share One Life on Earth. Join in. Congregate happiness. Come forward in Joy. This is how to come forward. Let’s congregate on Earth in the Fulsomeness of Joy.

I made you Joy. Your Name is Joy. I never named you suffering, and, yet, you firmly believe in suffering.


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All Heaven Is Bursting Open

God said:

From the crevices of your heart comes Love, Love Beautiful, Love to beat the band, Love indistinguishable from Joy, Love on Its Own, Love from Where All Love Comes, and that is from Me.

Certainly, you feel this Fulfilling Love as yours, yet All Love is Mine. Inasmuch as you know that I am Full of Treasure and I own Everything. I am not possessive, however, I share, so then All Love is Ours. It is from Ourselves to Ourselves. This is it. This is how it is.

You could be feeling bereft of Love at any given moment, yet what you may feel simply isn’t so. Your mind may be disconnected from Love, yet your mind is simply not the whole story. The Heart is the Whole Story. Our Oneness is the Whole Story.

I insist that We are One. Why would I do that unless this is the God’s Honest Truth? Your arms may keep at bay from you your recognition of this Truth. You might say that this could become true some day, yet it cannot possibly be true yet. Where did this idea of yours come from?

Beloveds, there has to be more that is true than you accept now. It is as though you are automatically primed to deny what is true for as long as it takes you to open your Heart Fully into your Consciousness -- and open your Inner Eye as well.

C’mon, now, why not open yourself fully now? Why in God’s Name not?


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Shining Oneness

God said:

In England, you can hear a common expression: “Don’t get your knickers in a twist.” This is My advice to you, My Darlings.

Frankly, you do get upset. You tend to aggravate over situations and over possible incoming situations, aggravate over what might be, not in a sense of what lovely happenings might occur, but rather in the sense of all the direness that could.

A common expression in the U.S. is: “Don’t yell until you are hit.”

In every country in the world, there is an expression that addresses the practical point: “Don’t borrow trouble ahead of time.”

The world does happen to include some good solid advice for My children to listen to.

Of course, the world also holds advice that is contrary.

What I say is: Refrain from culturing worry. This is incumbent upon you.

Only in the world is there this and is there that. As I speak to you of the world, I talk of this view and that view as well. This is the case so that We may communicate our worlds to each other as best We can and come to shine Our Oneness.

In Truth, behold, there is the Richness of Oneness. In Truth, Oneness exists. Oneness exists beyond words. Oneness is not a matter of words. Oneness is a matter of Being, not a manner of Being. Ah, just plain Being being Beingness. There is One Beingness.

Being doesn’t count noses. Being is an intransitive verb. This means that Being doesn’t go anywhere. Being doesn’t tell stories. It simply is.


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For One Moment in Eternity

God said:

Look, hearing Me is a natural thing. You hear your own voice blabbing much of the time. You can tune into My station easily. No need to wrench yourself over to My station. You can’t make a loud noise over My Voice. You don’t have to work at getting My attention. Simply invite Me to come where I always am. It is not that you have to ask Me for something. Just come sit down with Me. Here, let Me pull up a chair for you.

If you want, simply tell Me about you! Tell Me what makes you tick. Tell me what moves your heart. Tell Me what you would like to be and what you would like your Life to look like.

We don’t have to be on a foray. There is no need to plan what you’re going to tell me. Find out for yourself what your heart wants to say. Never mind about showing off your intellect. You don’t have to impress me. I already love your Being. I already love Being with you. We can even sit in Silence. That’s fine with Me. There are no preparations to make.

You are not here to perform before Me. Be as simple as you like. Just sit beside Me. Beside Me is fine. You don’t have to sit at My feet or make any kind of formal introduction.


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Knocking at God’s Door

God said:

The fact is that you are deeply searching for pure Truth. This is a missing ingredient you have been seeking with all your heart all your Life on Earth.

Meanwhile, you ride the rails of hot spots and all the surface expanse of the world. The whole search is for a viable piece of yourself as you search here and you search there.

You escalate on the surface, and you deepen or escalate the same beyond any borders as well. Yes, of course, while you are on Earth, you are a mixed bag. You go in two directions at once. You are tethered, and you fly free. This is the situation you find yourself in.

You are Janus, the God of the New Year Who Faces in Two Directions at once. You don’t always know what is where or if it is at all. You do not always love a mystery. You also love clarity. Clarity isn’t a free hand-out on Earth. So many seeming directions loom in front of you. Sometimes you glimpse that the Whole Course before you is not free but destined. In this world, you do have it two ways -- free and destined.


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Why Are You Bereft When Life Moves On?

God said:

There are so many Layers of Life in the world, so many aspects of Life that peek out at you, aspects piled up one after the other like so many blankets. How many Coverings and Paraphernalia of Life are there when all is said and done, you wonder. No matter how neatly the blankets are stacked. At some point, the temperature may change, and you may feel that you were booby-trapped in the blink of an eye and Life let you down.

Perhaps you counted on someone who at one point in time could not be counted on. Of course, the someone wasn’t the illusionist. That was you --you held the title. You held onto what could not be held onto. You would have been wise to let go long ago, yet you held on until the layers of blankets were tattered and pulled from your reach.

You felt harshly dealt with, yet you were the one who held on for the sake and shape of what you wanted. It matters to you how a certain relationship or event turns out. Ultimately, Life turns out as it turns out. What could have been is beside the point. Perhaps it was for a while and not long enough, yet that doesn’t mean that Life owes you.

Why are you bereft when Life Moves On? It may seem to you that there are others who have a stability in their lives, but not you, oh, no, not you. Invariably, the blanket seems to be pulled out from underneath you.

You set sail on one ship, and return on another. You have no say as to when you are to leave one ship for another. The thing for you to do is to embrace your next voyage.



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