“I’m Okay, You’re Okay”

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God said:

Beloved, so much in the world at large today emphasizes how you are supposed to change right and left. This is with the idea of getting ahead. I am all for progress, and for you to progress to your heart’s content, yet must you have to have a total makeover and become someone else in order to become what you most want to be?

Must you have financial success? Romantic success? Marital success, etc.? Be a phenomenal artist and play the banjo to the delight of all who hear you play? What resounding applause!

Must you be size 4? What’s wrong with you as you are? Perhaps habits of thinking. Perhaps lack of belief in yourself holds you back from stardom. You may have the idea that as you are isn’t good enough. Maybe what you feel is a lack of drive.

It’s also possible you don’t know who you are and what you want in life. It can be that you don’t really want to be a trailblazer. Maybe you are a late starter. Maybe you just haven’t begun yet. Of course, you can learn and grow from inside and outside.

I am all for your achieving financial success, yet I have to ask you: Is this essential to who you are? Are you missing out unless you are at the top of the production line?

You may not, as yet, know how to begin to know the strengths you were born to. It may be that your heart, your good heart, your wise heart, just hasn’t popped up to the current trends as yet.

Aren’t self-propagating desires worth fulfilling acceptable as well?

Must My children follow the crowd? Who decides this?

You could be a late bloomer that the world might say has missed the boat. Or maybe you don’t require the boon of being a show stopper.

Are there two lines for My children to line up in? One is called “Raving Success” at the head of the crowd. The other “Slow Learner.” Or as yet a story untold?

Must everyone be rated as a success in the world? What is the intrinsic value in this rating? It can be monetary. It can be how you appear in the eyes of the world.

Hmm, maybe we are talking about the fairest of all. Yes, you can break out from the past, yet must you demand it of yourself?

There is both inner and outer success in the world. It is understandable how everyone wants to be the star of the spiritual circuit as well. You wouldn’t mind wowing the world with your advanced knowledge of God.

You wouldn’t mind the bulk of people in the world turning around to look up at you in the bright lights.

If you are one of the children of the world, you would be overjoyed if your mother would have always admired you, not only as you could be, yet exactly as you were when you swiped cookies from the cookie jar.

I put My stamp of approval on you as you are. You don’t have to excel in a marching band to pass your muster with Me.

Do you remember in the world the time when it was in style to say: “I’m okay, and you’re okay?” You would pat everyone on the back for the pure joy of it.

What happened to this rough-hewn idea of being okay in this moment?

Never forget, Beloved, you are always good enough for Me. It’s okay for you to not have to perform. Just your Being can be great. It’s still okay to lie down on your back in a green pasture and look up at the sky chewing on a straw.

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