11-13-15 Strengthen the Net of Light—NOW!

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--the Great Council of the Grandmothers

“There are great rips and tears in the Net of Light in the Middle East and the Net has also become weakened in the Northern Hemisphere--especially in Europe and Russia. Terrorism, violence, and evil acts abound wherever the template of light and love that holds the planet has been weakened. The Net of Light itself is perfect but because it interfaces with humanity it can be torn by the acts of man. This has now happened, and what humans have destroyed, humans must repair. This is the law. Therefore, we are asking you to step up. Strengthen the Net of Light that holds your planet. Many of you have been working in this way for a long time and you are much needed now.

“Some call it Net of Light, some Cosmic Web, Grid of Light, Sacred Template, Indra’s Net, and other names, but it is the same construct. This is the Net of Light that will hold your planet steady during the times of change that are upon you. Go forward now and find your place on this radiant construct and then hold, hold, hold light steady for yourselves and everything that lives.


“You can pray for all the people who are suffering in your world but you will do more good if you will broadcast light directly into the Net of Light. And think especially of doing this for the Middle East. This influx of light will strengthen the Net, enabling it to uplift everything.

“To begin, think of the Net of Light like a great fishing net that covers the Earth from above and penetrates through all the land, air, and waters of your planet. Somewhere on that radiant Net is a place that will feel right for you. Step forward and take this place and, once you have, let your heart pour love and light into the Net which in turn will pour love and light back into your heart. The more light that you send throughout the strands of the Net, the more will come back to you. That too is the law.

“The Net of Light is lit by the radiance of the heart. It is your own heart that propels light throughout the gridlines of the Net, supporting this planet. Let your heart connect with the Net of Light and observe as love and light pour fourth throughout the Net and throughout your own body. Everything is blessed by the touch of the Net of Light and as you focus the power of this radiance into the Middle East, it will begin to mend the tears there. This is blessing work. There is nothing more valuable you can do.

“As you work with the Net of Light you become a blessing and you are blessed. By thinking of the Net of Light you automatically link yourself with the sacred and holy places on your planet, with the sacred beings who support life on Earth, and with all those of pure heart who seek the greatest good for all. Each time you think of the Net of Light and let light flow from your heart, you do untold good. You become a walking blessing upon the earth.”




One more step that needs to be included is 'TRANSMUTATION of ...

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One more step that needs to be included is 'TRANSMUTATION of the HATE and FEAR" in the world.  It is so extensive in every country that it affects the Geometric shield of Light around the planet.  As a Grandmother and Great-Grandmother Wisdom Keeper, I ask for this transmutation and protection every day, before beaming the energy of Universal Love to the planet.  Please suggest that people do both activities.  Transmuting the hatred and fear energy before repairing the net is sooo important.
In Lak'ech,

Take Heart --Message from the Great Council of the Grandmothers,

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"As darkness surfaces, terror, hatred, rage, and fear seek to dominate life on earth. Because it can no longer hide itself away, evil is coming to the surface now. Much damage is being done and will continue to be done for a while by those who are lost in this darkness, but your beloved Earth will not be destroyed.
"We spoke of these times long ago, and we remind you now that these are the times you were born. You were born to love. Within yourself, within your own heart, you bear a great light. Let this light shine now, no matter how dense the darkness around you seems to be. Stand steady in love and broadcast that love throughout the Net of Light, and as you think of sending light out, the radiant Net will support you, will comfort and fill you. You will be rocked, held and filled with love. Each time you think of the Net of Light that links all life, your connection with it will strengthen until you become a colossus--a beacon in a world crying out for beacons.

Step away from fear now. Turn your back on it and shine your love. Be who you are.”