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What You Can Expect in April 2024 ∞

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What You Can Expect in April 2024 ∞The 12D Creators, a Nonphysical Collective Consciousness, Channeled by Daniel Scranton  

We are here to tell you about the month of April 2024 and what you can expect from the supporting energies. You can expect these energies to come from not only your sun but also your Earth and from all of your cosmic, galactic friends and family members. We are all banding together to help humankind, and the energies of April will be there to support you in raising your vibration, raising your level of consciousness and taking the next step on the ladder of your ascension.

This means that you can grow in leaps and bounds throughout the month of April, especially if you are aware of the opportunities to do so. The opportunities will show up in a variety of ways, and you will be given many opportunities to go to the next level of your consciousness. You will be continuously nudged towards the thoughts, the words, and the behaviors that will bring you into a higher-vibrational state, and anything that is taking you in the opposite direction will stick out more like a sore thumb to you.





DOD Report Discounts Sightings of Extraterrestrial Technology

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The Defense Department's All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office today released a report detailing its review of nearly 80 years of reports on government offices and special access programs related to unidentified anomalous phenomena, or UAP—a new term for what was once referred to as unidentified flying objects. 

"AARO has found no verifiable evidence that any UAP sighting has represented extraterrestrial activity," said AARO acting Director Tim Phillips during a Wednesday briefing at the Pentagon. "AARO has found no verifiable evidence that the U.S. government or private industry has ever had access to extraterrestrial technology. AARO has found no indications that any information was illegally or inappropriately withheld from Congress." 

The 63-page "Report on the Historical Record of U.S. Government Involvement with Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena" provides conclusions drawn following an examination of historical documents and conclusions drawn by U.S. government programs that did work related to UAP dating back to 1945.


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Concerns Grow Over UFO Pushback Effort, Whilst Whistleblowers Remain Silenced

Observers are increasingly apprehensive as the former Director, currently serving as a consultant to America's Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) office, seems to be taking on the role of its shadow spokesperson, bypassing established communication protocols within the Department of Defense (DoD).

Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, now an unpaid consultant to the UAP office, located within the DoD known as the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), recently informed New York Post journalist Steven Greenstreet that a forthcoming historical report on UAP would likely be made public “before the State of the Union [address on] March 7.”

You Have Begun Your Ascension

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You Have Begun Your Ascension ∞The 12D Creators, a Nonphysical Collective Consciousness, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“We are here for you. We are The Creators. We are a twelfth-dimensional collective of nonphysical beings, and we are here to help. 

You have begun your ascension, and your ascension and your ascension will continue. There is nothing that can stop it from happening, because you are a part of this universe, and this universe is ascending. You know that you grow spiritually through experience, and what you may not know is that you are growing because of all of your soul’s simultaneous experiences right now. Therefore, if you feel that not much is going on in your life, in your little corner of the universe, then please do rest assured that other aspects of your soul’s consciousness are having quite the ride at this time.

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DoD ‘completely rewrites’ classification policy for secret space programs

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Under the new approach, there must be a technical rationale for stamping a space program as special access, not simply because of a service policy decision, said DoD space policy czar John Plumb.

WASHINGTON — Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks has signed off on a new classification policy for space programs that discourages the use of Special Access Program status (SAPs) that dramatically limits clearances to handful of US officials — in hopes of opening still-secret programs to more stakeholders, including US allies and industry partners, according to a senior official.

“What the classification memo does, generally, is it overwrites — it really completely rewrites — a legacy document that had its roots 20 years ago, and it’s just no longer applicable to the current environment that involves national security space,” DoD Assistant Secretary for Space Policy John Plumb told reporters today.

While the specifics of the policy, signed off by Hicks “at the end of 2023,” are themselves classified, Plumb explained that a key issue has been the overuse of SAPs that not only have limited the ability to share with allies and industry, but even among different organizations within the Defense Department.

They Are Interplanetary, Interstellar, and Intergalactic Races: That's Why the Cover-Up!

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Jan 15, 2024
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@UAMNTV They Are Interplanetary, Interstellar, and Intergalactic Races: That's Why the Cover-Up! - Step into the Past: A 1994 Presentation from the International UFO Congress Catalog featuring the late Robert Dean (1929-2018). Discover how a 1963 assignment at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers of Europe sent his life on a quest for truth about UFOs, Extraterrestrials, and U.S. government cover-ups. Dean exposes the hidden agenda and fear behind keeping E.T. existence secret


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