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Flame of Infinity by the Arcturians

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Greetings, we are the Arcturians, we come forth as many with one voice. We wish to bring into your awareness and your attention a very beautiful energy, which you may wish to use now in your ascension journey. We wish to encourage you to explore this energy, which we will introduce, discovering its purpose, and its vibration, as well as how it will impact your being, your surroundings, and the world manifesting around you. This energy is also deeply healing, it brings into our awareness very deep wounds that when released creates such brilliant liberation. It also brings into awareness the deep essence and ecstasy of the Creator, all that is the truth of the Creator. The energy we wish to introduce to you has the ability of demonstrating to you who you really are as a representation of the Creator. Making you aware of your skills, your abilities, your vibrations, and qualities, showing to you your origin, essence, and core. The energy we wish to introduce to you is known as the Flame of Infinity; it is the higher aspect of the Violet Flame.

The Flame of Infinity works within the Multi Universal and Cosmic Levels of the Creator's Universe. The Flame of Infinity holds the essence, the origin, the pure vibration of infinity, an energy that is eternal. An expression of the Creator that is so beautiful, honest, and pure.  We, the Arcturians, wish to encourage you to connect with the Flame of Infinity. Before we do so, we wish to invite you to contemplate, why would you connect with the Flame of Infinity? And what would be your purpose?


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Oct-Nov 2021


Einstein UFO.png


In a 1993 taped confession never before made public, Albert Einstein's assistant in the summer of 1947 made the stunning admission that she and the Professor were flown to Roswell, NM under government direction and examined the debris and bodies resulting from the crash of an extraterrestrial vehicle.


The interview of the assistant can be listened to below. She later earned 2 PhDs and was an academician at Florida universities for nearly 50 years. In the winter of her life, she felt an obligation to history to reveal the truth. She acted on this by allowing herself to go on record and detail the trip that she and Einstein made in July of 1947 to examine a craft and crew from another world.

Galactic Federation ship over Mount Shasta 10-5-21

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This shot was from Hwy 97 leaving Weed. About an hour earlier it was larger and centered exactly over the top of Mount Shasta with smooth edges.

At the same time there was a connected series of Avatar ships all along the mountains on the west side.


The Galactic Federation is in the process of formalizing its relationship with the Earth and its population. This has been going on for about ten years. It has involved working with some members of the secret space programs and others. It has also involved clearing the solar system of the presence of negative ETs. 

Now the Galactic Federation is in the process of including the civilian population in its relationship with the Earth.


Cosmic Disclosure with Cosmic Girls...

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Cosmic Disclosure with Cosmic Girls Elena Danaan and Megan Rose


STAND UP ! A message from the Galactic Federation of Worlds -Sept 18/2021


Update on Jupiter Meetings with the Galactic Federation of Worlds


2nd Source on Jupiter Meetings & Galactic Federation Intervention in Solar System

The Galactic Federation Program

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The Galactic Federation Program



The Galactic Federation Program for the advancement of Earth's entry into extended space exploration is now becoming more fully implemented as the Earth's population is preparing for the release of the U.S. government report on UFOs. This development is requiring the upgrading of Earth's understanding of space and its inhabitants.


The Galactic Federation is implementing various galactic dimensions to foster the Earth's readiness to be involved with extraterrestrials who are beneficial to the evolution of the Earth and its inhabitants.



When the report is released there will be many questions about the occupants of the craft. It is important that good information about various extraterrestrial species is available to the public, and that the public is notified of any endeavors to communicate with them.



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