11:11 - A reminder of what IS around us ALL the time

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Today/tonight is a perfect time for setting your intentions for the month ahead. It's a New Moon in Scorpio, and as added juice falls on 11/11 for most of the world (Australia will already be in the pre-dawn hours of 12 Nov when New Moon is exact so tonight 11/11 before you go to bed is the ideal time to be thinking about what you most want to manifest in your life or receive help with).

A lot of people are seeing 11:11 on their clocks and wonder what the significance is of it. There is no official cosmic guidebook anywhere that answers this for sure, but generally it's a sign along the lines that you are being taken care of, that someone is around you or watching over you from the higher realms, it can be a nudge to pay attention to whatever you are thinking about in that moment, some people quickly make a wish whenever they see 11:11 as they feel that in that moment there is a special portal open between us and our highest dreams, desires and potential. 


I think that the magic represented by 11:11 is open and available to us all the time, only we are so busy most of the time that sometimes we need something to jolt us out of our busy-ness, to remind us: "Hey you, wakey wakey, remember who you are, remember where you're from, remember what's possible!" And so, we are shown these numbers as a friendly cosmic wink as it were.

So, tonight, for sure use this wonderful portal that is a New Moon on 11/11, yet also know that we don't have to wait for special dates and times. Special dates and times are messengers, representatives, reminding us of what IS around us ALL the time, we only need to remember that and be open to it.

Do you see 11:11 or other number patterns often? What does this mean to you?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015