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A pledge to humanity

Days like these show us some things very clearly.

We can see that most people respond with deep empathy and strong emotion when hearing about tragic events. This is the beauty of our humanity. We feel sadness at the thought of what others have gone through. We feel fear at the thought of it happening to us or our loved ones. We feel angry that someone, anyone, thinks it is okay to take someone else's life. We feel a connection with those we don't know. We feel our humanity more sharply on these days than on other, more ordinary days.

We can also see, when we open our eyes, that mainstream media are like emotional puppet-masters, saturating us with one tragic story, while ignoring others, just as tragic. Saturating us with a scripted version of that story that has been provided to all the major western news networks. This is not conspiracy theory, it is fact. Same words, same script. Provided by who and for what reason? These are questions we should all be asking ourselves.

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11:11 - A reminder of what IS around us ALL the time

Today/tonight is a perfect time for setting your intentions for the month ahead. It's a New Moon in Scorpio, and as added juice falls on 11/11 for most of the world (Australia will already be in the pre-dawn hours of 12 Nov when New Moon is exact so tonight 11/11 before you go to bed is the ideal time to be thinking about what you most want to manifest in your life or receive help with).

A lot of people are seeing 11:11 on their clocks and wonder what the significance is of it. There is no official cosmic guidebook anywhere that answers this for sure, but generally it's a sign along the lines that you are being taken care of, that someone is around you or watching over you from the higher realms, it can be a nudge to pay attention to whatever you are thinking about in that moment, some people quickly make a wish whenever they see 11:11 as they feel that in that moment there is a special portal open between us and our highest dreams, desires and potential. 

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It can be so suffocating when you feel yourself fenced in by emotions, perspectives, thoughts and beliefs that feel like they are squeezing the lifeforce out of you. Anxiety feels like that. Depression feels like that. Energetic sensitivity to difficult weeks feels like that.

I felt that suffocation early last week, and early this week again, yet even while it was happening it was almost like being outside of myself looking in.

Being aware of your old beliefs, doing decades of inner work, even being in a position where you teach others, doesn't mean you are immune from your own crap. It still comes up. The main difference is, when it does come up you are fully aware that you have pressed play on an old movie that you are certain went to the scrap heap a while ago. Only here's another reel of it! Surprise! 

Sometimes the wave is mild, other times (as many experienced this past week), it is a high-pressure system that comes out of nowhere. And we are often so hard on ourselves the more 'aware' we are because we think 'why am I back to feeling like this right now?"

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Transformation triggers on over-drive!

Solar flares? Nope. Huge astrological alignments? Not really. Crazy, mega intense, huge, fast and furious energies around this week? Yes indeedy!!!

Heart palpitations, adrenalin racing, unexpected happenings and conversations coming out of left-field, feeling like a Mack truck is slamming into us repeatedly, albeit the "I'm doing this for your own good" kind, and wondering how on Earth it is only Tuesday night when it feels like SO much has changed since Monday morning? You are not alone.

I don't have any answers as to where this energy is coming from. It's not quite the usual 'Wave: Incoming!" feeling I get. You have to wonder if someone over at HAARP got a little trigger happy: "What would happen if I push this button on High??" Whatever the Source, the good news is that the energy feels to be abating significantly now. The other good news is, as uncomfortable as these past couple of days may have been for some of us, they have been some of THE most powerful days I can remember in terms of positive shifts and leaps forward.

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Lunar Eclipse: We are the flash of light we have been waiting for

Depending on which source of alternative media you may have come across over the past few months, increasing in crescendo the past few days, the world was supposed to end the other day (again), or we are about to ascend as a planet into a whole new level of consciousness tomorrow during the Lunar Eclipse, after which the New Earth 'officially' begins. Wow 'officially'! Wow, tomorrow!

I'm the first to love, and talk about, a good old heightened, even pivotal moment in this progressive, constant, evolutionary journey we are all on. There is no doubt whatsoever that any and every astrological alignment and solar flare adds power to the waves of consciousness that are pouring onto this planet right now - waves that are only going to increase in strength for the forseeable future.

What has my bee in a bonnet are these 'this is THE date' predictions, either foretelling the official 'end of the world' or official 'beginning of the world.' They trigger false fear and false hope, and then when those dates pass a lot of people are left feeling deflated, or justified in their 'told ya so'. What an excellent strategy to make people give up on feeling anything is ever going to change. What an excellent tactic to make people feel that all this talk of energy is a load of crap.

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Humanity to Win

This morning I'm feeling to talk about the desire so many people have (or used to have), to go 'home', to leave this 'restrictive' physical body, to be done with life on this planet Earth where so much is hidden from us, and where humanity is repressed on purpose.

Your body is not restrictive. It is not holding you back from flying forward into the full potential of who you are. You have been made to believe it is. It is a gift. You can take your body with you into this New Earth we are all creating.

The New Earth is not a new place. It is right here. It is a new consciousness, a new awareness, a new realisation, and a new collective EMBODIMENT of who we really are. Embodiment as in, living this new reality and new consciousness IN our bodies.

Our Earth is not restrictive. She is not holding us back. We have been made to believe she is. She has all we need and nothing would make her happier than for us to use what she has to offer in a GOOD way, to acknowledge her, value her and honour her in respectful ways. If we don't, well we can't blame her for wanting to shake us off. But really it is like the relationship between Mother and Child. She doesn't really want to shake us off, she wants us to thrive and be happy and healthy. As she grows and evolves, she wants us to grow and evolve with her.

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The Age of Transparency

There is SO much happening energy wise right now I hardly know where to start.

Firstly, there is a LOT of healing happening within us and between us right now. Really, healing doesn't even feel like the right word. More so we are receiving 'perspective adjustments and corrections' allowing us to say "Ohhhhh" and "Aaaahhh", "Now I see! Now I understand! Now I get it!" And this feels like healing because suddenly the heart doesn't feel so tight. Our tension connected to something, or someone, softens. We are feeling love, compassion, forgiveness or even a neutral 'live and let live' for situations that may have pained us for years or eons. And this feels...liberating. It can also feel very emotional, so you may want to cry. So, cry.

We may not even consciously or mentally comprehend why we suddenly feel 'softer' or 'different'. We just do. Many of you may be having healing interactions in your dreams or real life reality with people from your past or present, allowing a final closure or new opening, allowing old dense energy to leave, allowing space for more of a lighter heart energy. Allowing space for more love. Allowing space for more of who you really are - more of who you always were.

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Transformation from inner and outer travels

Back home after an awesome 3 months based in Mexico and the US!

Travel is always so transformative, a kind of world between worlds, a pause between life chapters.

Being in a different environment, and this can happen in trips just days long, gifts you with the opportunity to remove yourself from your usual life. Stripped of much of your daily routine and surrounds, you get to BE anew.

This pause is often the circuit breaker that has people coming home to realise parts of their old life no longer fit, while new pathways and expressions of self beckon.

The accelerated energies of our present times being what they are, our 3 months felt like a year. Creatively, spiritually and physically it feels like we've gone through an inner systems re-boot, and I know many of you are feeling the same way.

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Communities creating the New Earth

Mother Earth is astounding in what she looks like and offers us each day: beauty, oxygen, water, spectacular nature, and an environment that provides all we need to thrive. We don't need a New Earth, just new eyes and new ways to take better care of this Earth.

As more of us do this, over time it will seem as if we are on a New Earth and this is what visionaries have foreseen for so long. Collectively we are in the midst of this process right now. This has been so apparent to us this trip by the huge changes we have seen in the availability of food choices compared to 5 years ago. Organic, non-gmo, gluten and dairy free options are everywhere!

As individuals shift, purchasing decisions change, the demand for healthy food suppliers increases, options expand.

Global change in this new era is a grassroots movement facilitated by each and every one of us.

Gandhi said it "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

Are you feeling and experiencing a shift in your local world and community?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015

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Venus & Jupiter Meeting

Venus/Jupiter are together in the skies right now. It's the perfect time to open yourself up to the possibility of Receiving something that would truly nourish your body, heart and soul.

Sit quietly with yourself for a few minutes. Close your eyes. Give thanks that you now receive that which you truly most need right now. Share your gratitude prayer here if you'd like others to give it some extra love and support.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015



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