13:20, (01.10.12): Spirit Sees the Healing of The Earth

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Earthstar Peace Calendar: Mars, Red-Tailed Hawk Day, Blue Throat Star, Essence of Harmony/THE GREAT HEALER The Doctor, Invokes Cosmic Judges to Resolve Interdimensional Issues, Brings Knowledge of the Council of Twelve, Teaches to Go Within Everyday and Pray, with WICAHPI WI Venus/REBIRTHING, SPIRITUAL ATTUNEMENT AND STAR ACTIVATION, Manifest Realm: ANI TSU TSA Pleiades with ZITKANA SA Cardinal, WINYAN SAKOWIN The Seven Sisters, and IKTOMI WAKAN Sacred Spider/MIR, UNIVERSAL LAW OF INNER LIGHT Quantum Field of Subatomics, with Hummingbird, Athena, & Titans of Memory/HUPAHU LUTA OMAKA Season of Healing in the SPIRITUAL LAW OF HEALING
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Dreamspell: Kin 122, WHITE OVERTONE WIND, Communicates Spirit, Dog-Guided (Heart), Resonant 1, Dali
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Tzolkin: IX, Jaguar/Death, North, Stealthy, Tied to the Source of All Earth Energy, Feminine, Healing, Extreme Intelligence Often Paired with Clairvoyance, Great Strength of Character, Tone 9

Tonalmatl: KOATL, Snake/Serpent, Our Knowledge and Wisdom, Energy & Fertility, Touch, Associated with the Twins and the Earth, Companion with CHALCHIUTLIKUE “Jade that Skirts Us,” Mother Earth, Lady with the Jade Skirt, Terrestrial Waters, Tranquility/ATEMOZTLI, Descent of the Waters/Xiuitl AKATL, Reed

Spirit Sees the Healing of The Earth. 

We’re Doin’ It! Wheee!!!!! 

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Art: Pachamama by Jarah Tree