13:20, (01.15.12): A Royalty of Loyalty is Reigning/Raining = FREEDOM TIME! Let it RING!!!

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Earthstar Peace Calendar: Sun/Manitou Day, Violet Crown Star, Essence of Freedom
♥ 11:11 (Word of Love): HOLY AMETHYST, Awakens One to Cosmic Community, Gifts Violet Presence, Teaches that Vibration is the Key to Dimensionality with EL MORYA, Shield of the Father’s Heart. Moon in TATANKA Buffalo in the SPIRITUAL LAW OF PROTECTION OF FAMILY, 1st Dimension, Blue. Stargate of Purification in the UNIVERSAL LAW OF INNOCENCE, TRUTH AND FAMILY. Season of HUPAHU LUTA Ladybug, Rays Healing Energy, Healing, in the SPIRITUAL LAW OF HEALING
Code for Day: http://bit.ly/yrIxXw 
Code for Moon: http://bit.ly/wQu24u 
Code for Season: http://bit.ly/zoBNWF 
Code for Stargate: http://bit.ly/yIraqk
★ 12:12 (Word of Alignment): CEREMONY OF REBIRTHING, SPIRITUAL ATTUNEMENT AND STAR ACTIVATION, Manifest Realm: ANI TSU TSA Pleiades with ZITKANA SAN Redwing Cardinal, WINYAN SAKOWIN The Seven Sisters and IKTOMI WAKAN Sacred Spider
Code for Earth Ceremony: http://bit.ly/As84u4
☮13:13 (Word of Peace): MIR, UNIVERSAL LAW OF INNER LIGHT Quantum Field of Subatomics, with Hummingbird, Athena, & Titans of Memory
Code for Star Activation: http://bit.ly/wbwt0U
www.star-knowledge.netwww.starelders.net, andhttp://bit.ly/yOxg9H

Dreamspell: Kin 127, BLUE PLANETARY HAND, Knows Accomplishment, Eagle-Guided (Vision), Resonant 6, Limi

Tzolkin: CAUAC, Rainstorm, West, Brings Forth the Blessings of Rain, the Giver of Life, Feminine Energy of Unity, Security, Warmth, Tone 1

Tonalmatl: Day: ITZKUINTLI, Dog, Our Loyalty and Fidelity, Best Friend & Guide, Capable of Transformation, Likes to Travel, Returns to Place of Origin, Companion with MIKTLANTEKUTLI, Guilde of Transformation & Rest
Period: ATEMOZTLI, Descent of the Waters with UITZILOPOCHTLI, The Internal Warrior
Year: Xiuitl AKATL Reed/Bamboo, Our Internal Self, Conduces Heat & Energy, Intelligence, Observation, Analysis, Memory, Subconscience, Unites the Collective, Companion to YAYAUKI TEZKATLIPKA IXKIMILLI, Black Smoking of the Mirror, Sees without Eyes, Conscience & Memory, Assists with Subconscious Activity

A Royalty of Loyalty is Reigning/Raining = FREEDOM TIME! Let it RING!!!

Peace UP to the Freedom Fighters, now called the Freedom LOVERS!

We LOVE You, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr...

“Come on, Y’all! Raise the Vibration!”