13:20, (01.22.12): Grandpa’s Talking About Infinity! It has ALL the colors of the RAINBOW...

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Earthstar Peace Calendar: Sun/Manitou Day, Violet Crown Star, Essence of Freedom
♥ 11:11 (Word of Love): SHANG TI Grandfather Time, Opens Doorways of Grandfathers in the UNIVERSAL LAW OF LIGHT, SOUND, AND VIBRATION, Daykeeper of the Star Altar of Creator, with CREATOR. Moon in TATANKA Buffalo in the SPIRITUAL LAW OF PROTECTION OF FAMILY, 1st Dimension, Blue. Stargate of Purification in the UNIVERSAL LAW OF INNOCENCE, TRUTH AND FAMILY. Season of HUPAHU LUTA Ladybug, Rays Healing Energy, Healing, in the SPIRITUAL LAW OF HEALING
Code for Day: http://bit.ly/yrIxXw
Star Altar of Creator: http://bit.ly/x3OeT8
Ceremony of the Stars: http://bit.ly/zS89J2
Code for Moon: http://bit.ly/wQu24u
Code for Season: http://bit.ly/zoBNWF
Code for Stargate: http://bit.ly/yIraqk
★ 12:12 (Word of Alignment): CEREMONY OF REBIRTHING, SPIRITUAL ATTUNEMENT AND STAR ACTIVATION, Manifest Realm: ANI TSU TSA Pleiades with ZITKANA SAN Redwing Cardinal, WINYAN SAKOWIN The Seven Sisters and IKTOMI WAKAN Sacred Spider
Code for Earth Ceremony: http://bit.ly/As84u4
☮13:13 (Word of Peace): RA, SPIRITUAL POWER OF THE SUN, Oneness of All Light, with Phoenix, Rigel: House of Ra, & Solar Wind: Galaxia
Code for Star Activation: http://bit.ly/ArORTf
www.star-knowledge.netwww.starelders.net, andhttp://bit.ly/yOxg9H

Dreamspell: Kin 134, WHITE SELF-EXISTING WIZARD, Enchants Timelessness, Dog-Guided, (Heart), Resonant 13, Limi

Tzolkin: CIMI, Death, North, Powerful, Sign of the Cycle of Life, Death, Rebirth, Tone 8

Tonalmatl: Day: OLLIN, Movement, Our Lips, Movement of Our Heart, Essence of Life & Existence, Related to Activity, Creativity, & Constant Movements of the Universe, Companion with KETZALKOATL XOLOTL, Complement & Twin, Venus as the Evening Star, Helps Measure Movements in the Cosmos & Brings Balance
Period: ATEMOZTLI, Descent of the Waters with UITZILOPOCHTLI, The Internal Warrior
Year: Xiuitl AKATL Reed/Bamboo, Our Internal Self, Conduces Heat & Energy, Intelligence, Observation, Analysis, Memory, Subconscience, Unites the Collective, Companion to YAYAUKI TEZKATLIPKA IXKIMILLI, Black Smoking of the Mirror, Sees without Eyes, Conscience & Memory, Assists with Subconscious Activity
www.aztekayolokalli.com & kozkakuautli@gmail.com for questions

Grandpa’s Talking About Infinity! It has ALL the colors of the RAINBOW...


“Come on, Y’all! Raise the Vibration!”