13:20, (02.20.12): Dedicated to Chief Golden Light Eagle and His Son, Pezi Hota. Pezi Hota is travelling now.

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Earthstar Peace Calendar: Earth Day/Turtle Day, Red Root Star, Essence of Love
♥ 11:11 (Word of Love): TATANKA TANKA ITANCAN Big Buffalo Chief, Daykeeper of the Star Altar of Creator, North Door of the Heart with CREATOR. Moon in TUNKASINA The Grandfathers, Protects Personal Freedom in the UNIVERSAL LAW OF FREE WILL, “Test is in Mystery of things: discover the Cell, the Waters, Prophecy’s Well.” 2nd Dimension, Violet, with CHIRON Opens Healing Portals. Stargate of HEALING, North Door of the Heart in the UNIVERSAL LAW OF CHANGE. Season of TATANKA Buffalo, North, Door of the Heart, with HUPAHU LUTA, OMAKA Ladybug, Rays Healing Energy, Opens Healing portals, Invokes Spirit of Healing in the SPIRITUAL LAW OF HEALING
Code for the Day: http://bit.ly/A7gz4K 
Star Altar of Creator: http://bit.ly/x3OeT8 
Ceremony of the Stars: http://bit.ly/zS89J2 
Code for Moon: http://bit.ly/zcdUyR
Code for Season: http://bit.ly/zoBNWF
Code for Stargate: http://bit.ly/z243BG
★ 12:12 (Word of Alignment): CEREMONY OF RENEWAL, UNIVERSAL ALIGNMENT & COSMIC GATES. Manifest Realm: SUNKA WAKAN OYATE Dog Star-Nation Sirius; SUNKA WAKAN IHAPI Laughing Horse, ISTA TO Blue Eye, and IKTOMI TO, Blue Spider
Code for Earth Ceremony: http://bit.ly/w6TUra
☮13:13 (Word of Peace): ESH, SPIRITUAL WAY OF MANIFESTATION, Electrochemical Subconscious Realms with Lizard, Nunnehi the Immortals, and Grandfather Thought. 2nd Dimension, Yang.
Code for Star Activation: http://bit.ly/zRnQ82 www.star-knowledge.netwww.starelders.net, and http://bit.ly/yOxg9H

Dreamspell: Kin 163, BLUE RESONANT NIGHT, Dreams Abundance, Eagle-Guided (Vision), Galactic 14, Silio

Tzolkin: MEN, Eagle, West, Intermediary between Heaven and Earth, Soaring, Brings Hope and Faith on the Wings of the Spirit, Freedom-Lover, Keen Sense of Detail & Technical Orientation, Tone 11

Tonalmatl: Day: MIKIZTLIL, Skull, Our Silence and Transformation, Re-evaluation of Life & Death and of Things Done & Left Undone, No Hesitation, Companion of MEZTLI TEKZIZTEKATL, The Moon, Carries the Conch Shell, Lunar Influence on Tides & Human Psyche, Represents Evolution & Growing Cosmic Consciousness
Period: ITZKALLI, Resurgence of TOTLAZOTLALNATZIN, Our Beloved and Respected Mother Earth
Year: Xiuitl AKATL Reed/Bamboo, Our Internal Self, Conduces Heat & Energy, Intelligence, Observation, Analysis, Memory, Subconscience, Unites the Collective, Companion to YAYAUKI TEZKATLIPKA IXKIMILLI, Black Smoking of the Mirror, Sees without Eyes, Conscience & Memory, Assists with Subconscious Activity
www.aztekayolokalli.com & kozkakuautli@gmail.com for questions

This day is dedicated to Chief Golden Light Eagle and His Son, Pezi Hota. Pezi Hota is travelling now.

“Chief Golden Eagle's son Pezi Hota (Sage) was shot and has done his Dropping the Robe Ceremony.”
-Grandmother Silver Star

My hearts hurts for Your family, Chief. WE LOVE YOU.

“Come On, Y’all! Raise the Vibration!”