13:20, (12.31.11): Humanity RISES with an Interwoven Seed of Unity!

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Earthstar Peace Calendar: Saturn-Owl Day, Green Heart Star, Essence of Unity/UNITY DAY, SPIDER, North Door of the Heart, with TATANKA Buffalo/REBIRTHING, SPIRITUAL ATTUNEMENT AND STAR ACTIVATION, Manifest Realm: ANI TSU TSA Pleiades with ZITKANA SA Cardinal, WINYAN SAKOWIN The Seven Sisters, and IKTOMI WAKAN Sacred Spider/SHIR, SPIRITUAL WAY OF LIGHTFORCE, Regency Council of 12, with WAZI (Lightning) and PHOTON CONFEDERACY/HUPAHU LUTA OMAKA Season of Healing in the SPIRITUAL LAW OF HEALING
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Dreamspell: Kin 112, GALACTIC ACTIVATION PORTAL DAY, YELLOW GALACTIC HUMAN, Influences Free-Will, Warrior Guided (Intelligence), Rhythmic 19, Alpha
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Tzolkin: KAN, Seed, South, Sensuality, Family, Sexual Activity, The Magic of Germination, Tone 12

Tonalmatl: KUAUTLI, Eagle, Solar Symbol, Our Vision, Renovation, Purification, and Cleansing, Presence of Freedom & Liberty, Guardian of House of Creating Energy, Companion with TLATLAUKI TEZKATLIPOKA, XIPE TOTEK, Red Smoking of the Mirror, Changes Us, Conscious Organizing of Time & Space that Leads to Our Transformation/PANKETZALIZTLI, Raising of the Precious Standards, UITZILOPOCHTLI, the Will,/Xiuitl AKATL, Reed

On this last day of 2011, Humanity RISES with an Interwoven Seed of Unity! 


Image: "Tree of Life with Hands" by Tatiana Nikolova-Houston