13:20: No Worries. Even in the “Dark Night”, Eagle Brings Light!

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Winter Solstice: 05:30 UTC on December 22, 2011
Earthstar Peace Calendar: Jupiter-Whale Day, Indigo True Vision Star, Essence of Truth/MELCHIZADEK, Invokes the Flame Imperishable in the UNIVERSAL LAW OF NATURE with ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, Strengthens Through Divine Law, in the SPIRITUAL LAW OF STRENGTH, HEALTH AND HAPPINESS/REBIRTHING, SPIRITUAL ATTUNEMENT AND STAR ACTIVATION, Manifest Realm: ANI TSU TSA Pleiades with ZITKANA SA Cardinal, WINYAN SAKOWIN The Seven Sisters, and IKTOMI WAKAN Sacred Spider/SHIR, SPIRITUAL WAY OF LIGHTFORCE, Regency Council of 12, with WAZI (Lightning) and PHOTON CONFEDERACY
Dreamspell: Kin 103, BLUE CRYSTAL NIGHT, Dreams Abundance, Eagle-Guided (Vision), Rhythmic 10, Gamma
Tzolkin: MEN, Eagle, West, Intermediary between Heaven and Earth, Soaring, Brings Hope and Faith on the Wings of the Spirit, Freedom-Lover, Keen Sense of Detail & Technical Orientation, Tone 3
Tonalmatl: MIKIZTLIL, Skull, Our Silence and Transformation, Re-evaluation of Life & Death and of Things Done & Left Undone, No Hesitation, Companion of MEZTLI TEKZIZTEKATL, The Moon, Carries the Conch Shell, Lunar Influence on Tides & Human Psyche, Represents Evolution & Growing Cosmic Consciousness/PANKETZALIZTLI, Raising of the Precious Standards, UITZILOPOCHTLI, the Will,/Xiuitl AKATL, Reed
No Worries. Even in the “Dark Night”, Eagle Brings Light!