13:20: Our Relations are Here for the Starseed Awakening! Sa-Weet!

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Earthstar Peace Calendar: Venus-Panther Day, Yellow Solar Star, Essence of Peace/TATANKA TANKA ITANCAN Big Buffalo Chief, Daykeeper of the Star Altar of Creator, North Door of the Heart, in the SPIRITUAL LAW OF PROTECTION with CREATOR/REBIRTHING, SPIRITUAL ATTUNEMENT AND STAR ACTIVATION, Manifest Realm: ANI TSU TSA Pleiades with ZITKANA SA Cardinal, WINYAN SAKOWIN The Seven Sisters, and IKTOMI WAKAN Sacred Spider/SHIR, SPIRITUAL WAY OF LIGHTFORCE, Regency Council of 12, with WAZI (Lightning) and PHOTON CONFEDERACY/HUPAHU LUTA OMAKA Season of Healing in the SPIRITUAL LAW OF HEALING
Dreamspell: Kin 104, YELLOW COSMIC SEED, Targets Flowering, Star-Guided (Elegance), Rhythmic 11, Kali
Tzolkin: CIB, Owl/Vulture, South, Wisdom of the Ancients, Intense, Profound Insight into the Essence of All Things, Tone 4
Tonalmatl: MAZATL, Deer, Our Agility, Instinct, Intuition, Perception & Sensibility, Fauna; Activated by the Sun & a Messenger of Love & Peace from the Grandfathers, Companion of TLALOK, The Drink of The Earth, The Water from on High in All It's Manifestations, Fertilizes & Produces Sustenance, TLALOK belongs to KETZALKOATL, Uniting two Life-Generating actions--Heat & Water/PANKETZALIZTLI, Raising of the Precious Standards, UITZILOPOCHTLI, the Will,/Xiuitl AKATL, Reed
Our Relations are Here for the Starseed Awakening!  Sa-Weet!