13:20: The Protection of the Crystalline Earth Grid is Gaia’s Flower of Life

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Earthstar Peace Calendar: Venus-Panther Day, Yellow Solar Star, Essence of Peace/ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL, Invokes Light Protection, in the SPIRITUAL LAW OF PROTECTION with ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, Strengthens Through Divine Law, in the SPIRITUAL LAW OF STRENGTH, HEALTH AND HAPPINESS/UNIVERSAL OCEAN OF REALITY, Manifest Realm: Essence, Ursa Major with MATO MANI, Walking Bear, MATO WICHAPI TANKA, Big Star Bear, and UNCI IKTOMI WICAHPI, Grandmother Star Spider/AK, Universal Law of Breath, Infinity, with TATE The Wind, EL MORYA, UNIVERSAL EYE, and MATO WAKAN WICAHPI OYATE Sacred Bear Star Nation
Dreamspell: Kin 97, RED RHYTHMIC EARTH, Evolves Navigation, Self-Guided (Navigation), Rhythmic 4, Kali
Tzolkin: MULUC, Water/Offering, East, Fluid, Dynamic, Vastly Profound, Intense Vital Energy that Gives Back Much More than It Receives, Tone 10
Tonalmatl: XOCHITL: Flower, Our Completion, Maturity, Artistic, Spiritual, & Scientific Creativity, Ready to Produce Fruit & Seed, Companion with XOCHIKETZALLI The Precious Flower, All that is Accomplished by Love, Beauty, and Positive Endurance—including Science, Practical Knowledge, Poetry, Flowery Songs, & Actions of Flourishing Thoughts/KECHOLLI, Arrival of The Birds with Beautiful Feathers, Time of MIXKOATL, the Hunter/Xiuitl AKATL, Reed
~The Protection of the Crystalline Earth Grid is Gaia’s Flower of Life~