8/8 Portal Grid of Light w St. Germain & the Angels of Violet Flame, Ray & Light & Goddess of Victory

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The 8/8 Gateway Portal Channelling from Nasrin Safai entitled:
Grid of Light with St. Germain and the Angels of Violet Flame, Ray and Light and Goddess of Victory

The 40-minute audio can be downloaded here: 110808Portal.mp3
{in the audio, further to the invocations, Divine Mother informs us of the importance of utilising the Violet Flame, Ray & Light & the significance of St. Germain at this present moment in the cosmic/planetary cycle}
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8/8/2011 Gateway Portal Channeling

Summary of Grounding Meditation and Grid of Light from 8/8/11

Grounding Meditation with Amber Light from Earth’s Core Crystal

Make yourself as comfortable as you can. Sit with back straight and feet flat on the floor. You may lie down if you wish.

  • Take a gentle, long deep breath.
  • Visualize your Earth Crust Chakra approximately 10 to 12 inches below your feet.
  • Visualize the Earth Core Crystal, at the center of Mother Earth, beaming bright Golden Yellow Light.
  • Visualize sending roots down from the bottoms of both feet and from your tailbone. See these roots move down into the Earth and wrapping around and going through the Earth Core Crystal. See that this root system as large with many branches, as if it were the root system of a huge oak tree.

Now visualize that this huge Root System is pulling a vibrant Amber Light up from the Earth Core Crystal. This is pure Life Force Energy, The Life Force Energy of the Cosmos. Pull the Amber Light, as if it were sap moving up a tree trunk.

  • See the Amber Light fill the root system and move up through the bottoms of your feet and up through your tailbone.
  • Let the Amber Light continue to move up into your body. See your entire body and energy bodies radiate this Vibrant Amber Light.
  • Feel the Amber Light begin to pulse.
  • Feel the pulse begin to align with your heart beat.
  • Feel the pulse of the Vibrant Amber Light in alignment with your heartbeat and the heart beat of Mother Earth.

Breathe and bathe.

Grid of Light with St. Germain and the Angels of Violet Flame, Ray and Light and Goddess of Victory

Visualize that you are standing in the center of a Grid of Light. You are standing on the surface of the Earth, facing north.

  • Visualize that St. Germain is standing directly in front of you. He is enveloping you in his Purple Light.
  • Visualize that Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos, is also standing directly in front of you beamingFuchsia Pink Light. He stands in front of you, slightly to the left, and St. Germain stands in front of you slightly to the right.
  • See that you are encased in a cocoon of Purple on the inside and Fuchsia Pink on the outside. Now see that the Purple of St. Germain and the Fuchsia Pink of Sanat Kumara combine to create a Magenta Light where the two overlap.
  • Establish yourself inside this cocoon with Purple on the inside, then Magenta and then Fuchsia Pink on the outside.
  • Visualize that Cosmic Goddess of Victory has come to place 3 aspects of herself in this Grid. See Goddess of Victory standing directly behind you, directly behind St. Germain and directly behind Sanat Kumara. She holds her Scepter of Victory in her left hand and her Torch of Victory in her right hand. She is beaming Lemon Yellow Gold, Platinum and Pewter Light.
  • Visualize that there are three circles of Angelic Beings that are forming rings around you.
  • The Angelic Forces of Violet Flame, the Male Aspect, are forming the outermost ring and they are beaming a Deep Violet Blue colored Light.
  • The Angelic Forces of Violet Ray, the Female Aspect, are forming the middle ring and they are beaming a Violet Pink colored Light.
  • The Angelic Forces of Violet Light, the Child Aspect, are forming the inner ring and beaming a Lilac colored Light.

Now visualize that beyond these three rings, the Angelic Forces of Goddess of Victory are forming three more circles around this Grid.

  • In the first circle, the Angelic Forces of Victory are holding the Scepter of Victory. In the second circle, the Angelic Forces are holding the Torch of Victory and the Angelic Forces of Victory forming the third circle are holding both the Scepter and the Torch of Victory.

Now visualize that the Archangels of the Four Directions are coming forth to take their positions around this Grid beyond the 6 circles of angelic Forces with you St. Germain, Sanat Kumara and the three Aspects of Goddess of Victory in the center.

  • Archangel Uriel stands in the north beaming Yellow Light.
  • Archangel Raphael stands in the east beaming Pink Light.
  • Archangel Michael stands in the south beaming Aquamarine Blue Light. His Sword of Mercy is held high above his head.
  • Archangel Gabriel stands in the west beaming Emerald Green Light.
Visualize that three Silent Watchers stand around each of the Archangels of the Four Directions. One stands behind each Archangel and one Silent Watcher stands on either side of each Archangel. These 12 Silent Watchers are great Cosmic Beings brought by the Great Silent Watcher to offer support and protection to this Grid and to you.
Now see the Turquoise Blue Bubble of the Great Silent Watcher encase this entire Grid, sealing it in her love and her purifying and protecting Light.
Breathe and bathe inside this Powerful Grid of Light.
Place this Grid around you every day as you arise and every night as you go to sleep.