Telek Ground Proportions

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Telek Ground Proportions

Intermingling constructs of the aboriginal nature in which some information is missing while we are keen in the fractals, assimilating constructs which multiply the extensions of the core anomalies while interplaying links to higher postulations, TRIPs (Transitional Realms in Postulations).

Reminiscing in accountants, the formations of our words, modulation are intercepted in query, actualizations on thought commands bring about coherency for resurgence of the 5th initiate. Temporal adjustments, in remembering how we are contending to shifting realities, while probable grid enactments, are synchronizing within flows, fluctuations at core dispersions made in temporal fields for adjustments of the 5th kind, initiated within sub sonic core adjustments.

Portending fabrics evolve in deeper analysis, if we expand on contractions we should be able to multiply the extents of the cores anomalies while bringing in coherent thought modules, actualizing, and corresponding to inner visualizations.

Some partials in constructs which were given in synapsis, would contend to irregular memory, if we had not appropriated the functions of our inherent abilities.

Probable understandings on what these inherent abilities may be, can come from actualizations of the anti-matter phenomena, in acquaintances to symmetrical TRIPs. Portending fabrics are shifting in momentarily flux while we are guided from inter positions, gradually the sub selective flows are inter changing transgressions on temporary fractals in the grids while postulations are made for contractions.

Core Dispersions

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Core Dispersions

Intellectual properties condoned on bypasses, which are given from somnambulistic levels of trance, become transparent in nodes, coalescing momentarily with key(s) codes for us to gather/attend to/towards, for a general understanding of what hyper velocity factors has sub settled within its fabrics.

More so individually, advances made at predispositions, on contemplating inner grid activity, condones to times of greater/higher openings, inherently given from synaptic modules which are core dispersions of the actual thought commands given in coherencies.

What transpires in moments of achieving the generated/general greater flux/fluctuations from inherent/coherent designs, are coalescing in core dispersions, while higher grid transparency, nodes in excess to undulated formations of our intellectual properties while condoning to inner stasis/states of being which allows us to contend/assimilate and construct abundant programs which helps humans in restoring their inherent abilities which are predisposed life after life by gradually having sub set venues, in which our choices, which are concurrent to our timelines can become exponentially advanced, as for when we are in process of expansions, usually on awareness, becoming self-aware of all that which you do, and question and have remarks, and understandings on which your choices change occasionally as decisions have to be made (Interactions).

St Germain & Sanat Kumara Ignite & Recalibrate Sphere of Remembrance & Flame of God U

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source material: http://www.nasrinsafai.com/2011newsletters/august-2011/

Dear Friends,

August is an extremely important month, as there are many landmark dates where the energies are intensified. We will gather on 8/8 Portal Day to raise the energies and create a platform for the special portal days in August and the remainder of 2011. 8/12 is a special landmark point each year where Divine Mother and the Masters pour down energies to achieve critical mass for whatever the intentions for that year may be. Harmonic Convergence on 8/16 is yet another major Landmark Point. Please see more on these dates below.

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