Abandonment - Our Key Psychological Trauma

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Our Key Psychological Trauma - Feeling Separated from Source

Maurice Turmel PhD



I came to this earth a long time ago to learn about matter and to immerse myself in this grand experiment called Earth Life in the 3rd dimension.  I was asked by my guides if I was prepared to do this and of course, I said Yes.


Lately I’ve been feeling shaken to my very core.  The root of my psychological distress has been identified as “abandonment”, separation from the Source of my life.  I know this to be true because I can feel it right down to my bones.


I never realized how important this was until recently when I relived the whole affair through feelings of abandonment vis a vis my parents in this lifetime.  That image of the moment it occurred burns clearly in my psyche.  I was 4 years old, out on the street in front of our apartment building.  A bully had come up to me and threatened me.  I turned around and looked up at our second story apartment window and saw my parents staring down at me, as if to see “what is he going to do?”


As I stood there realizing I was all alone, my body drained of energy and I felt paralyzed.  I felt completely alone, betrayed and abandoned, realizing no one would be there for me.  I’ve never forgotten that feeling. It has been at the root of all the significant traumas I’ve experienced since.


From that moment forward, my greatest fear was abandonment, or more precisely, the feeling of abandonment.  I soon learned that if I performed in terms of jokes, schoolwork or hobbies, my parents would like me.  I took the whole situation to mean “if you want to be loved, you have to do stuff that is impressive.”  In other words you have to perform.


Of course that’s a child’s mind at work, strategizing a situation because there appears to be no recourse.  There was no “welcome home” when I came back up the stairs.  There was likely some ribbing and shaming because I was too scared to defend myself.


I must add here that this experience came on the heels of several beatings by my father who used the strap on me after my mother would turn me in for some indiscretion.  In our house, every mistake you made was dealt with at the same level of ferocity.  Either I was shamed by being yelled at and called down by my bellicose father, or, I was beaten.


My parents taught me to fear.  The physical punishments and put downs ingrained this feeling in me.  When I was out on that street I was already abandoned.  It was simply a matter of punctuating the experience.  I realized I had been abandoned earlier when I was told that my father yelled at me in the crib to keep from crying at night.



My parents were simple working folks.  My father had lost his mother at age 6 and was raised by an abusive grandmother who always favored her youngest son, his father (my grandfather and name sake), at the expense of the 8 children who had to get up every day and manage the farm, while their widowed father slept.  My mother’s situation was somewhat better, although the instrument of corporal punishment was well established in her home as well.


They both suffered some form of abandonment in their childhoods and brought that to bear on us, their 6 children, of which I was the eldest. I know this to be true because I’ve heard all the stories and have felt it. Presently I have begun to heal those deeper effects caused by disconnection from parental source.


How could it be that a child under 5 years of age could feel so completely abandoned? 


I am at a loss for words at times in trying to describe this experience.  It is so hurtful at a cellular and emotional level that it sometimes feels like putting my hands into fire.  For all of us who have this experience it has been a lifelong practice of trying to make up for perceived deficiencies as a result of feeling abandoned.


And by the way, those of you who are prepared to jump all over this thesis, let me assure you that your need to do so is based solely on the fact that you too have felt abandoned and you want to rationalize it away.  Here’s a suggestion for you in particular.  Go out and find the nearest 5 year old girl or boy and tell them why it’s wrong for them to feel abandoned.  Go ahead! Defend your parents and theirs at the expense of your own inner child. You’ve been doing it all your life, so do it again now.



The Lesson:

That’s the lesson here.  Abandonment is a feeling, not a thought. It is a feeling and feelings do not respond to rationalizations or explanations.  Those are left brained tactics intended to soothe and placate a right brained wound.


There is no escaping the trauma of abandonment once that feeling has set in. It has to be assuaged.  It has to be accepted.  It has to be retrieved and owned in order to be healed.  It has to be felt and cried out, screamed out if necessary, because it is embedded in our cellular structure.


Why is this so important to deal with at this time?  Because the crisis of abandonment is a Universal phenomenon that has been with us since the demise of Atlantis so many thousands of years ago. If we are to Ascend in this moment of our history that issue has to be put to bed once and for all.

When Atlantis slipped beneath the waves, it was as a result of the power struggles within the Kingdom, between those who stayed connected to Source and those who saw power and greed as a way to assuage themselves and feel greater than others.


Only through self-elevation can an individual feel superior to others.  And in that superiority lays a kernel of the real truth.  This individual has suffered abandonment trauma, which adversely affects the heart, and are dealing with it by various addictions and strategies based on power and control.


This is crucial to understand at this moment where Ascension stands on the horizon.  We have to give up those ego goals of power and control in order to “feel” the loss of our connection to Source.  It’s no wonder our parents abandoned us.  They were only replaying what had happened to them. And this critical rift and secret separation goes all the way back to Atlantis where we lost our connection to Source.


What is Christ quoted as saying when he was up on the Cross? “Father, why hast thou abandoned me?”


This is the Universal cry of an infant seeking contact with its mother. It is the Universal cry of every generation since the Fall of Atlantis.  No matter how hard we have tried as a species we have never been able to repair that rift.  We’ve engaged in power seeking, warring, accumulation of wealth, addictions, conquest and nothing has worked.  Nothing!


There is a plight in humanity that goes like this:

“I have lost you Father.  My heart is broken. How do I find my way Home?”


This is where we are at in terms of our impending Ascension process. For those of us who intend to Ascend and have followed all the protocols to do so, this dealing with the feelings of abandonment is our last trial.


It does not matter if our abandonment was intentional, or a by-product of poor parenting.  The rift has occurred and has to be healed.  The frightened little boy or girl inside has to be coddled, accepted, loved, nurtured and given every opportunity to cry out their pain.


Those who would deny this are not prepared to accept that deeper rift.  They are still engaged in the worldwide collusion of pretence about who we are, why we are here and why we are superior to everyone else.


It doesn’t matter what you and I saw or experienced in terms of waves of distraction over the course of our lives.  Abandonment remains a real trauma and a frightening feeling to confront.  It simply will not go away until accepted and worked through.


As a species, we’ve tried everything over the past few thousand years and we have not succeeded in erasing that effect.  It cannot be buried, sidestepped or rationalized.  You go through it with all the help you can get, or, you stay stuck.

That is your only choice.




The Brotherhood of Light


(This follow-up to my first article on Abandonment came most directly from Guidance, as if we, I and They, were standing back and commenting on the first instalment.)


What We Know:

We announced to you in our first missive on this subject that Abandonment was the key to understanding our disconnection from Source.


At a cellular level we all know this.  This is the common wound we’ve been carrying since the Fall of Atlantis.  Maurice, our ready host, has reported to you how painful it is to make contact with that core feeling.  It is without a doubt one of the most painful experiences that needs to be addressed in order to meet your commitment to ascend.


All emotional wounds must be healed for this process to take place.  As a species you have been moving steadily forward in the process of unravelling and healing emotional wounds.  So far you’ve been able to deal with multiple traumas delivered to you over the course of your current lifetime.  Now this biggest wound of all has come to call.  And it will not step aside so that you can march on past.


Healing the Pain:

There is pain associated with every major wound and this one will be the most painful of all. At the core of it all lays the Secret Separation that has been with you since the final demise of Atlantis.  From that sinking environment 12 tribes moved across the Earth to take up positions on this planet’s various continents.  These outcomes have been noted in several sources of your history, including the Bible. This is a true story, not a made up Hollywood fable or some tall tale.


Your psychological wound called Abandonment Trauma lies at the core of your being and stands blocking the gateway to Ascension.


Ascension holds nothing more sacred than the truth.  The truth of your being is what you have to deal with.  And the accumulation of unwashed Karma has to be dissipated.  It is essential that this be accomplished before you retreat from the Earth’s 3rd dimensional atmosphere to advance into the 5th dimension as promised for 2012.


What You Need:

Your Heart, your Soul, are begging for this effect.  They know what is needed to cross over into the 5th dimension of consciousness.  They know that the Karmic tables have to be cleared.


It is evident to us also, that at this stage of your evolution you are ready to deal with this primary rift.  You have uncovered this for yourselves and it flies in the face of everything you’ve been told about Original Sin.  The latter is a fabrication designed to keep you a prisoner of religion. Abandonment Trauma is a psychological issue that has to be healed via psychological methodology.


No Original Sin:

As just mentioned, Abandonment Trauma is not Original Sin. It represents the breaking point between Man and God, with both sides suffering the consequences. Man has suffered the most for his desire to redesign himself into a form possessed by immovable forces such as power and greed, only to discover than not one of his efforts in this arena have succeeded.


The earth’s current 3rd dimensional life, with its focus on externals and its basis in Separation, has failed at every turn.  Right now, at this very juncture, the Earth stands at the same precipice it did when Atlantis slipped beneath the waves scattering those 12 tribes across the globe.


Opportunity or Doom:

Here we are, at this very moment, staring at impending doom for some, guaranteed for others, a place we’ve been to before, without taking advantage of the opportunity it presented.  We are here again, watching as the Earth aligns herself with both the Galactic and Cosmic Centers of the Universe.  This time a significant number of us will cross over and take up residence in the 5th dimension, those of us that choose to, of course.


To reiterate, this ascension cannot happen without our full conscious consent.  There are those beings who are trying to prevent this and have successfully interfered with the process, but only momentarily. Each day there are more and more of us willing and able to make the shift. And that ladies and gentlemen will guarantee the success of our transition into the 5th dimension.


More on Abandonment:

You have learned about Abandonment from your psychologists and therapists.  You have seen its effects in children.  And you’ve witnessed these very same effects in your pets who suffer a form of this trauma when you leave the house, or put them in a kennel for a few weeks. Our pets rely on us to help heal their pain.  We, in turn, rely on therapists – physically present, spiritual or otherwise, to help us do the same.


A Chance to Make it Right:

This very juncture you are now standing at is unique in terms of Earthly circumstances.  It has never been done before.  Oh there have been many graduating classes of humans coming off your planet and moving into the higher realms. But there never has been such a course correction as we are witnessing now.


The fiasco that brought Atlantis to its knees is being played out again here and now.  We call upon it to remind you where that road leads.  It is a dead end. Is there any need to repeat that lesson again?


The road ahead is opening up to a new dimension of consciousness, one you’ve lived before and one you’ve been craving to reconnect with since the Fall.  You are ready and willing.  And all the Forces of the Universe are present and aligned to assist you.  It is a matter of “choosing” your own course of action.


Working through Pain:

With the modern insights into the psychological effects of Abandonment Trauma it should be no surprise to you that some pain is inevitable.  Pain is what all humans run from until they realize it is less painful to face the facts. All those minor abandonment issues you’ve suffered in this lifetime are simply a precursor to the big one you have to face now. The greatest pain is clearly Separation from Source.


Who Abandoned Who?

Now many of you still think that God abandoned you.  Even Christ said so when he was up on the Cross.  What is significant though is that we are the ones who abandoned Source, and not the other way around.  We don’t get to blame Source for something we did ourselves.


The Prodigal Son

This is the Parable of the Prodigal Son.  We have been prodigal sons and daughters since the Fall.  We all abandoned the Mother Ship to go merrily on our way. But the suffering that ensued has stopped us dead in our tracks.  No real progress can be made without the involvement of Source.

Our disconnection only served to enhance the pain of separation and loss. We each feel that ache in our hearts.  Our desire to return is at its root.  The God of All Nations is calling us home and putting out a Welcome Mat called “Healing” to help us make it back.


Coming Home:

It’s time we go Home my friends.  It’s time we put this Abandonment Trauma to bed once and for all.  It’s time we heal our souls by taking advantage of the energies that are here to help us.  We have only one path up ahead and it goes straight back to Source.


What awaits us beyond Ascension is a matter for further study.  But the bells of creativity are already clanging away and our place in the Universe will be vastly different than it has the past few thousand years.

It is here now, friends, the chance to heal that trauma called Abandonment.  We of the Ethereal Realms will show you how in our next missive on this subject. Be prepared.  Your life is on the line and Ascension is yours if you choose it.


Now Is the Time!


Note: All these themes discussed above are the subjects of my music at: http://www.youtube.com/drmoe2000 So, feelings of abandonment of course, along with our current Ascension challenges figure in as well.














You ARE a OG...Original God.

Nageetah IsRaeL arit NZinga's picture

You ARE a OG...Original God. Thanks Doc for hanging out in Heaven with us. While I was reading, I could hear you read to me because I reconize your voice. "Ahhhh, doctah, we love the doctah, woop woop!"  Wow, I found Heaven.


You are correct, thats the thingy I surely could not talk about, must less think of.

Thanks for the Healing Energies, I look forward further teaching, Sir.



Love Nageeta

Dear Dr Moe,   FYI   The  

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Dear Dr Moe,




The   Soul program called:


Abandonment, rejection, punisnment,

victimhood, retribution.....and all major human dysfunctions..


..........have been dismantled by the Pathcutters  a long time ago. 

Pathcutters are a division of the Ascension Brigade whose specific job

is to dismantle these programs.


Please , dear brothers in the Light, do not keep them inside your heart.

Let go. These are not the energies of the Divine. 

In other words, these are not yours.

Thrust  that the  100th Monkey Effect will make

your letting go very easy.  All you need is your willingness to let go.


As you let go, remember to EFT  (google it) your meridians and tell your body

that you  forgive, love and accept yourself unconditionally

and completely, knowing  now that you participated in these dramas

while you were asleep and under the spell of contract with the Divine.

That you also forgive, love and accept this world and the Universe unconditionally,



the bottom line is...


that we did these things  in the service to Source.








Thank You for the share.

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It resonates with me at some level. EFT is not my particular path. As a psychologist my aim, for both myself and my clients, has been to acknowledge, FEEL, and in so doing, RELEASE the energy tied up in victimhood and the whole sense of abandonment.


It helps no one that the Pathfinders did this work for us centuries ago. Those of us who chose this particular path came here to FEEL everything, not to rationalize it, or tap it away on your forehead.  If that works for you - then Great.  That is your path.


It is not mine, nor has it been the path of the many individuals I have worked with over the years.  It is also not the path of those that I get to help right now.  As recently as yesterday I had a fellow Lightworker share with me in a private communication what their life had been like, what they have suffered, what they have been FEELING, and what they are working on now.


In reply I acknowledged their pain, their suffering and what it is they might benefit from in terms of understanding and releasing the symptoms of their plight. Later in the day this same person reported feeling Inner Freedom like they've never experienced before.


That is the power of acknowledging, owning and expressing Feelings in this time of High Energy activations. This person has crossed a threshold, into a new vision of the light. What they did worked for them.


To quote one of my favorite bands from the 70s "There are many paths up the mountain, but the view from the top is the same."


Thanks for sharing.  I know EFT works for some people.  Not for me. In my experience, there is no substitute for Feeling your Feelings, expressing those Feelings in a safe and receptive environment, all of which leads to Letting Go.  You don't start with Letting Go, you work your way there by feeling what you feel.


How else are you going to learn who and what you are unless you FEEL your life right down to your toes?


That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


My favorite technique for releasing feelings on a regular basis is Journaling which I describe in detail in my book Conscious Evolution - Preparing for Ascension 2012.




Dr Moe