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ABOUT CHEMTRAILS: dear light family, i would like to share with you a very good news from japan. i am in japan now. this morning sky was bright blue. then an airplane appeared on the sky. it was spilling its poisons with the chemtrail. i began praying and calling the help of air elementals and higher beings.. but than i just realized that they were already there at work. the blue sky was literally eating the chemtrail. it looked like an invisible giant blue creature was running after the trail and the airplane. the chem trail was may be half kilometer long and it was thick behind the airplane and it was disappearing continiously. Watching this gave me a lot of joy. the light is so strong.. looks like no any poison can attach there in the air. i pray for all poisons and darkness to turn into light. PEACE & LOVE to you all


denver, yesterday

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we had so many chemtrails yesterday. actually, today was clear. I'm hopeful.

It is unfortunate that

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It is unfortunate that lightworkers have been influenced by those of the dark & influencing others without questioning or knowing the truth. Not for the first time in the history of this planet have many been fooled by the dark. Regardless of the many that have being influenced & cling to this belief. The dark ones behind it all did not succeed & had they succeeded all would have been lost. The ones functioning on power & abuse, leaders of this campaign & campaigners are being exposed worldwide at this time  If anyone is going to accuse airlines of mass murder it would be important to know the truth. This comment above is a lie. One that was becoming very dangerous for the innocent being accused. This has been my work for two years with ascended masters. All that was taken & hiiden within this network has been returned to the light. The pilots are being kept safe from those who wish to destroy & mass produce the propaganda all see in their video's & work everywhere on the net. Those doing all the fear-mongering are being exposed. No doubt all be will be revealed of this great deception.

In love & light.

There are thousands of these

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There are thousands of these video's above of people who make these fraudulent video's taught how to read weather maps by the ones being exposed in the media.

Info-wars, Alex Jones network, thousands of pages & very abusive campaign leaders. Australians against chemtrails, chemtrail network all abuse. One only has to listen to them or look at their pages to know. Rev. Michelle has been been taught by them & bring it to lightworkers to sell the dark & possibly the greatest deception of all time at least for many lightworkers, fortunately not the world. As canbe seen on their long running campaigns for the Government. That run out with a few hundred signing them while aiming for massive numbers. petitions many campaigners are too afraid to sign themself. As all would know do their campaigning on the net withoutusing their names. While going to all pages on the net with big numbers to try & draw others in to sign & fight with them. Noone can be blind to their network even if been blinded by their work brought into the lightworkers network, Nameste!



i live in Japan

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thats great news.....i live in hakodate and am waiting for lots of UFos to appear soon......

love and light.

Just before you

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Think this person is full of hot air chemtrails, being in sound mind and inspite of the chemtrails we have been so "blessed" with, I an still able to exspell vernacular in articulate  lingusitcs in such terminologies that even the commoner can comprhend it.


Since about noon on 11/11/12 just after a week of no trails here in Kansas City, I saw them spraying the skies, criss-crossing the trails and within about 20 minutes I went back out, all gone???


I have seed what looks like them as they try to block the incoming energies and do their dasterdly deeds with this bio-warfare on us, not their people obviouly as they must be from a dark world of sorts.


The 12th, 13th, 14th and today, same thing no lasting chemtrails, some just for 10 minutes or less and this is not the norm over the last 6 years as they have normally lasted all day and night in some cases.


Something is a change out there, and I second the motion of our ET allies landing, and NOW would not be too soon.

David Porter

Author of the series



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I had been observing the chemtrails being laid in the skies of Toronto for the most part of this year and noticed that they don't spread out like they used to.......they disappear in a matter of minutes and I smile with a feeling of relief and a knowing that we are indeed being helped immensely.........Thank you!!


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I still see lingering chemtrails many days a month.  I hope the ETs get to California soon. :(

bullshitters searching for more fools ...

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I am so tired of bullshitters, making even bigger fools out of tought to be foolish idiots believing in such bullshit and paying and buying it. You are the reason for this ongoing deception by speading lies all over and ignoring thing, which are WRONG since a long time, making money out of idiots sitting in circles meditating about love instead of making any. 

Go and delete this fast, you dumb, nasty and dangerous liar!


you and me brother/sister

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you and me brother/sister. we are one. you believe it or not. we are one and we are love. i will pray for you to see it soon. sooner or later.. this life or 10 thousand lives after anyway you will see it. i will pray for you to see as soon as possible. becouse from where i look the view is beautiful. view is heavenly and so you are.


i surround you with my love brother/sister

by the way i loved the cloud

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by the way i loved the cloud formations .. i enjoyed watching. but i see differently than the person who is fearmonganering at this presentation. 

angels are at work surely