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this morning after waking up, i remain in the bed and tried to remember my dreams.. i dont do that usually.. i mean i dont make extra efford for remembering.. but this morning i felt like i have to remember.. 

suddenly i remembered and began crying .. a strange cry of fear .. I was saying oh my god.. oh my god.. every detail i remembered, i felt like a poor kid in extrem fear..


in the dream:


i was a kid.. not who i am now.. not this time.. language was english.. time felt like early 19th century.. i was in a orphanage.. manager was a man with big face and big glasses..

he was known as evil himself among kids. he approached me and gave me a small piece of fabric with a glass symbol on it...(i dont remember well but.. i think it was a thing to be attacherd or warn to arm like star of David jews warn at 2nd ww.) when i got it in to my hand i understood that i was choosen.

i ran away.. not many kids knew it.. but i knew it.. i heard abt it before that.. if someone is given this mark, this kid would be choosen and taken at night time.. not given to a family but, raped and murdered.

i was so afraid.. i was running in the gardens between barracs.. i began screaming.. they want to kill me.. they want to kill me.. please help me.. all the children i came across was so afraid of my reaction.. they had white faces.. no one could ever help me... i knew that this night they would pick me up... so after all the noise i made the manager ran after me and he was saying '' i wont do anything'' he cought me. i tried to fight back.. it was impossible..

i do not remember the rest of the dream.. but i know that i was 12 years old and raped and murdered.





it took a while to remember where i am.. i realized that this was a chance at my door for forgiving and purifying my self..


i tried my best.. 


one of the many other 121212 meditation groups

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This is one of the many other 12.12 meditation groups accross the world. It doesnt matter which one you join becouse on 12.12 all of them will join each other.. and we will merge in to mass consciousness with Universal Love and Compassion.. We will melt into each other and in to heart of the Earth. we are sharing this meditation event as one of the many other light paths.. our souls will follow the best one for us and for the highest good of all. Although destination is same and one. LOVE.


facebook event page link:

meet and greet with star family

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we had a meet and greet case today  with 15 to 20 star people whose energy is similar to moldovite stone-cystal.

22nd november at abt 12 noon while we were chanting with singingbawl in a very quite forest like area, my wife has seen with her 3rd eye, 15 to 20 star people appeared near by us and stood there for a litle while. She told me that they were in spiritform and emotionless light beings. Before she had chance to learn about their purpose of visit they disappeared again. she said their energy signature was very similar to moldovite crystal. we wondered abt their visit :) we were honored by their visit most definately. but why they stayed very short and why did they not say a word to us, that we dont know.. so tonight i read this message -manuscript of survival 226.. there it is said meet and greet events :)

i hope next time they stay enough time for us to give them a big hug.


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mY DEAR FRIENDS. this event is about 11th gate of 11:11. lets meditate alltogather for peace, love, harmony. For co-creation of heaven on earth. 
after visiting the event page (, for detailfull information please visit:

there are instructions in 3 languages for the moment. japanese, english and turkish. please contact me if you can translate to another language.
please invite as many people as you can. 
peace and love dear brothers and sisters.. peaceeeeeee and looooooove.


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ABOUT CHEMTRAILS: dear light family, i would like to share with you a very good news from japan. i am in japan now. this morning sky was bright blue. then an airplane appeared on the sky. it was spilling its poisons with the chemtrail. i began praying and calling the help of air elementals and higher beings.. but than i just realized that they were already there at work. the blue sky was literally eating the chemtrail. it looked like an invisible giant blue creature was running after the trail and the airplane. the chem trail was may be half kilometer long and it was thick behind the airplane and it was disappearing continiously. Watching this gave me a lot of joy. the light is so strong.. looks like no any poison can attach there in the air. i pray for all poisons and darkness to turn into light. PEACE & LOVE to you all

2 Star Ships revealed them selves to us on the night sky of Malaysia

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ON 26TH night of October, on the beach of Cherating -Malaysia, after making a crystal-stone-shall grid and chanting with the intention of connecting the universal light into heart of mother Gaia, we watched the sky. 1 round and 1 triangular starship showed themselves very clearly and shortly.


we watched them with joy and great excitement.


Thanks to our Galactic Brothers and Sisters


pictures from that night

Compassion and Unconditional Love for all beings

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Compassion and Unconditional Love


A little tiger was found starving and brought to this monk. Monk took care of the tiger. In the coming months and years many more tigers found him. Today he is feeding hundreds of wild animals under same roof. some come eat and go. some come, stay forawhile and go. some come and dont leave.


Chanting in the little Chapel of Cornwallis Fort - Georgetown - Malaysia

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My dear light family. My wife Yuuka and me, we chanted in a litle chapel in georgetown - penang island - malaysia, with the intention of being a conscious link between the universe and mother earth, and with the intention of bringing light.


i believe if you meditate with this chanting you can receive the same light as we received while we were chanting.


to listen please click :


we wish you all peace, love, more and more and more light

(feel free to share or repost anywhere)





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