Into The Abyss

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Running into the abyss seems a bit over rated now does it? Let’s see what I can wright about this, well first of all the abyss can be known as a never ending pit, so as to find your way out of a never ending hole or deep, DEEP hole than we would come to recognize where the light source is as to find your way out of the abyss… If there were no light source we would commend within to find what we can term a spark which can alleviate the formation of our losses, which are the way’s we are kept in the dark… As to get to a light line which would seem to open up venues as tools to get you out of the abyss we could then work on augmentations to another type of place within. As some folks have abilities as remote viewing and other stuff, the way to allow your senses to become intact (The dormant ones) we would need to go into a place where the last resort would be to go within as to find the right types of formulations to get you out of there.

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