Activated Ancient ET Craft Are Revealing Earth and Galactic Secrets

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The ancient ET craft that have activated upon the recent arrival of the Galactic Federation fleet in the solar system are craft that have been left in dormant mode for centuries awaiting the arrival of official forces to become available as repositories of historical and intergalactic information that is important for the unfoldment of future developments on Earth.


The Galactic EarthStarNation

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The GalacticEarthStarNation is inclusive of all starseeds and of visiting humans from other spacelife systems.


The GalacticEarthStarNation is the primary ascended spacelife system of the Avatar Intergalactic Ascending Human Civilizations System.


The Galactic EarthStarNation is the organizing and unifying ascended spacelife system that is managing the introduction and creation of ascended spacelife forces of ascended spacelife creation and civilization.


ESN and the Recently Activated Ancient Galactic Craft

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These craft were designed to contribute to the advancement of life on Earth as an integral part of galactic life and its evolution. Their activation now is introducing their enormous galactic influence to Earth as Earth is opening to the galactic realms and realizing the ubiquitous presence of life.


While the Earth is unique as a biosphere, it is also a member of the galactic life realms that are aware of the value of Earth to their evolution.


The new additions these craft bring to Earth will integrate Earth into the galactic life system and allow for some exchange of life forces.


ESN is governing this activity.


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