Adamantine Particles

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Adamantine Particles

Hello, I am new to this wonderful enlightening site - I would love to share with anyone who has perhaps experiences a golden 'web' in their normal line of vision, I see this haze continually, and if I zone in, it moves around my fingers and has a halo effect, I have been reading on adamantine particles - and this seems to fit the description of what I see - but I'm not sure. I constantly see massive activity continously - sparkles, light and darkish shadows and a white mist so I'm quite at home with the different realms - the golden web has been recent. I look forward to any responses. Thank you!

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i havent noticed a gold web,

i havent noticed a gold web, but iridecent particles swimming around, white mist, and various drifting shapes are common. when i was a kid there would always be faces in the center of my vision when i closed my eyes. i still have some slight difficulty seeing in the dark past all the amorphous colors, not nearly as bad as it was, though

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