Allowing our True Selves to Shine as the Love that We Are

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Tuning into the field of Gaia, our Mother Earth, who is sentient being. She is showing me how she is like a sun, how she emanates light to all life right now.

Mother Earth we send you love from our hearts. Your journey is our journey of becoming. We are shedding and you are shedding. You are showing the potential, beyond the change that we are moving through that it feels so good, so supportive, so sunny, with so much light and lightness and ease. Our emotional shedding may feel like we are snakes burrowing through earth, scraping away old dead skin representing parts of us, our layers of ego and armor so that only love remains. We are love only when we are taken away to our essence, stripped to the core. 

Mother Earth's grid is a shiny pink fuchsia sparkly light a conduit of rainbow light to all life. You are so loved and you are so supported. We are being loved into releasing our human suffering, into opening our hearts to compassion. We feel an impulse to awaken to who we are under the layers from our wounding. There is a feeling of freedom with this, a feeling of invincibility and we have so many options and possibilities that open up in the freedom. We realize limitation comes from inside and we let go of that. There is a feeling of truly loving ourselves and being loved  by others who represent reflections from the universe smiling back at us, naturally.  It is after much catharsis, much insight, much releasing of old old baggage and dark shadows that scare us about ourselves that we have come to this stripped away free and transcendent place. Whew! What a process. You may be taken to your most challenging moments to be set free into freedom of being once again. Now you are on a higher octave of existence. This is calling for more integrity, more wisdom, more fine tuning of your vibration and more surrender of your spirit to the unknown and to a lack of control. It will play out in your lives in different ways.

You may be somewhere in your own unique process of stripping away and becoming more love and more surrendered to the higher energies that Gaia is pushing us through for our own spiritual evolution, a birthing and a rebirthing of self. It is a very deep and internal process. We are collectively going through it. It feels alone yet it is universal for the collective.


It may feel like a stripping away to a person we have never been and don't recognize. We may no longer have moorings to feel grounded or like we have an identity, or the identity we had. We may feel like we have fallen into nothingness. A great peace descends, and sometimes a terror in the nothingness. Breathe into this and know that all is well. We are just being reborn into who we really are. A great transition we are in of who we have been to who we are becoming is occurring on all levels. All are invited to join in the expansiveness, the release. All are invited to care more about our inner world than how it looks on the outside. Superficial appearances will no longer matter. Following the heart takes precedence in this new way of being.


An image is being shown of this process, like a house being remodeled and messed up in chaos. This is a metaphor for the process of remodeling of the self. Everything is being stripped in our bodies which house our personality. We are not in charge of the remodel or how long it will take. Spirit and our higher self is in charge and it will be how it is and take however long it takes and we endure it as we know it is taking us to a newness we have not experienced before.  Like a house being remodeled, there are pieces everywhere. There is paint and equipment and debris around, and the debris is our emotional messiness being cleaned up as we relive traumas and clear them from our field.

Let love enter this house. Pray for the divine, and your true authentic self to enter. Pray for the divine to assist you in the process and make it smooth and easy. It is easy to just give up who you have thought yourself to be and surrender. Surrender, the key, is giving up the dream, the continuity, the story of who you think you are. Allow something that breaks the thread to happen. The thread is the representation of your linear path through life, and the solidity of your identity and identification with where you have come from and how you got to be. Breaking the thread is releasing bond with forgiveness and gratitude for experience that has taken you where you are now.  Find and discover where you exist as existence itself instead of a story, a thread of shell personality that is experiencing existence. Do you see this? Do you see the opportunity the remodel represents for you. It is the grand, grand shift and we are in the midst.

What are you feeling? Do you know how important you are? Do you know all your suffering is going somewhere to this grand release point that remodels your house, your energy body and turns all the lights on in who you are? You know that you are a true beacon of change, of light, and the light you are is shining ever more as you allow source to rearrange your body vehicle into a new house, the house of emptiness for the light of your true self to shine.


Who you are, I warn you, is being thrown out the window for something greater. The human part exists but in a new form that is in surrender to your true self that is light and luminance and spaciousness. You become the spaciousness of this. Some may feel this suddenly, some may feel it gradually. All your anchors suddenly stop having mooring on any foundation. All beliefs are up for grabs. What you may do in your life may stop having meaning and that is okay. You matter beyond what you do or think. Your essence matters and your essence, which is love is being preserved as all else falls away.  The attachment to something about who you are and what you do, a person, a place, and outcomes falls away.

You are left with the pure essence of you.

You may find that you are going to show up different, as a new person. Your personhood may have slipped so much you don't know who you are. Yet consciousness is helping and supporting you in this new state of being. Forgiveness and gratitude and freedom of choice are there more than ever. There is no past, only now. You don't know what is next. You are trust in the great mystery of the future, of you and what your resonant heart field will fall into. Fall into it with trust. Trust your heart, as your heart knows the way and is the direction.


The house you are is being remodeled into infinite possibilities. You shape it with your love, your surrender and your trust, though you cannot control it. You surrender to it. You become adept in living in the mystery. It feels transcendent yet strangely different, different because all your strivings may slip away and only the core of you remains without those strivings. You are being remodeled to know the perfection of your design, to know you were always meant to be, that there are no mistakes. You feel the world open up as your old life falls away. Be ready. Be ready for your great awakening and how it may not feel like you imagine it to be. Love yourself through this. Your calling to awakening may come when you are under stress and emotional turbulence. The most difficult times of challenge can impulse one to surrender and let go. Divine enters and supports and transforms. And then suddenly that breaks away with a new feeling of nothing mattering and no more struggles! May the great mystery of your authentic self visit you in this surrender and come and stay with you. You really cannot get it wrong. There is no one way to be or right or wrong way. The judgment is not there of you or even others. Immerse yourself in pure acceptance of what is. Rest in that field and the more that rest there, the more we will all be in support of the new humanity shifting to a higher level of light. You are loved and supported as your moorings float away. Just let it go and trust as this is the higher plan for you and for humanity.


Tuning back into Gaia, I see her pink loving divine mother light all around her, like a shell cracked open becoming a star. You are like a shell cracked open, surrounded by the light you are connected to the heart of the universe and Mother Earth. You are a wise old soul who has been through human incarnations so many times. You have been through so many woundings, and you are strong and you are now a baby reborn to experience this new earth as a new you. Happy Spring Equinox for those in the Northern Hemisphere! We are almost there and light is returning, and rebalance is here.

With so much love and support in the process from my heart to yours,

Shivrael Luminance River