spring equinox

Archangel Michael ~ The energies of this upcoming Equinox. – Channeled through Debbie Erasmus

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Beloveds I am once more able to channel through this scribe who has been very busy over the last two months. She is dear to my heart and I have waited patiently for her to once more be my scribe.

My message to you today is of the utmost importance as it involves the energies that are building with the upcoming Equinox. I wish to say that it is almost upon you that you will find yourselves in a whole new Light. The energies from this Equinox will be the strongest you have felt since 12.21.12. These energies will help you integrate higher levels of consciousness that will help you integrate your energy with the highest expression of your Self.


I want to express my concern that some of you are having with regards to financial abundance. It seems as if you are still caught up in the old paradigm of thinking that you need money in order to survive in the Earth realm. Dear Ones, I have told you many times, it is not money you need, but Love.  In the mornings before you do anything else, call upon yourselves the Pink Ray of Divine Love and ask it to fill your entire being with its consciousness and allow yourselves to bask in this feeling of being unconditionally and completely loved.


It is this high vibrational energy that will draw to you all that you need in order to fulfill your missions here. I want to add that you can call upon the Pink Ray of Divine Love at any time during your day to be in the vibration of unconditional love whenever you feel yourselves dipping into the old paradigm.


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