Almost Astral!

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Almost Astral!

I recently have had two experiences which seem to match what people describe as what can lead to astral projection! 

The only way I can describe it is like an period of intense dreaming.. sometimes lucid.. sometimes not. This has been going on for quite a while where I go to sleep and wake up after about 3 hours wide awake and unable to get back to sleep. I've gotten used to this happening now and then but the last two times this has happened I've had a different experience that continues from it but is alot more intense! The first time it happened I saw spirals behind my eyes after hearing rushing in my ears and then started seeing pictures of eyes! The second time happened earlier and was similar.. I was dreaming when a man in my dream made eye contact and I realised I was dreaming. I started hearing rushing in my ears like as if I was standing next to a jet engine and my teeth felt like they were shaking! I think at one point I sat up and wanted to scream but I thought that would be a bit distressing for other people in the house. I opened my eyes with my arm raised but my arm was.. fuzzy...  and when I closed my eyes again I could see a tunnel with a light at the end and I was moving down it! When I woke up I don't think I had moved a muscle. Was I moving out of my physical body?


Does anyone have any tips for meditations that could help or just a way to keep calm during the experience.. it's quite full on and end up waking myself up which is understandable.. the wooshing is very very loud. :)


Safe travels to ya!