Angels Undercover

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By Vanessa David

Who wears the crowns of jaded pearls that smooths the roughness of a wild flower? As the fire rises from the swirling winds, it fans its flames to encourage the dance of destruction on the mother's sacred ground.
This is breath that breathes the life and to be alive of the spirit's song; a beat to its pulsating drum so that you may dance with cosmic flowing rivers as each beat is the heart of the daughters creation of flesh and flames, flawless curves. Like the thundering tides that quenches its thirst of the deserts dry mouth as it floods its freshly taste buds of salty sweetness. A camouflage of pure perfection that lies hidden of darkened charcoaled embers, as the merging of sacred elements come together as ONE.

There comes a time and place where ONE can sit within the storm's current or take flight to soar above the horizons golden sun, to breathe the life of the divine mysteries that lay hidden like a treasure ready to be discovered. When we speak of LOVE, we are speaking in a language that can be diminished by holding it back from what already is. To LOVE is to LOVE, without the conditions, and for this is to let the dark parts become wild and to let the light shine through. The reflections are the broken mirrors that are piecing itself back together ready to be infused with the LOVE that becomes the purity and the guiding eyes that see the beauty even in the most ugly places.

Walking through the rough edges that mirror a place of an angel's heart, wearing the symbol of broken wings that fell from the heavens only to realize the wings of faith have shown the jewels of a diamond's perfect cut. There is the bitter sweet taste of life's eternal bliss that becomes the wild hearts holy ground.

Take time in the wonders of madness and chaos for there always lies an angel undercover observing and listening for the call of the lovers heart for each ONE is summoned in the name of this sacred LOVE.