Announcing the Disclosure Lightworkers' Group

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The Disclosure impetus is well underway now, and there are continuing disclosures about clandestine activities which are inimical to the evolution of human and planetary life, and which are the products of the old paradigm and its manipulators.

The insider disclosure group, which is working with various ETs who are very advanced and concerned with the destiny of this planet, is still active in its ongoing preparations for public disclosure of the entire unauthorized UFO and ET activities and facilities throughout this planet, its moon, and this solar system.
And it is in coordination with the major overseers of ascension and planetary evolution and destiny.
The Disclosure impetus is now strong enough to permit increasingly wider participation of members of the public in the preparations for the anticipated insider disclosure and its aftermath.
This allows for the creation and active participation of a coordinated Disclosure Lightworkers' Group.  This group is for Lightworkers who are familiar with the known history of UFOs and ETs on this planet, and are able to work with other Lightworkers to prepare the public for the anticipated disclosures and their expected results of greatly accelerated planetary development and ET participations.
The members of this Disclosure Lightworkers' Group are also able to be aware of the group's higher dimensional sponsors who are guiding this group, and who are coordinating it with the various other disclosure initiative that are underway.
To facilitate this group as an integral part of the disclosure process, it is a requirement for its members to be in their own developed state of awareness of the higher dimensional interactive processes which are now coordinating this group and its members with the overall disclosure process.  And it is required for the group's members to carry out their assignments according to their instructions.
As this Disclosure Lightworkers' Group is activated, it will be given the information that it needs to share with the public, such as new historical information, and some brief current information about the status of some of the undisclosed ascended ETs that are involved with the disclosure process.  And some information about the future planetary civilization which will be developed following disclosure.
In the coming days I will make more information available about this Disclosure Lightworkers' Group, and provide the necessary contact information for members to receive their initial higher dimensional assignments from the group's coordinators.
To prepare for membership in this Disclosure Lightworkers' Group, it is important to read the recent posts about disclosure on my Galactic Free Press blog, and to become attuned to this Disclosure Lightworkers' Group with some attention to its higher dimensional frequencies.
The ongoing disclosure process is the long awaited transition to the New Earth Ascended Life and Creation Civilization.  It is now fully integrated with the planet's ascension program to become the Avatar Planet for the entire universe.
Entering this New Earth era is the most significant development of planetary evolution, and is the purpose of all evolution to date.  It is also a remarkable transition for the entire human race as well as for all life.


Preparing for Disclosure

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The coming disclosure(s) are the beginning of the New Earth Ascended Life and Creation and Civilization which will be the fulfilment of prophesies and the beginning of extraterrestrial involvement with this planet and its future.


It is the current planetary and intergalactic readiness for disclosure which is the basis for the preparations which are underway for the successful and rapid transition to the New Earth Ascended Life and Living once the disclosure(s) have occurred.


These preparations include the readying of many people to assume their roles in the New Earth Ascended Living Creation and Civilization.  And they include the inner and outer dimensional shifts to accommodate the involvement of extraterrestrials in the life of the New Earth.


It is also important for the many people who are the prepared ones to share information about the disclosure(s) with others who may not be well informed about the disclosure(s) and the New Earth.

Revelations of the Insider Disclosure Group

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Many revelations are to be forthcoming from the Insider Disclosure Group as they are preparing for the major public disclosure which is about to occur.

These preliminary revelations are the basis for the Disclosure Lightworkers’ Group to begin sharing their information with others who are interested and able to familiarize themselves with the ongoing preparations for disclosure.

The most important of these preliminary revelations is the fact that there are many ETs throughout the universe, and there are many that are observing the developments here, as well as some that are present here in their physical forms, and are interacting with the undisclosed facilities which are about to be disclosed to the public.

These interactions are not beneficial to the people of this planet, and are not sanctioned by any authorized agencies of public good.

The next important preliminary revelations are the many incarnated people who are from ET civilizations which are both unhealthy and very healthy.

These people are the leaders who are influencing the public to accept the input of their respective ET origins.

Many people are the followers of these leaders, and are the supporters of their various programs which are thought to be the solutions to the problems here.

In fact, it is the original life of this planet which is now in the process of evolving the natural civilization of this planet which is the ongoing process and destiny which is the solution to the problems here.