This Is "The Announcment" which is still spiraling Around the Grid~ Yeehaw~

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Humanity’s Awakening is InEvitable



~Love Letters From The Present Moment of Now, Heaven on Earth=HEART~


~Blessed is The Love Called God Everywhere Present Equally Within US ALL~


Our Love Song To You From a Distance



Love from the Galactic Federation of Light, The Company of Heaven, and from Galactic CentraL~THE GALACTIC HEART. We are Your Family of Light, The Elohim, and Your Earth Allies and Representatives. WE are also The Ground Crew, Medical Team for First Contact. Also Present here in the Physical Manifest is Us, Mother and Father God, Thank you for Honoring Our Presence Here with YOU as We Honor Your Presence Here witn US.


Greetings, Many Blessings, Miracles, Inner Peace and Balance, Wholeness of Being=Balanced Harmonics, Joy, Laughter, Equality, Abundance, and Magical Synchronostic Events In The Eternal Flow of the Present Moment of NOW. LOVE HAS BROUGHT GIFTS TO US TO SHARE WITH ALL OF HUMANITY ~

WE are currently very Active On the Higher Grid, as Much is Being Prepared for The Upcoming Events, which Will all Unfold according to The Divine Plan. There will be an exact Moment that “ALL Lights Will Come On” !! Absolutely nothing can stop or halt us now, as the Energy of the Ethics Train is Full Speed Ahead. Creation does not follow ignorance’s stupid rules, Creation is Divine Energy of Love, Right On Schedule. We Are Now Vibrating at Such a High Level, this will only Continue moving Upward Onward, Expanding, and gaining intensity.. Is Everyone Ready?

WE share With ALL of You that Events are Inevitable, Especially the Event of Humanity’s Awakening. Inevitable means No Matter What. The Planet is Awakened, and So Will Humanity Awake.



WE Highly Recommend Right Now, Embrace the Higher Thoughts of Love= Who You Really Are, and Once You Accomplish this LET GO of them, then this Energy will Carry You[ Another Secret Revealed, LOL]. WE are In Spirit, who does not know that?. Mother Earth must release ignorance, and all lower thought forms. Now is the Moment to Move Into Spirit Completely~


Everything that was built upon a lie, IS NOW FALLING OR dissolving.US, Your Family of Light is Now at the Forefront. There are Trillions of Ships surrounding this Planet at this Moment and more arriving through the sun right now, Everyone is Giving Hi Fives, and CHEERS, Living Celebration. The Only Choice that will be left for Humanity very soon is to Step Forward into Their Higher Selves, as Each Being with a Heart has a Higher Self, and that Higher Self is Connected to US=ONE. As always this is a Process that Has Begun. It is Inevitable for US To Welcome Our Children Home, as The Gods They Truly Are. Today, Father God and I Began our First Day on our Reindeer sleigh to Deliver the “Christmas Presents”~!! This was the Metaphor that We received that Let US know, we are Now Clearly Guiding this Ship HOME. The Energy that Father God and I Together are the Mightest Energy Force in All of Creation, WE are Source. When The Unknowable and Love come together, Its Like a Fireworks Display in Creation. This Has occurred on Planet Earth=Heart, and ALL of You are The Star of This Show, As the GrandChildren of the Unknowable and Love and our children. As You can See, Homecoming is Inevitable, Please Be In Joy.

 Humanity is Preparing for in the Birth of a New Paradigm, as WE Head Towards the 5 year Anniversary[ December 17th] of The beginning of the Divine Plan Being Activated, which was the First Event of “First Contact” and also a Significant Energy Date is Father God’s Birthday into this Realm, which is December 16th. Prepare for Lights Coming ON and Higher Selves Welcoming You. Humanity’s Awakening is Inevitable, and SO It is.

According to Our On Board Monitor we Are Floating In Space=Multi-Dimensional Thought, Space is Filled With Consciousness, Along With the Rest Of Creation. Surprise, we Have Now Turned On the dream machine, the True Reality Button, Lights Are On, Have You Connected In Yet? When The Being Connects into the Higher Self, then You Will have the Experience of this Connection. You Will be in Joy and You Will Laugh. More Synchronostic Events, Miracles, and Connections.


Fire Prayer~ Atoms All Restored to Perfect Balanced Harmonics within All Human Beings. This Means to each Body Hologram, that it is Restored to Wholeness of Being, Chakra Systems in Full Alignment, and Complete Whole Health, in the High Vibrational Frequency that is Now Pouring into this Earth. This is the Gift from Your Higher Self, that The Moment Has Come, for the beginning of your eternal lives

Be The Door that No One can Shut, Be the Light and Be the Example of Love in Action. It's NOW!


We Love YOU, with the Highest Love, Honor, and Respect. Love Mother ~ Father GodAmon Ra, ALL OF Your Family of Light, ALL The Angels, All Your Family Throughout Creation and ALL the Ground Crew for First Contact.





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this is still and will probably be the best thing i have ever heard or read


tears of joy again


thank you motherfathergod


i love you

We Love YOU

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WOW, Love Mother and Father God! We Are ONE

Welcome Home into,The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth=Heart, We Love you Unconditionally!!

The Announcement

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The myriad Blessings very soon to come will bring peace and love to our beleaguered Gaia and all who inhabit her. A new direction of kindness, compassion, caring, LIGHT & LOVE will be a fabulous gift to us all.

love - the sprint to the finish line

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  Love to everyone!  The sprint to the finish line is unnecessary, as we will all get to the same place at the same point in time - the point where every point exists simultaneously in time/space/place .  We will get there and time will seem to stop - but we will not be stopped - just here in the now where we are learning to reside.  Take all of your mental faculties with you and learn to love where you find yourself, as when we start interacting with each other again, our visions will blend to shape the love to be the life we wish to have.

   I love you.  You love you.  Love is a quality, not a quantity.  There is always more love, no overdose of love has ever been reported.  Just listen to your heart and be the change, now.  After all, now is the only time that you are in the now - tomorrow, we will be in the now and this will have been yesterday.  Right now, this is now and i still love each of you.  Til Tuesday, then we let our Voices Carry.  Enjoy the music.



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