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The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Think Exopolitics Matter

This list constitutes a very limited scope of the entire mountain of available data (thousands of pages that span over 7 decades) on this subject, but do make up some of the best mass sightings of UAP's (Unidentified Ariel Phenomena) and 5 of the highest level, credentialed, military/FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) personnel to date, and their testimony alone is enough to warrant taking the subject of exopolitics seriously.  The five mass UAP sightings span over 60 years, from WWII to 2011,  at minimum hundreds of thousands (probably millions) of eyewitnesses who saw them. All of them  were reported by the media at the time. 

1. John Calahan Senior official at the FAA

John Calahan was a senior FAA official during the Japan Air Lines Flight 1628 incident that took place on Nov. 17, 1986.  Along with his personal testimony, Mr Calahan has a stack of physical evidence from the incident including video of the radar tracings of the UAP, and several of the official FAA reports.


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Lobbyist buzzes Washington over extraterrestrials and a government ‘truth embargo’

Those weary of politics as usual in the nation’s capital can consider this less-traveled road manned by one Stephen Bassett, a registered lobbyist and activist who has not given up his pursuit of aliens, as in the extraterrestrial variety. On Wednesday, Mr. Bassett heads to the National Press Club to make his case for “disclosure” — a formal acknowledgment by the U.S. government that it has withheld information for decades about the presence of the otherworldly set on these shores and elsewhere. He also seeks a congressional hearing on the “truth embargo,” and now says he has a variety of military and political witnesses “of rank and station” ready to testify.

Mr. Bassett has had a dress rehearsal of sorts. Last year, he staged his own public hearing on the extraterrestrial question, drawing 42 witnesses and a planning committee that included six former lawmakers. He sent a DVD of the event, also staged in the National Press Club, to all members of Congress that outlined concerns over secrecy and the possibility that unusual technology might be in the mix. Mr. Bassett also has filed several public petitions demanding disclosure through the White House’s “We the People” project. One is active, and another drew enough signatures to warrant an official response.


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NASA Cuts ISS Live Feed As 'UFO' Appears

They did it in the sixties. And they're still doing it now.

A strange grey UFO has caused something of a stir in the conspiracy community after NASA caught the object on its ISS live feed camera and then promptly cut the lived feed as soon as it appeared.

The small, grey object is seen coming up over the horizon and then disappearing just moments later as NASA cuts the feed and switches to another of the cameras.


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India's tiger population increases by 30% in past three years; country now has 2,226 tigers

NEW DELHI: Here is a good news for wildlife conservationists and tiger lovers. The population of tigers has increased in India from 1,706 in 2011 to 2,226 in 2014.

The new tiger census, released by Union environment minister Prakash Javadekar, shows that India — which has 70% of the world tiger population — has registered an increase of 30 per cent in country's tiger population in the past three years.

"While the tiger population is falling in the world, it is rising in India. It is a great news", said Javadekar.

Referring to the census exercise, he said, "Never before such an exercise has been taken in that massive scale where we have unique photographs of 80% of the India's tiger".

If one look at the 2008 tiger census figure, the current increase is simply phenomenal. India's tiger population was 1,411 in 2008. Tiger census is carried out after a gap of every three years by the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) in the country.


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It’s a UFO…No It’s A Spaxel

A company called Ars Electronica has developed what’s called a Spaxel.  These computer controlled drones can ‘draw’ some amazing things in the sky! Spaxels (a portmanteau word from space pixels) are LED-equipped quadcopters. A swarm of LED-equipped quadcopters that can fly in precise formation and thus “draw” three-dimensional images in midair.

My first thoughts were as I watched the attached video was how this technique could be used to make some fantastic UFO pictures. As I look at the amazing examples of Spaxel’s I can see how it would be easy to confuse one of these works of art for a genuine UFO.


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Are there UFOs above Parliament House? Strange aircraft captured streaking across the sky in Canberra

Footage showing a strange object streaking across the sky beneath a jet plane has emerged, prompting questions about what the other aircraft could be.

Filmed a few years ago but released this week, the video - which was uploaded to YouTube - shows the view outside the left side of a carrier aircraft with the wing in sight.

Posted by Finding UFO, a group whose aim is to spot unidentified flying objects across Australia, the footage shows a small white disc zooming across the sky in the blink of an eye through the airspace above Canberra.

'The UFO was flying very fast below the Aircraft. It doesn't look like a normal plane or helicopter but it looks like a flying saucer.'


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'People in the west live squeezed together, frenzied as wasps in the nest' - A Shaman's Perspective

An indigenous Yanomami leader and shaman from Brazil shares his views on wealth, the environment and politics

Years ago I met a young Amazonian shaman, or spiritual leader, on his first visit to London. As we went down the escalator into the London Underground I could see he was nervous. All these white people rushing around under the city must be spirits or ghosts, he said. When we emerged, he was himself nearly white, shaken from his cosmological introduction to Britain.

That man was Davi Kopenawa Yanomami, who has since been dubbed the Dalai Lama of the Rainforest and is considered one of the most influential tribal leaders in Brazil. The Yanomami number about 30,000 and occupy a vast territory stretching across northern Brazil and southern Venezuela. They only made full contact with the west in the 1950s when their lands were overrun by thousands of gold prospectors and loggers. After waves of epidemics and cultural and environmental devastation, one in three of all Yanomami, including Davi’s mother, died.


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No bling on Jesus

“We Americans commercialize everything. Look at what we did to Christmas. Christmas is Jesus’ birthday. Now, I don’t know Jesus, but from what I read he was the least materialistic person who ever walked the earth. No bling on Jesus. He kept a low profile and we turned his birthday into the most commercial day of the year. In fact we have a whole Jesus birthday season. And then at the end of it, we have the nerve to have an economist come on TV and say what a horrible Jesus birthday season we had."

-Chris Rock

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Ohio witnesses saw ‘alien’ run across the road

A husband and wife in Highland County, Ohio claim they saw an alien run across the road.

The incident occurred on the night of Friday, December 12 near Carmel, OH. According to her testimony provided in a report filed with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the wife describes, “On Friday night (the 12th), we were driving home. After turning on Carmel Road, which leads to our road, we went around the curve by the Carmel church and then up a small incline and approximately 10 feet over the incline and in front of our truck, the ‘alien’ ran across the road and into the woods.”

This unexpected and unidentifiable creature left the witnesses perplexed. The wife further describes:

My husband saw it. He is a skeptic – almost 60 years old – and a proud Marine. He wouldn’t have admitted to seeing it if he hadn’t been in shock. I had him draw it for me when we got to the house. He says it was asphalt gray (our asphalt is gray) and about 7 feet tall, no arms that he could see, but muscular in the legs area; no jawline, and its legs were bent backward and it leaned forward as it ran.



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