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I would rather seperate some topics of discussion here to simplify ongoing discussions.


Now the info here is limited, and growing by the day on this topic, the ANNUNAKI.

It appears, and some have debunked the information as false and misleading, that Z.Stitchin has translated some of the anicient text left behind for us.


Unfortunately most of this 'translation effort' has mostly gone unpublished. Now, the info we have ends with the ANNUNAKI leaving Earth because humans are mimick-ing them and trying to play GOD as it were. Those from before are very upset about this and find it wisest to leave than to destroy the human race as they have created it.


What is mentioned, however, also is the proliferation and delivery of "Weapons of Mass Destruction" in the far east(Sumer and similar areas) and the use of such.They brought them here, along with the WAR MACHINE. It was the ANNUNAKI attitudes which tore apart  the human race, like thier own, brother against brother. Ideas against ideas. ...or so the text says.


I have a copy if anyone cares to read it.


There is a lot left unsaid, however. If they are here to help, shouldnt they be involved down here at the 3d dimensional level to fix these problems in person? They started this mess, and it appears the human race doesnt want to change it anytime soon.


Humans now are not so caught in the middle, it is us, the Star People who are caught in the middle and the humans which are playing around with these weapons, not the ANNUNAKI.


I welcome comments on this matter.