The Antarctica and other Very Ancient ET Civilization Centers

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The Antarctica and other Very Ancient Non-Human ET Civilization Centers



The recent discoveries of the presences of very ancient centers of non-human ET civilizations on Earth* has revealed the vastness of non-human ET civilizations and the fact of their presence and significant appreciation of the nature of this planet and its potentials for hosting a variety of non-human ET civilizations and outposts.


This grants our human civilization the awareness of the unique and valuable nature of this planet as appreciated by non-human ET civilizations more advanced than ours.


There are many ET races observing the current developments here with the interest of the advancement of the evolution of life here, and the values of this evolution for other life in the universe.


While the predominant view of the processes of evolution of life is limited to the physical processes of biology, it is well known by advanced consciousness that the evolution of life has many higher dimensional agents that are available as implementers of evolutionary developments of life. These include the activation of kundalini, and the physical ascension of life.


As this planet continues to ascend into the New Earth Ascended Life, it is ascending the physical life of its members. Many people are already becoming more ascended. And the animals and plants and elements are also ascending. This New Earth Ascended Life will soon be released from its sequestered ‘womb’ and become the prevailing life of the New Ascended Earth.


And this New Earth Ascended Life will have an enormous uplifting and evolutionary effect on all life throughout the entire universe.


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