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This Full Libra Super Moon is a powerful one!   It is very energized…intense and presents us with some Radical Transformations while we experience Accelerated Evolution!  These chaotic and transformative energies are affecting us all and at times…. bringing in angst and fear. We are in uncertain times, with this virus that is all around the World… but staying out of the fear is extremely important.  This is a World Wide event….one that is pulling all of us together…and this Libra Full Moon is about love, relationships of all kinds and balance! 


We have had a lot of energies surrounding us and being downloaded to us over these last few months.  Through the portals of the recent Eclipse’s, and the portal of the Spring Equinox…. as we observed and felt the activations it opened.  Along with the connection to the Earth energies that surrounded us at that time,  bringing us into the Astrological New Year.  Wow!   This is a lot of energies and downloads to process in a short period of time.   The energies have become chaotic and urgent. I couldn’t help but take notice of how these energies are playing out in “real life”…with the beginning of the Virus and how it has affected…our own life…the political “life” and the World “life”.   


However this is Full Super Moon in Libra ruled by Venus…accenting Love and Balance.  This is something to enjoy. Take time to rest and meditate to help keep yourself out of the “fear” so you can move towards “ Love and Peace.”  The Libra Full Moon is about Love….we are supposed to think with our Hearts…we are supposed to be thinking Peace…not War (war on the virus or otherwise)!    These energies are affecting us personally, the Earth, and the collective.   The energies are revolutionary and transformative!    We are still in the “Shift”…..we are in times of great change; and everyone can feel it!  So enjoy these days of the Libra Super Pink Moon…and think of Love….coming from your Heart…enjoy the Arts, creativity and Spring!  Manifest Love and Peace!


THIS LIBRA FULL MOON IS ALSO A SUPER MOON…and it is the closes to the Earth and the Biggest and Brightest Moon of 2020!  This is the second consecutive Super Moon of 3 to take place in a row, after last month’s, and with the next Super Moon happening on May 7th…the Flower Moon.  A  Super Moon means that the Moon is very close to the Earth (this is called a Perigee Moon) and it therefore increases and intensifies the energies that we normally feel from a regular Full Moon.  It will also affect the Earth, the weather, the tides, and all of humanity. 


THIS LIBRA FULLMOON IS ALSO OFTEN REFERRED TO AS THE “PINK” FULL MOON.  It is called that not because it is “Pink”, but because it is named after pink flowers that are called “Wild Ground Phlox”, which bloom rapidly in early Spring.  However the name…“Pink” Moon”… is actually perfect because the color “Pink” symbolizes Love and Peace, and this Libra Full Moon is ruled by Venus the planet of Love!    This emphasis on Love….. is actually perfect for these chaotic and revolutionary times that we are currently living in.  It is a wonderful time to release all things that are not of Love and Peace……then meditate and manifest on Love and Peace…. for yourself and also for all Humanity around the World!!


BECAUSE THIS LIBRA FULL MOON IS RULED BY VENUS...it also means that it is about relationships of all kinds especially romantic love relationships!  This can also be a very disruptive time in many relationships. There is a lot of emphases on integrity and respect in all relationships.  Are you handling your relationships with integrity and respect?   The Universe seems to be saying that during these turbulent times we are currently in……the focus internationally and individually needs to be on…  Love and Peace! 


FULL MOONS ARE  when the tides are high, and feelings are flowing.   Full Moons are a time of releasing.

It is a time of purging….in all areas of your life!   It is a time of releasing the old that is no longer working for us. During this Libra Full Moon we will be surrounded by the intense releases of  “old” energy…..that is no longer vibrating where we are now vibrating. We are being asked to look at all of our relationships…to look at the areas that are working for you and the ones that are not working for you.  It is time to take action and decide which relationships you need to move away from…and do it in the kindest way possible. 


THIS LIBRA FULL MOON   is also about balance…..finding balance in your life and releasing everything that is taking you out of balance.   Relationships of all kinds can take us out of balance…but also work; scheduling, illnesses, social activities, etc. can take us out of balance.  Balance is one of the major energies of this shift….we need to bring things into balance so we can continue to rise into the higher energies. Meditate on how to bring your energies and the energies around you into a more harmonious balance!


All Full Moons involve the Sun, as the Sun opposite the Moon is what creates the Full Moon. This Full Moon being in Libra along with the Sun being in Aries, is all about Libra being represented by the scales, and its focus on  Balance!!!!  Aries (fiery, action, impatient, self/me, and the pioneer energy full of passion) is ruled by Mars (male energy, our passion, the initiator, the spiritual warrior and pioneer), and  Libra (feminine, balance, equal give and take, relationships, the “other”, and the peace maker) is ruled by Venus (our love, attraction, creativity, and feminine energy), really emphasizing, and acknowledging the balance we need to achieve…. between the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine in all relationships.


Libra is about the “other”…..and being with the “other” in an equal give and take manner…. in all your relationships. Libra is about being in right relationship to everything in our lives.  With this Full Libra Moon we are trying to bring into balance…. love & peace (Libra)….with passion and war (Aries)….the merging of opposite ends into a balanced, equal give and take relationship for ourselves, along with all humanity. Another way to phrase this is….Make love not War!  Full Moons symbolize an emotional peak.  With this Full Moon being in Libra…the emotional peak is happening around relationships!


THIS LIBRA FULLMOON IS SITTNG WITH JUNO…. Juno is the asteroid of commitment.  A commitment to a situation…a project, and especially around a relationship. At this Full Moon people are finding themselves committing to opportunities that are presenting themselves too many of us because of the Coronavirus.  Out of love (Libra) the commitment to help with food, others that need help to and from appointments etc.  A commitment to wearing mask, staying socially distant, and staying in our homes if we can etc.   All of these are forms of commitments and various areas of Love. 


THE ARIES SUN (PART OF THE FULL LIBRA MOON) IS SITTING WITH ERIS…which pulls the Full Moon into a Cardinal T-Square with Pluto/Jupiter/Pallas Athena/ and out of sign Saturn/Mars all squaring Eris and also squaring the Libra Moon/Juno.  This is a powerful Cardinal (Cardinal energy is Birthing of  New, change and Urgency)  T-Square (square energy is stressful and friction).  You can definitely feel this energy!! 


With this Cardinal T-Square we have what is referred to as a running conjunction or what is called a Stellium in Capricorn consisting of  Pluto/Jupiter and Pallas Athena.  This is a very strong aspect as it contains Pallas Athena (the female warrior), Jupiter (expansion, higher learning, travel, master teachers), Pluto (planet of transformation).   Then we also have Mars (warrior, pioneer, action, anger, courage) and Saturn (rules Capricorn – the government, the CEO, structures) which just moved into Aquarius (our communities and humanity) but they are still in the orb of the Capricorn conjunction (this is called an out of sign conjunction).  All of these planets energies are merging together…along with Eris which is activating them through the square. 


With  Saturn (elder wisdom, structure, form, integrity, respect, father figure, CEO, Karma) and Mars (the initiator, action, warrior, passion, crusader) conjunction gives us the energy of “push and stop”…”power and endurance”….”action and patience”.  It is kind of like having your foot on the brake and the accelerator at the same time, while driving your car. With this Saturn/Mars conjunction squaring the Libra Full Moon….it is stirring up a lot of energies including a tension/conflict type of energy.  Again with a real focus on relationships of all kinds.  Saturn also demands a lot of integrity and respect in the areas of Love relationships, and relationships with the government, the law, and international governments.  Mars gives us the energy to take action in these relationships.  Try to stay as neutral as you can the next few weeks as relationships play out.


The other part of the T-Square is the Full Super Moon with Juno (which I talked about above). Which is also squaring the running conjunction in Capricorn and setting off Eris in Aries! 


This is a lot of energy….and not so easy energy.  When you add in the fact that all of these major planets are squaring (friction and stressful energy) the planet Eris (planet of chaos, discord, wild card energy, competition)….and you have a lot of the energies that you see out in the world right now.  Things are defiantly

in a state of Chaos. There is the fear…of getting the Virus, of money…as businesses have been closed down and no one really knows what and when things will settle down some.   This energy can be volatile at times…but also it can move us towards what we really need to do…even if it feels a little scary. 

This time it is hitting us more personally.  Before all the teardowns and upsets were in the areas of governments and structures all over the world….now it is hitting us in our own lives and in our own little personal worlds.

Remember there are lessons here….the Universe is speaking very loudly.  Things need to change….movement needs to happen.  The way things have been….has not been working well. 


WE ALSO HAVE MARS SQUARING URANUS …Uranus (rules Aquarius, community, humanity, we are all one, genius, sudden things happening).  This also is a powerful aspect.  Mars is action and Uranus is sudden….things can change (for the good or the not so good) in an instant with this aspect.  Mars and Uranus can also be very magnetic….which when it is involved with a Libra Full Moon….can mean a very passionate flirty meeting up of Lovers…suddenly out of left field!  Handle this aspect with care.


This is a powerful set up and a lot of collective energy!  There can be important challenges right now and also opportunities for growth.  This is about radical change and at times it can be chaotic and explosive. Along with initiating actions… both on the good side and on the more explosive radical side. We are seeing this playing out in real time right now with the World events…the Coronavirus…the Presidential elections coming up in the US.

But don’t forget that  the Libra Sun is about balance, love, and creativity.  Out of Chaos comes Creativity!


CHIRON IS SQUARING THE NODES AT THIS FULL MOON…  This  I believe is the main message of the times we are currently in.  The South Node rules past life things that we haven’t got right yet.  We are still working to correct them.  It is in Capricorn (government, military, corporate America, all our structures!  Boy all of that is being put right in our faces right now!!!    Say the CEO that works 10 plus hours a day or travels a lot and never spends much time at home with his family etc.  Say you have wonderful neighbors but have never taken the time to talk to any of them…because you have become so detached from anything that doesn’t promote you…..all the gray side of Capricorn.  The North Node…the Souls intent for the Earth…for all humanity is in Cancer (nurturing, mother energy, the home, caring for others, Family).  That is where we are heading as a human race!  The Nodes also represent Virus’s (Pluto represents pandemics).   The Nodes are being squared by Chiron…the wounded healer and teacher of the Gods.  We are supposed to heal the wound of the  Gray side of the Capricorn South Node and move to the healing side of the Cancer North Node.  This Virus as really brought this to our attention (through the Universe speaking very loudly) that we had to start caring for each other.   People are now staying home and enjoying their families a little more…missing the ones that they can’t see.  They are walking in their neighborhoods and actually say “hi” to people they have lived by but never talked to (while socially distancing).  People are concerned about others….   This is bringing the Nodes and humanity back into balance…..I get excited when I hear them say  “We are all in this together….” 


The Universe is speaking loudly here….it is time to move forward….it is time to create the type of world you would like to live in.  It is time do the work of all these transformative energies.  Remember, if it doesn’t feel  uncomfortable….then you are not doing the work. .“Make it or Break it” types of energies that are now added to this Full Libra Moon.  It is time to take action!   It is up to you….are you taking the changes on as if it is all about crisis?  Or are you going to take the opportunity to make good choices and move forward in more loving and peaceful energies?  The choice is yours…..and the Universe is getting serious!


AT THIS LIBRA FULL MOON MERCURY  IS WITH NEPTUNE.  Mercury is our Voice…our communication!  How we communicate and what and how we pass that information on.  Speaking our truth and speaking from the Heart is of up most importance!  Realizing that consideration of others when we speak is being conscious of  how….what we say…impacts others. With Mercury and Neptune (our psychic, intuition, unconditional Love, and channeled creativity) the Universe is emphasizing  the theme of love again with the Libra Full Moon being ruled by Venus and Venus is our Love and Neptune is unconditional Love…the Universe is speaking loudly again.  Also…using our intuition is of upmost importance at this time!


IT IS A VERY POWERFUL TIME THAT WE ARE IN RIGHT NOW ….a time of break downs or break through's.  It is time to hold on tight as we navigate through the chaos that is colored with the urgency of change and transformation.  By releasing what isn’t working any more, we are “weeding” out some of the down loads and activations that we have been receiving since the shift first started back in 2010.  We need to let go of and weed out the sprouts that are not vibrating where we are now vibrating and moving towards…. so we can begin to see the “New” that we are co-creating! What does that look like?  We need to bring back the balance (Libra) of loving and caring for others…enjoying time at home with family, neighbors and the Earth….with how we put food on the table and our values!  Can you begin to see, feel or hear your guidance  helping you see the “big picture” of what the “new” is starting to look like? The things that used to be of priority….don’t seem so important right now!   Sit in quiet, meditate, sit with the Earth…..and above all Listen !


Go deep into yourself and deep in your Soul, your foundations and old perceptions and observe what is no longer working for you especially in relationships of all kinds, Also what isn’t working for your Tribe, your Community, and all of  Humanity…..then release it. Let it go…with Love.  What is no longer vibrating where you are vibrating?   It is a time of purging and releasing in all areas of your life.  With this Libra Full Moon there is a strong emphasis on relationship…….love relationships, family relationships, friend relationships, and work relationships. It is time to distance from people, places and things that are not vibrating where you are vibrating….and do this in the most compassionate way.  Bringing things into balance is a message from this Full Libra Moon.


This is a time to be extremely careful.  Watch where you are driving and watch for others and how they are driving.  Watch where you are walking, and be careful with tools etc.   Be cautious…watch what you say and how you say it.  If you are sending an e-mail etc., and you are a little irritated…put it in “send later” and re-read it again when you are calmer before sending it out.  Things can become tense and a little on the anger side….watch for this and disarm it.  The Earth also is receiving these energies.  Earthquakes and major storms etc. could be on the agenda.


WE ARE BEING ASKED T MOVE NOW…..to co-create…..to be the Spiritual Pioneer……….to bring into balance the feminine and the male……to bring balance to the Earth…. etc.   We are being asked to come from the Heart…..it is time to take action….it is not a time to escape!    The Universe is speaking loudly…take a step…any step….Just Move!!!!    


Meditate and release what is no longer working for your higher good, and then Manifest and create a better way….a better world.   Meditate and manifest ways to bring all areas of your life into Balance!!  Also meditate and manifest ways that you can help to bring the community, your tribe, humanity and the World into a peaceful Balance!!   We are co-creating our own reality…..make it a beautiful one!   Above all manifest…..meditate….ask for guidance…...and LISTEN!


IF YOU ARE FEELING A LITTLE STRESSED BY THESE CURRENT ENERGIES and the current situations with the Virus etc.,  in the world right now.  A reading of how this is affecting your natal chart could give you some peace of mind. Please feel free to contact me at AstroEyes@aol.com or 515-779-7154 for a current reading if you like.   If you understand the energies “out there” and in your own chart…it helps you navigate the current energies and situations and helps you make better choices for yourself and your family.


These are the energies affecting all of humanity and the Earth.  These energies also affect you individually, according to how they activate your own birth chart.


Learn how the energies activate your individual Birth Chart, through an Astrological Reading (my contact information is below).  Knowing how the energies are affecting you personally, gives you the ability to make better choices, and use the energies in the highest way. 


Feel free to share this update, in its entirety!   AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology © 2020   Cathy Lindsey     All rights reserved. 


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