Archangel Gabriel’s Daily Message ~ Tuesday January 29, 2014

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By:, 01/29/2014

Somewhere along the line, people adopted the idea that to worry about someone was to care about them. There really is not much benefit to the energy of worry. Worry is a lower vibrating emotion. It makes you feel helpless. It strongly demonstrates your lack of confidence that the person you are worrying about has the ability to navigate their own life expression. It also shows a lack of faith in the universe, in God, in the person’s guides and their ability to lead and assist the one you are worried about. We understand that you may equate worry with love, but there are so many wonderful ways to show your caring, faith and support for others! Surrender it to Source. Encourage. Uplift. Envision a perfect outcome for all involved. Show your unconditional love. Empower others. Ask the angels and guides to assist. Do you see? Worry merely contributes to keeping everyone stuck in low vibrating and disempowered energies, and because of that, simply cannot provide the results you desire. There are so many other options that are far more empowering to all involved. ~Archangel Gabriel