Arcturian Perspective and Input on the Avatar Planetary/Universal Destiny

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Sun conjuncting Arcturus



Arcturian Perspective and Input on the Avatar Planetary/Universal Destiny




Arcturus is the most spiritually advanced star visible from Earth.  It was created by the Brotherhoods of Light and various StarMakers.  It was described by Edgar Cayce as the great spiritual university through which souls matriculated after graduating from Earth, and it is a gateway to spiritual realms beyond the galaxies.


The Arcturians are always aware of the developments on Earth as they are a leading source of our spiritual evolution and consciousness development.  And they are also a source of many incarnations who come to Earth as teachers and healers.  These have included many individuals of many countries who have given great spiritual teachings and gifts to humanity.  In his astrology reading of Jesus, Edgar Cayce included Arcturus ‘for completion’.


The Arcturians have a great responsibility to oversee the consciousness development of humanity and to assure the spiritual ascension of all beings on Earth which is the most significant planet in the entire physical creation.


The Arcturians are now providing additional spiritual ascension forces to Earth to assure the rapid spiritual ascension of the entire planetary system as needed now, and to foster the planetary destiny.



The Arcturian Ascension Wave was the first of several inputs to be granted by the Acturians for this time.  There will be further inputs as the Sun conjuncts Arcturus on October 17.