Arcturians Begin the Next Ascension Wave

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Sun opposing Neptune



Arcturians Begin the Next Ascension Wave



Now that the Virgo Super Full Moon has occurred, the Arcturians are beginning the Ascension Wave which is culminating at the Libra Super Full Moon.


This Ascension Wave is the most spiritual and powerful development so far, and is also bringing in much needed unification to the planetary system.  The many spiritual streams are penetrating into the very constitutions of the peoples of Earth, and are allowing them to become unified as the planetary human spiritual masters of the planet’s entire body.


The Arcturians are the most spiritually advanced Light Beings, and are the holders of the Spiritual Forces of Enlightenment for the spiritual ascension of the universe and its inhabitants.


This Ascension Wave is already becoming a fundamental living force throughout the planet as it is assuming its function as the facilitator of all planetary ascension and unification for the entire universal destiny of this unique planetary system as it becomes the living planet star of ascension for the entire universe.