Are You Honoring Your Soul?

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By John Holland

Do you know how much of a miracle you truly are? The source that makes all living things in the universe is also the same source that’s inside of you. This Divine Source interacts and is connected with the whole of you, which means your body, mind and soul.

At many of my lectures, people attend hoping to connect with a soul on the Other-Side. But I often remind my audiences that they too are a soul here and now, and how incredibly powerful we are! We get so caught up in the physical world we forget about our inner world.

To honor your divinity, to live a spiritual and physical life of happiness, serenity, abundant health, and to experience a loving and successful relationship, it’s important to understand and get to know your true essence – your soul. You must begin to reach inwards to meet your soul, to move through all the layers of what’s been built up inside and around you over the years.